Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 2 pt 3



…Watching Brynhildr putting back her clothes with red eyes, I was struck with an unfathomable sense of guilt, and pressed my fingers at my temple.

I refuse to think that this I’m doing something bad to Brynhildr.

If it is easier to break her down by humiliating her, then I would never hesitate in doing so.

Though I’m from the church, I’m far from those people referred to as a saint.

To the God who is treating us human like garbage in the first place, I’m also qualified to do the same towards the God.

Just that, this body actually belong to Charlotte-senpai.

Even during the mythical war 10 years ago, it has already proven that the God robbed the human body and fight by using the said body.

Even the God who attacked me and my sister last time did the same.

Most likely, right now Charlotte-senpai is hosting Brynhildr inside her own body.

That might be why I’ve got a completely different impression of her compared to this afternoon.

However, even if the one who is taking over right now is different, in the end the body belongs absolutely to Charlotte-senpai.

I have seen every inch of her body ……even the tiniest bit of details.

That is because of Bálor’s selfish command.

From now on I need to give special attention to Bálor.

I look towards Brynhildr.

After few moments, she finally has putted back her uniform.

Brynhildr sit on the floor again, looking uncomfortable.

Putting up a meek expression, her prowess back then is nowhere to be seen now.

…I see. The Evil Eye is truly the worst for the strongest.

——Originally, the Evil Eye was herald as an extraordinarily power and its stories were passed down in both ancient east and west.

In the first place, the [Eye] has always been considered as the source of all curses.

Just like the Japanese old saying, ‘An eye might as well speak like a mouth’.

Envy. Jealousy. Fury. These are the most emotions found inside human’s eyes.

That negative feeling itself is a curse.

The magic Eye were born from this whirlpool of hate.

Hallucination. Hypnosis. Petrification. Paralysis. Fascination. Death, etc.

The diversity of the Evil Eye abilities just shows how complex is the fear harbored from the humans.

And Bálor‘s Evil eye lived up to the ability of every Devil Eye in the ancient east and west.

It lived up to his name as the ‘King of the Evil Eye’.

The ability is really special. It can even strip the warrior of legend out of her power and dignity.

At the same time, I also have a strong impulse to get rid of this power.

After all this power also belong to a God.

It’s the most disgusting thing in the world.

But let’s keep that feeling aside.

It has been wasted due to Bálor ‘s prank.

“Alright, before I start the questioning, there is something I want to check first.”

I tell Brynhildr, softly.

“10 years ago, are you the God who attacked me and my sister?”

“You are wrong.”

Immediate reply.

Under the [state] controlled by my Devil Eye, there is no way she is capable of telling lies.

Seems like Brynhildr is really the different person.

“Then, tell me about the war that you and the other are fighting.”


Obediently, but with a burning face, Brynhildr nodded.

“First, what is the Divine Apotheosis?”

“A Divine Apotheosis is one who hosts Gods, then fight our representatives war.”

“Representatives wars……?”

During our entrance, I already heard the story about the 3rd war.

It is peaceful during daytime at school……the war is hold during midnight after our school time?

“……You, explain the summary about this war you told just now.”

Though the ominous word sends a chill down my spine, I keep on asking.

“The 3rd Mythical war, it’s the last one out of the 3 representative war. The gods of each myth are fighting in this island.”

“When you said each myth, do you mean the 7 myth that were involve in the Myth war 10 years ago?”

“That’s right.

Mayan・Aztec mythology.

Japanese Mythology.

Indian Mythology

Egyptian Mythology

Greek Mythology

And mine, Celtic Mythology

Each power chose a representative to join the war. ”


I’ve vaguely thought about this before, but I can’t help clicking my tongue.

Just to be sure, I need to make a confirmation.

“But, didn’t the Sacrament Control Organization announced 10 years ago that there are no longer any God left in the world?”

“That is a lie which was born from the deal between the humans and God.”

The expected answer came back which makes me want to click my tongue more.

This is the truth, which was hidden since decade ago.

3 days after the war started, the God realizes that their fight is destroying this planet itself.

Therefore, the war was put on hold, and the Gods proceeded to talk with few people.

God and man have traded, and instead of having gods rampaging around the world in chaos, humans have agreed to prepare everything necessary for a continuation of war.

The new stage was prepared, and it’s this Laurasia Island.

The next one was discussion between the Gods.

That is, as to not destroy the world by having a war itself——which is the new rule Representative War is enacted on.

“The new rule is what can be called as restriction. It is an absolutely inviolable covenant set by the highest God of each myth. It contains the divine power of the Supreme God, even if it is the highest God, it has the enforceability which cannot be broken by the power of one pillar.The representative war will happen every 3 years. Each mythology will elect a single candidate to go down to Earth to pick an apotheosis. The war will last for a year only until one representative remains. Combat is only permitted in nighttime. The student dorm and the faculty room can be considered as safe zones, and destruction of this area is strictly forbidden. Sunday is a safe day, and combat is strictly forbidden. The camp of the victor will select the [One True God].

