Izure Shinwa Vol 10 prologue

———10 years ago.


Somewhere, there was a big brother.

Somewhere, there was a little sister.

Both of them were siblings.


The big brother was just like any other ordinary brother.

The little sister was a genius.

However that doesn’t bother the both of them.


“I like you very much, Onii-chan.”

“Yeah, I like you very much too.”


The big brother is called Shinsen Raika.

The little sister is called Shinsen Tenka.

Both of them are raised as god’s vessel.


To Shinsei Raika, his little sister was special.

To Shinsei Tenka, her big brother was special.

To them, each other were irreplaceable existences.


“I wish I can stay with Onii-chan forever.”

“I will be with you forever, Tenka.”


“Yeah, and I’ll definitely make you happy.”


The brother hoped.

For his sister’s happiness.

The little sister prayed.

For her brother’s perpetuity.

Both of them are different.

A never-ending bond.

Like striking a wedge.

The both of them had kept praying/wishing.

One day, the sister had wrecked 「The Only God」.

On that day, the world was filled with chaos and disaster.


Plenty died.

Many have perished.

A fair amount were lost.


Until that day, the siblings were always together.

Until that day, that was what they thought.

“Let’s take revenge on the world that had done this to us, Onii-chan.”

“No Tenka………..you can’t say such terrifying things.”

Siblings went their own ways from the divided crossroads of destiny.

Nevertheless, there wasn’t any change in their desire for each other.

There was nothing wrong with that desire.

For each other.

For each other.

The siblings walked their own ways.


The fate of mischief was such a joke, allowing the siblings to cross path once again.

That reunion was not only gratifying, it was also the start of devastation.

The brother knew her little sister’s desire.

So he chose a way to try and confront his beloved sister.

But the sister rejected her big brother.

Nevertheless, he did not back down.


Will the siblings’ destiny turn rebellious from here?

Or perhaps it was distorted from the beginning?

It’s just that the disaster will sweep over the world once again, as if it was dragged into the siblings’ fate.


“I’ll definitely save Tenka.”

“I’ll definitely destroy the world.”


The little sister wanted this.

The destruction and vengeance of the world.

The brother had hoped.

For a blissful tomorrow with his little sister.


Although the foundation for that desire is the same.

The siblings’ road will cross paths and fight.


Risking with each other’s wishes.

Wagering with each other’s hopes.


Then, comes today.

The fate of the siblings——the end has finally arrived.