Kekkon ga Zentei no Love Comedy


Author: Kurinohara Sousuke

Illustrator: Yoshida Bana

Volume 1


Minazuki Yui (26) is in the process of marrying.

“The matchmaker who marries people who can’t get marry.”, Hakujo Entarou who strives his best to support women that are searching for partner nowadays as well.

Botan, (26♀) a ero-manga artist who speaks and acts weirdly.

Karen, (Age not disclosed) a former young woman who is solely focused on marrying for wealth.

Mahiru (30♀) , the ultimate good-for-nothing pampering nursery school teacher.

And Yui (26♀)………..with some kind of situation that is hard to explain.

A second youth to spend with the girls who has trouble marrying.

A romantic comedy about absolutely wanting to get married, opens here!


Prologue – The conflict between white and black

Chapter 1 – Shiraki Matchmaking Agency

Chapter 2 – Eros and Marriage

Chapter 3 – Cinderella searching for marriage partner

Chapter 4 – Mahiru mama

Chapter 5 – Joint party

Chapter 6 – Cherry blossom viewing

Chapter 7 -Entarou as a matchmaker

The last topic

Epilogue – Yui’s decision