That is the 6 items in the covenant.”

“……That is quite simple rules.”

In fact, it the rules itself has many loopholes.

“You said the dormitory is the safe area, but, with how much power the God wields, won’t it be easily destroyed?”

“Both of the dorms are akin to a shrine on this island. It will never be destroyed.”

“Hmm, if you are killing each other in another building outside, won’t the student find out about it?”

“Nobody will ever use such an underhand method!”

Since this is Brynhildr own opinion, it can be ignored.

“Are there any other agreement besides this rules?”

“In addition to the existing rule, there is an agreement to hide the existence of the war from the humans.”

“How are you able to conceal the war if you’re destroying the school building to debris like that?”

“The night time, that is, from sunset to sunrise, the whole island except the student dormitory and the staff dormitories will be in different plane. Human beings in the dormitory cannot notice the external disorder. In the morning after the differentiation is completed everything is restored. ”

“That is very convenient.”

I want to sigh……but I will hold it for now, tightly grasped my fist.

Calm down.

That is what I’m telling myself.

Calm down.

Once again.

Otherwise I’m going to get crazy.

The God had been in war for a decade.

Right now, the nightmares are going to occur again on this island.

The hatred in my heart burns ablaze again.

Oi, Bálor.

I ask Bálor inside my head.


So, you God pick a host from the students that are gathered in this academy?


In other word……the sacrament management organization that manages this school is the traitor of mankind who traded with the gods, like you bastard, and prepared the stage of war?

『——That is a good summary.』

Bálor laughed happily inside my head.

『——This academy is a system created to collect people who possessed the host qualities from all over the world, making it easier for God to choose their Divine Apotheosis for war. 』

World common inspection led by the Sacrament Control Organization.

It was said that this is an examination to find the Seventh Sense Factors.

Perhaps it is true that there are some factors in human body.

But, the Seventh Sense Factor is just a big fat lie. In truth, the factor they are searching for is the compatibility to become a Divine Apotheosis.

Collecting people from all over the world under the disguise of a fake inspection.

Then the God will choose the one compatible as Divine Apotheosis.

After that, they will use them as a host in this Representative War.

In short, this is all plot from those people who knows the truth.

Who is it?

It’s a conspiracy.

The Sacrament Control Organization, together with all the organizations that supported them across the world.

This is why they have influence over the church in a short time, explain why each country shows a submissive attitude to it.

The God are not only the one behind it.

Behind the God, the Sacrament Control Organization is directly involved as well.

Towards the Human, Gods are absolute.

There are no reasons to oppose it.


In another word…!

The anger for sacrificing us does not diminish.

I recalled the time when Kushigenoki-sensei laugh frivolously inside the class.

While smiling and laughing, that person actually brought us to Hell?

No, that person is not the only one.

All the adults on this island … ….

“They are all scum.”

Muttering full of hatred leak out from my mouth.

Brynhildr who is listening shuddered her shoulder.

Ah, now that I think about it.

……Right now, the fate of this [scum] God is right in my hand. I’m the one determining her life or death.

I can kill her or leave her alive depending on my mood.

The order issued by this Evil Eye is absolute.

With just one order, I can make her strangle her own neck.

No, if I really want to do it, then it is better to give them a humiliating death.

Dozens of dark sadistic ideas come swirling inside my brain.

『——What, you really are going to kill her after all. 』

Bálor gave an irritating laugh.

『——Still, you shouldn’t kill her immediately. You can enjoy that body plenty before killing her. No matter what you did, she can’t never scream in objection. You can do whatever you wish for. 』

Be quiet.

I tried to shut Bálor ‘s mouth, but in return, he gives a ridiculing retort.

『——What? Don’t you feel something looking at her? Are you a virgin? 』

That’s not the problem.

『——Alright, I got it. I am going to lend you a hand by showing some example. 』

Shut up. Is that the only thing you are interested to?

『——That is because I’m a Demon God. Pleasure, corruption and ruination are my top favorite thing. 』

……Then just shut your stupid brain.

Talking with this guy makes me feel dumber.

However, thanks to that, my head cold down a little.

Tightening my fists, I continue talking to Brünnhilde.

“Just to be sure, are you participating in this 3rd Representative War as Celtic Mythology representative?”

“Of course.”

Brynhildr answered as if it is the most natural thing.

“Is that so……”

I’ve some doubt, but there is no way she can lie under the Evil Eye influences.

“Then, next question. What is the [One True God]?”

“The [One True God] is the absolute existence in this world.”

“Absolute existence in this world?”

