Scent of plums’ blossoms (1)

I was dreaming about her.

Even if you are planning on forgetting about it, the dream will stab you heart where it’s most vulnerable without any mercy.

Just before waking up,

“I have waited for so long.”

I felt like she is whispering.

My head is aching this whole time during lessons might be due to the tense situation.

Even after school, the pain is still there.

“Aikawa-kun, let’s go to the club.”

Haruchika Seiko called out to Keito who stood up from his seat without haste.

“Sorry but I am heading home, not feeling well.”

“Are you okay?”

“It is not a big deal, just having a headache.”

It has been a while seen the start of the raining season and there are plenty of days where it rained. Even today the clouds have been drooping since morning so by looking at the weather, it is safe to say that it is going to rain. He wants to go home ahead of time if possible.

“Shall I sent you home?”

“Don’t worry. We are not heading in the same direction anyways.”

“That is true…….”

“You should hurry along and attend your club activities. The vice president can’t be running late right? Please inform the rest on my behalf.”

“Okay, take of yourself and head straight home. After that, immediately take a rest understand?!”

“I got it. See you tomorrow”

When Keito lightly slightly, Seiko still seemed hesitant but eventually replied “See you tomorrow” and left the classroom.

After waiting a while, taking his bag and heading out to the hallway,

“One more thing, hey Keito.”

Takumi who came out from the next class had bumped into him.

“What’s with that gloomy face? Are you okay?”

“I am fine. Don’t worry.”

“Looks like Haruchika-san is heading to the club. You sure you don’t want to go together?”

“Today is fine.”

“I see…..Well then, later.”

He see Takumi off as he stared at his narrow yet robust back. Takumi has been playing baseball. There is probably tons of basic training to do even if it looks like it is about to rain.

Even after lesson, his body still continues to move. For a person like Keito who doesn’t have any affinity for exercise, is something he can’t imagine.

Changing his shoes, he headed for his bicycle. With dark clouds covering the skies, it is no wonder that it might be raining soon. If it rains, it will probably be intense.

Keito starts to pedal while accepting the moisture of the wind as he heads home.

Soumiya city, which Keito resides, is a provincial city that holds ancient history. Although it is well known for it’s history, the point is the city has been developed to a moderate level, thus it has becoming obsolete to a certain extend as well, just like any other city out there nowadays.

The Nagase river flows across the middle of the city. Towering that mid-stream over three hundred meters above sea level is Mount Kinpo, where the Somiya castle has been erected on it’s summit. These three sets are the symbols of this city, which tells the history as well.

The house where Keito resides is at the north side of that Nagase river.

The school that Keito is attending, Kikusui high school is located south of the river where he cycles to and from everyday. The time taken is roughly about twenty minutes.

In order to cross the river, you obviously need to cross the bridge. A bridge that is large enough to span across a river, going up and down the slope is a challenge as expected.

Using a bicycle to advance is generally easy upon downhill but going uphill requires quite a fair amount of stamina.

There is also another means of commuting to school by bus, but the bus will be crowded in the morning and after school, which also end up using stamina. If he will be exhausted either way, Keito has decided he would rather take his bicycle.

As he cross the bridge, he observe the clear stream below.  From The flow of the Nagase River which shows a different state in each season, you can see the enchanting greenery of Mount Kinpo when you looked up from here. It only takes about one to two minutes, but it is considered as a refreshment while in the middle of going back and from school.

During the rainy season, there is an abundant amount of water. When it rained last night, the currents were fast enough to be called a muddy stream.

Keito was born in Tokyo. Due to his Father’s work, he moved to Soumiya when he was young.

That’s why this place is strictly speaking not his birthplace, but Keito loves this city.

It is true that in the past,the street that used to be the shopping district with their stores’ shutter closed standing out. The leading industry have also declined. Right now it is a commuter town in Narumi City, a large city in the neighborhood.

However, there is proper amount of convenience for transportation, places you can play around and it is has a moderate amount of nature left in the town to pass time peacefully.

Many of his classmates have thought of moving to Tokyo as soon as they graduated.

Keito doesn’t know what to do in future, but he thought it would be good to go home even if the university is out of the prefecture.

Kikusui high school is a one of the more distinguished high school in the prefecture and is a public high school with great history built at the foot of Mount Kinpo. To put it in another way about the great history, the school is old, but they have just finished seismic retrofitting and large windows positioned at the south side of the school are full of brightness.

Although that brightness dazzled their eyes sometimes,  there isn’t any major complaint.

Keeping a reasonable distance from his classmates, he went to the art club where he is affiliated to and sketch a drawing. Today he had to skipped out because he was feeling unwell, but that is the daily life of Keito.

Particularly, there isn’t any big up and down. He spend it normally, quietly, like a fish. That is the way of life that Keito have chosen.

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