Owaru Sekai – Prologue



I wonder what it means to be forgotten.

To be erased from memory, to be removed from record, to disappear from people’s common sense.

I think there are many interpretations to that.

But is that really true?


I think that the real meaning of getting forgotten means that feelings, love and emotions for that person will all disappear.

Although it is the word of the month, but as long as there are feelings remained in someone’s heart, that person won’t be truly forgotten, I think so too.

That’s why.

She made that choice.

Even if my memory are gone, I expect my feelings to remain.

When I looked at a star, there are times my chest felt painful as if it was tightened.

There were times where it has been helplessly painful and I couldn’t stay still.

“The lights of the stars are tens of thousand years old, the light of the past. That’s why I love stars. Even after I’m being forgotten, that light will be delievered unexpectedly. As if it has a feeling of being late.”


Who was the one who said that?

I’m surely looking at the night sky today in order to find the answer.

Over there was supposed to have the six sparkling blue stars that I’m searching for.


This is a lost story.

It’s the story of my recollection, starting from the point where I lost everything.