“The pillar of this world. Rule. Theorem. Only the [One True God] can define anything and everything in an absolute manner.”

So, it is the one who is capable of overwriting everything in this world.

That means, whoever it is they can change the world however they see fit.

Well suited for the definition of Almighty God.

“The [One True God] is the highest rank God amongst the other God. Originally, nobody come close as existences of Almighty God. However, the [One True God] is the only exceptions. The gods (each of us) in each myth have traveled through its absolute locus and have been fighting for ten years.”

“What a pesky story.”

“Now, the last question.”

I narrowed my eyes, and asked both Brynhildr and Bálor.

“Is there a way to eject the God [you] from the body of Charlotte senpai?”

“It’s impossible.”

『——It’s impossible. 』

The same answer came back from both of them.

“God is usually in the divine world isolated from normal space. We exist in a state like a soul in the Divine World, but when we get down on the ground we need to get a host body.”

『——That is why we are all bothered to find a suitable one before getting to a fight.』

By entering the hosts, as if [Incarnating], only by that way God can walk on Earth for the first time.

“During the incarnation, the God’s spirit/soul will enter the human. But human’s spirit/soul cannot bear the energy that come with God’s spirit/soul. As a result, the human’s spirit/soul will be consumed by God’s spirit/soul and their personality will be overwritten.”

Personality overwritten by the God.

In other word, the extinction of the human very ego itself.

“…Moreover, the person has no right to refuse to accept God’s spirit/soul.”

The Gods are forcing human to do something unreasonable thing.

In my case, thanks to this cross, my body was not forcibly overtaken by Bálor.

But, Charlotte-senpai……

I don’t know much about this senior of mine yet.

Her full name is Charlotte Labpeyn.

Her age is 17 years old.

Reading is that person most favorite hobby. Because of that, she never went out of dormitory much even during holidays.

But even she should have some friends.

It seems that she is not good with the opposite sex, and it looks like she may have fall for him as well.

All of it was robbed of her just in a moment.

Because of God’s selfishness.

Both she and myself has our important thing robbed by God.

My left eye start throbbing.

Everyone living in this world more or less has their important things robbed of them.

Because of the shitty battle between Gods.

I keep on playing with my bang.

“This is the continuation to that question.”

I opened up my mouth.

Just to make an impossible request.

“When did you take over Charlotte-senpai body?”

“This evening.”


After school.

……at that time, I managed to talk with Charlotte-senpai a little.

I think she is not consumed by Brynhildr yet by that time.

If so.

I wonder if there is still chance to save her?

This is just a useless sentiment.

There is no need to think about what already happened.

Then, should I just give up?

Wouldn’t the opportunity present itself again next time?


I remembered the last conversations I had with senpai.

——I’ll be waiting at the library.——

To be honest, it’s just a harmless promise.

It doesn’t contain any significant value.

That’s why, for me, to her, that are now a promise that will never be fulfilled.

……Who are you joking.

I stop tampering with my bangs.

“I order you under the name Shinzen Raika.”

Rising up from my chair, I activate my Evil Eye.

『——Wait, what are you doing?』

Bálor raise up a frantic voice.

His voice is irritating as usual.

However, I’ll ignore it for now.

“……Finally, you are going to kill me?”

I ignored Brynhildr’s voice.


I opened up my Evil Eye wider.

I opened it up so large, as if trying to swallow up Brynhildr existence herself.

To command:

“Spirit/soul of Brynhildr, convert Charlotte Labpeyn’s personality back to normal, and return her body.”

The Evil Eye activates.

Bálor mentioned it before that this is an impossible task.

Brynhildr answered the same thing too.

There’s no way I would’ve know.

The Gods might have collaborated between themselves.

Is human just a slave to God?

Don’t fuck with me.

I’m myself.

She is herself.

Right now, we are like getting defiled.

Or getting our right snatched from us.

My uncontrollable anger becomes my driving force, and the power is channelled to my eye.

Suddenly half of my vision is stained by vermillion red.

It seems that my left eye capillaries have busted and blood are oozing out.

Doesn’t matter.

There is no way I’ll stop the activation of my Evil Eye.

The Evil Eye start glowing bright.

It’s responding to my will.

To go against the God’s injustice.

To get back what was deprived of us.

『——Aren’t you an interesting fellow.』

Bálor said.

And suddenly, transfiguration.

Blood come gushing out of my eyeball.

Naturally it is vermillion red as well.

Blood functions as a magical catalyst.


Brynhildr greatly convulsed.


I supported her who has lose her body balance.

My eye which was glowing just now glows no more since my concentration has broken.

A few seconds after, she opened her eyes.

“Ah, eh…?”

No trace of Brünnhilde disposition can be seen in her face anymore.

She opened her eyes [eye] looking like she just woke up from a dream.


After raising a scream, she slapped my face.

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