Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 4 pt 2


Before 11 o’clock.

I’m currently breathing silently after getting out of dormitory.

『一一Raika, I thought you’re already determined. How long do you planned to lurk around outside like this? 』

I need to make sure there is no unknown element is still present.

I answered him while taking a look through a night vision binocular.

Right now, I’m at the top of a relatively high building in Minami ward.

I’m observing the school courtyard from here.

I’m worried if there are other people than Shishigane will join this fight.

But, even though I keep on watching until the end, I found that the worries are unwarranted.

The other side is just over there, and plan how to fire the gun here.

Bálor, last confirmation. In order to control the enemy, I need to capture their Regalia, right?

I reconfirm the rule to control a superior God that I heard earlier from him.

『一一Yeah. The Regalia is a sacred tool which symbolizes the God himself. After breaking it, you can say that you’ve exceed the God. 』


That alone is enough.

I keep the binocular and start moving.

Basically, I’m taking a route straight to school. However, if another God suddenly appeared then everything will be ruined.

Carefully, without getting found out, I climbed the gentle slope toward the school.

Just to be sure, once I reached the school gate, I confirm the condition at the school courtyard once more.

……Good, there is no change.

Only Shishigane and Brynhildr are there at the moment.

I passed through the gate and enter the school premise.

“Raika you’re late.”

Shishigane who is at the center of the courtyard noticed me and voice her complained.

Charo-senpai was detained next to her.

Senpai is having a blank expression.

But her consciousness seems to retain because I can see her shoulder is shaking slightly.

“What have you done to senpai body?”

“What do you mean?”

Shishigane giggles.

“Please return senpai to me.”

I glare at Shishigane.

“Then, there is a price that you need to pay.”

Her smiles remain.


“Let’s see~ how about you become mine, Raika-kun?”

“Stop fucking around.”

“I’m not messing with you. Just like what I said, I want you, Raika.”

Even though she said it’s not a joke.

“Come on. If you want to save Charlotte-senpai then please discard that noisy weapon of yours.”

Shishigane ordered with a monotone voice.

“So, you’re going to stirp next. Kyaa~ I’m so excited to see a boy strip naked.”

I hold down my temple.

What is it with this half-baked farce.

“Brynhildr, raise your face.”

Under her order Charo-senpai一一no, Brynhildr raises her face.

“So, you really have come.”

Perhaps Charo-senpai was put into sleep by magic.

That’s why, in order to protect her, Brynhildr personality is awake.

That’s how I instructed her to do it.

“Shishigane. If you want to take someone hostage, aren’t Charo-senpai more suitable than Brynhildr? I don’t know how you rub someone off their consciousness, but you should be able to make Brynhildr sleep inside, right?”

Shishigane eyes sharpen.


She put up a smile.

“Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that this girl is taken as a hostage.”

“Stop your farce.”


“Because it’s, no?”

I said to Shishigane, no一一

“一一for you are the Goddess of Nordic Mythology, the Queen of Valkyrie, Freyja.”


Both Freyja and Brynhildr widened their eyes in shock.

The word that I’ve spoken, is against the rule of this Representative War.

Those that participate in this war is the pinnacle of their mythology.



It’s quite funny to know that there are two Goddess from the same mythology at same time.

But, that is the blind spot.

“In the first place, there is no way Brynhildr will be chosen as a representative for Nordic Mythology. The fact has made me curios for quite a while.”

We’re literally talking about the throne of [One True God].

There is no point in putting a weak piece into a battle royal competing for it.

Such a folly, it is like throwing the game away.


“Only one, if there are reasons after all, for you to do this is as a ‘Decoy’. There is no other explanation.”

Brynhildr herself believe that she is the representative of Nordic Mythology.

Perhaps her memory was tampered.

This is to prevent her from leaking the information in case she is captured by a guy like me.

“If Brynhildr is a decoy, then that explained the reason as why you manage to suspect me being a Divine Apotheosis so fast as well.”

That attack during sun set.

“That’s right. Brynhildr who is supposed to act as a decoy is suddenly walking together around the city with a boy. It’s natural that you think something is wrong.”

Brynhildr is an idiot, but she is a serious woman.

She is not a type to be relaxed during an important battle.

Moreover, I’ve used the power of Devil Eye to bring back the personality of Charo-senpai who is supposed to be already banished.

In all probability, she will realize that I did something.

But she doesn’t have enough information.

That’s the reason for the raid.

“Therefore, who is the mastermind who is using Brynhildr as a decoy? Of course, it’s only natural to think that the person responsible is the higher God who is from Nordic Mythology. After that I only need to search for the God based on my own knowledge.”

The lead is magic that can control people heart.

There is an anecdote describing about famous instrument called as fairy necklace.

And it has deep connection with gold.

Brynhildr, and eventually the god 一一who is overseeing Valkyrie.

The Goddess is Freyja.

That is the identity of the Goddess who is residing inside Shishigane.

And then.

“The only God that fit all these descriptions, are none other than you, Freyja.”

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