Sleeping in water (10)

Friday. Once the closing ceremony is over, tomorrow is finally the day of departure.

“You not look well, Aikawa-kun. Didn’t you have fun during the summer vacation?”

Seiko asked with concern probably thinking that his merry state up till now was hard to believe.

“It is nothing.”

He has no confidence whether he could laugh it off.

“Could it be you are having love troubles?”

“Why do you think so?”

“The reasons for the ups and down of one feelings in such a short span of time is usually about love. One would be happy for the whole day if they could talked to their loved ones, if their love one talked to another girl, they would be depressed too. Even if it is a trivial matter from other people’s perspective, it is a big problem for the person in question.”

“Are you experienced, Haruchika?”

“I will leave it to your imagination.”

While she smiled wryly, she looked somewhat elated.

“To put it in another way, even if it is a painful trouble for the person in question, it doesn’t matter for the others.”

“……..But you know, the one alive is me. So it can’t be helped.”

“That is true. It can’t be helped.”

“I can’t say it is easy to ask for consultation but it will be easier if you talked about it.”

“Very well. It is for a loved one. Guess I don’t have no choice.”

“I see.”

When she sadly laughed a little,


She smacked Keito’s shoulders with all her strength.


“I envy the《girl》that is troubling you, Aikawa-kun. Good luck……….More importantly, the closing ceremony is about to start, we should hurry.”

There was still some time to spare, but Seiko has left the classroom first.

After the ceremony, he verified the promise he had with Takumi tomorrow. Meet at the station at eight o’clock.

“Would Junichi and Irifune-senpai be coming?”

“…….Who knows?”

“I am worried. Is there anything i can do to help? Shall I check with them?”

“It is fine. I will do it myself, no worries.”

He parted with Takumi who still seemed to have something to say and temporarily returned home. Afterwards, Keito headed for Shizuka’s house. Right now there is no one living there but it was there that Shizuka had lived for all her life up until two years ago.

It would have been better if he have brought her here earlier. However, he had a strong feeling not to show her desolated house.

“Do you remember? This is your home. You can’t enter right now though.”

Although she is standing in front of her house, but does she realize that? He couldn’t judge from the side.

Perhaps it would be better if he had stopped her?

The moment he thought that,



Sarasa was standing there in her uniform when she softly called out his name.

“……….Why are you here?”

“I could say the same to you, senpai.”

The both of them stared at each other for a short while. Sarasa was the one who turned away first.

“I will see you again. You better study during the summer holidays.”

After saying that, she tried to leave in a hurry.


He thought of going to her house later, but this is a golden opportunity so he immediately stopped her by calling out to her.


“Uhhh…….I am going on a trip tomorrow.”


“Let’s go together.”

“What are you talking about, Aikawa……..”

Although it was too abrupt, but he had succeeded in stopping Sarasa from leaving.

“Starting tomorrow, I am going on a trip with Shi-chan. If possible, I would like Jun-nii and you to come with me as well.”

He continued without stopping.

Even he himself was surprised. He got jittery last night. He also felt that sense of incompetence moments ago. However, it seems that he surprisingly hasn’t thrown away his determination. Even if that resembles a sense of obligation, there is no difference as a measure going forward.

“With Shizuka……..what do you mean?”

“She is beside me right now.”

“I don’t understand though……”

Keito held out Shizuka’s left hand that he was holding all the time towards Sarasa. Even in front of her ex-friend, her expression didn’t change nonetheless.

“Shi-chan is right here.”

Sarasa squinted at tip of Keito’s left hand as she is trying to see at the invisible 《girl》. She looked down at the important looking small bag she was holding on her chest and put it away behind her in a panic.

He thought she would continued with a sharp remark for sure.

“What do you want?……….What do you know, Aikawa?”

However Sarasa’s tone was weaker than expected.

“I said in the past that I supposed to have forgotten about Shizuka. I also said I didn’t want to meet her. So why do you……..keep condemning me, Aikawa-kun?”

Those words at the end were soft but clearly reached Keito’s ear.


That is a word unlikely to be heard normally coming out of Sarasa’s mouth.

“If, if Shizuka is really there, she probably scowling at me I am sure.”

Ah, that is the kind of gaze she should receive when she has abandon herself.

Sadly however, neither Keito nor Sarasa was reflected in Shizuka’s eyes, no one is.

“I have no intention of blaming you though.”

“……….That is right, there is no way Shizuka is here.”

Sarasa firmly glared at Keito.

“Something must be wrong with me. To think I went along with your nonsense. I am not trapped in the past.”

When she persuaded herself, she tried to leave this time.

“Then why are you at Shi-chan’s house, senpai? To come and talk to me? Aren’t you trapped in past as well?”

“Do I have the obligation to answer your every question?”

“Nope. But………I am curious.”

“As to answer the previous question, I had other errand to attend and I just happened to pass by. And to visit an old acquaintance’s home is something anyone would do. The answer to the latter was I got careless. I saw a face I knew and made a startling voice. I am sure that happens to everyone.”

“Shi-chan is really here. Her lost words is here. Don’t you like to know the last words that she wanted to convey to us?”

Having said that, Keito started to explain about lost words to Sarasa who turned around. This was his final trump card. If she is going to truncate the aberrant details then it is over.


However, as she stare fixedly at Keito who has finished talking in silence,


Sarasa only managed to say just that. After a while,

“Can I really……see Shizuka again?”

“You will if you come with me.”

“I see………….”

Sarasa hung her head and lightly muttered: “Fine, I will go. I will go if it pleases you so much.”

“I will go along with your pipe dream………That girl likes to dream so it might not be strange for her to be wandering around in this world.

In the end she loosen her expressions and smiled.

“Erm, I know I am the one who brought this up but what about your studies?”

“I can study anywhere, even on the train.”

“Thank you very much. Looking forward to it.”

“Haaa………there is seriously something wrong with Gotanda and you……….including me.”

“What is wrong with Takumi?”

“Yesterday he came to my class and tried to persuade me as well. Told me to listen to what you have to say. I never expected to be such a story though.”

“To think he would do that…….”

To be honest, that was unexpected. He said he would offered his cooperation but to think he is able to accomplish so much on his own.

Perhaps Takumi’s actions have brought Sarasa here.

However, there is one problem. Are the four of us going? Aikawa, Ezaki, Gotanda and I? Even if we are staying over at your grandfather’s place, I expect there would be some form of opposition.

“It will be alright.”

When he told her that Utaha will be coming with them,

“With a stranger?”

Although Sarasa’s face clouded over, but she was convinced.

Since she said that she doesn’t have her cellphone, Keito verbally told her about the rendezvous place and time for tomorrow.

“I am sure you will show up. I will be waiting for your arrival.”

“I have no intention to renege on my promise.”

While saying that, she slowly turned the bag that she was carrying on her back towards her chest but she was hugging it as if to hide it from sight. Is there something important inside?

That girl have the feeling of understanding each other thoughts, like a radio that sounds vivid to the person that matches the right wavelength.

Keito also agreed to Sarasa’s words on the way out.

“Although Shizuka and you, Shizuka and I are on the same wavelength respectively, you and I are hopelessly on disagreeing terms. I wonder if that child was a catalyst……….how mysterious.”

That night, after a long period of uncertainty,

『Will you come tomorrow, Jun-nii?』

After sending that mail, some time had passed,


That is the only word written in his reply.

When Keito tried to call him,

“If you sent such a fainthearted mail, I would be more worried instead. I was being pressed by Takumi as well………..but if you had not contacted me, I would have no intentions of going though.”

That tone of voice had regained some of it’s strength and became closer to what the former Keito had known before.

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