Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 2 pt 11


“The night is going to fall soon.”

I murmured while watching the orange coloured twilight from inside the coffee shop.

The announcement for the upcoming night time has been on from quite some time now.

Although the store clerk has notice us about it, since Charo-senpai consciousness has not returned yet, I gave her excuse that senpai is not feeling well. That’s why we’re still here under reason for resting a little bit longer.


But truthfully, Brynhildr ate the ice sundae too much, and now she is suffering from the stomachache. She is still sick though, so it’s not a lie. But this girl is surprisingly an idiot.

“Oi, is senpai not awake yet?”

“*growl*……no, not yet.”

I let out a small sigh.

Our dormitory is at the south, and the clerk has reminded us about it so it’s time soon…

There is a reason why I’m reluctant to go back.

In case like this, Brynhildr might retained the consciousness longer, but our split up is inevitable once we reach the dorm.

Of course, I can simply order her to come to my room straight after by using my Devil Eye…but there is still some empty moment that she can utilize without my knowledge.

I wanted to avoid it if possible.

The way I see it, she can jump inside from the veranda…but there is still chances that students are still coming back during curfew. This will only turn into an unnecessary risk.

『――What, why are you thinking hard since just now.』

Shut it. If you’re going to talk anyways, why don’t you contribute some good solution.

『――What an unreasonable demand. This is just human habit. 』

Bálor complained.

Well, the problem won’t even solve if there are eight of him together.

It can’t be helped.

If that’s the case, then we’ll ditch the security somehow and meet at night.

People who are in the dormitory will not be aware of the extraneous abnormalities at night time.

Even though she enters through the window at that time, no one will find that strange.

“Oi, let’s go back.”

『――what? Are we not doing the war thingy today? 』

Before Brynhildr manage to answer, Bálor replied with a bored tone.

Maria purification ceremony will be finished by tomorrow. Until it’s done, I’ll not make the first move.

After I answered Bálor, I came to Brynhildr who is still at the table and shook her shoulder.

“Hey, get up.”

“Stop sh-shaking me you bastard…”

When I tried to move her forcibly she raised a complain.

*Clunk* *rattle*

The doorbell of a coffee shop makes a noise.


What the, coming at such time?

Suspiciously looking at me, the 2 men looking like guard closing in.

Is it because we’re breaking the rule since we’re still at the coffee shop?

“I’m sorry. We’re going back to dorm soon, so……”


The guards-looking men don’t answer.


I got a feeling that something is going wrong, and the strange sensation is not disappearing soon.

*clang clang**clang clang*

Following 2 of them, other men come inside the coffee shop.

A clerk at a coffee shop appeared from the back of the back yard.




Everyone are silent.

[We are here to preach to you guys for returning late] ……that’s not the feeling that I’ve got.

“What can I do for you?”

Still, just to be sure, I ask politely.



The answer that I received, was a silent fist.

I dodge it by stepping back a bit.

“What the hell you bastards!”

Brynhildr, who dodge in the same manner, shouted at them.

It seems that the dire stomachache that she has till now has completely gone, and right now she looks quite energetic.

“If you want to fight me, then just tell so!”

When Brynhildr wants to run amok, I –


I commanded her to stop.


Riding on great momentum, Brynhildr falls as the effect.

Her skirt got lifted grandly, and Bálor seems to be celebrating about it, but I just clicked my tongue.

“What the heck are you trying to pull, you bastards!?”

“You don’t seem to understand our situation.”

By any chance, it’ll be a big deal if she kills people from Sacrament Control Organization.

“You’re so useless, take a look there.”

“Stop fucking around aaahh!”

Although she is shouting her disapproval, she is still forced to crawl on the ground to obey my instruction.

I ignored it and focus on the enemy.

When I look closely, all the adult that are surrounding us are people that I’ve known

I remember the coffee shop clerk alongside the boutique clerk. Even those guards.

In short, they are the persons that I’ve come into contact from within this ward today.

“Are you guys under an order to hinder us right now?”


So, you guys won’t answer.

Whatever, I never expect any reply from them in the first place.

We’re surrounded by 6 people right now.

Attitude, silence, hostile.

I asked questions and looked-for room for negotiation, but no response.

From the way they are walking, the probability that they’re train are extremely low.

One of them are armed, the man working inside the coffee shop is holding a knife.

“I’m going to disable them under 10 seconds. You, don’t get in my way.”

After warning Brynhildr, I target the 2 men in front of me.

Closing our distance in one step, I give a motion of one big punch.

One-shot strike on his belly without hurting him too much.


Another security guards are coming to deliver his blow.

Back stepped, and deliver a kick to him.

Then, a decisive blow at his neck.

This makes it two.

Four more people.

I focus on the cook with a kitchen knife, since he posed the most threat among them four.

“ – – – “

I avoid the incoming knife, and struck it on the table.

I kicked my opponent face with a horizontal kick.

The cook falls on his back and the kitchen knife slides far under the table.

The remaining three are all women.

『――Okay, let’s just do it under the name of legitimate self-defence. 』


『――Do you dislike orgy? 』

“You fucked up perverted demon.”

This is how he’ll act once he sees woman.

Unsurprisingly, I take out all three of them too.

So, this is it. It takes lesser than 10 seconds.

Alright, what are we going to do now……

“Hey! How long should I stay like this!”

Brynhildr voice can be heard.

By the way, you’ve remained on the pose of falling person.

“You’re allowed to move now.”

“For me to get ordered to fix in this embarrassing posture……”

She’s mumbling some complains, but I ignored it.

She cleans the dust on her clothes and skirts, as she walks over the beaten people.

That, behind.

The man who should’ve been fainted are now standing up.


“What? Uh, uwaaah!”

Because she was startled, it looks like Brünnhilde will get swoop down by the man fist.

Her stance collapsed because of that.

At this rate, she is going to fell first.

“Damn it!”

I instantly concentrate my energy on my both of my legs.

The shackles that restraint my body.

Removing it.


I strike the man at his lower body with my palm, and hold Brünnhilde in another.

“Guhh, you, protecting me…”

“Get a hold of yourself. You’re supposed to protect senpai body.”

On the same time, I get wary with the surrounding.

Strange thing is happening.




The guys who should have disabled are standing up.

As if that is the most natural thing.

But, the damage has been done.

For example, the man who has been hit on his belly is standing up with a foam coming out of his mouth.

『――uhihihihihi. So, they are not fainted? 』

For a situation where I am surrounded by people like zombies, Bálor raises loud laughter even if it is unwarranted.

There must be a reason.

The first one I’ve strike him so that air in the lungs to go out for interrogation, and now he is fainted.

I’ve confirm it myself that the remaining 5 people has been knocked down too.

Because I’m doing it alone, there might be chance that I’ve made a mistake.

But, there is no way I’m going to make an amateurish mistake like missing it for 5 consecutive times.

I have enough training to diminish the chance of doing such mistakes.

Otherwise I will not be standing here.

Then what, I started to think.

There is a mistake in my assumption.

They might be some proxy of another person, attacking us in his stead.

That kind of thing, is possible.

If so, then this,

“This is the work of the enemies God.”


Brynhildr got shocked.

“Probably it is a technique or a spell to manipulate the mind or body.”

That’s the reason they are forced to fight.

They don’t look motivated at all, and their doll like movement confirms my suspicion.

“It’s cowardly to involve bystanders in their own battle.”

Brynhildr tightened her fist after she listens to my reasoning.

Her fist is trembling in anger.

“……This guy.”

『――what’s wrong? 』


Four enemies in front. Two people behind.

I take a look at Brynhildr.

“The situation has changes. I need your help. But don’t use your sword or Tianma.”

“I know. That much is a given.”

We look at each other.

Now to match our breathing.

“Let’s go.”

I clench my fist stronger than before.

I jumped on front.

Then I was astonished that Brünnhilde was not moving and I stopped.


She pressed her hands on her mouth and wears an expression of agony.

What. An. Idiot!

Why must she do this during this bad timing!?

『――gyahhahahahahahahahaha!!! 』

Bálor laughed heartily.

Certainly, this is a comedic scene where people should’ve laugh.

But I cannot laugh at all.

Two guards come close behind Brünnhilde who is currently disabled.


One more time, remove the limiter……



Is it too heavy a burden to remove it two consecutive times?

The pain that run on my knees delays my action by a few seconds.

That moment becomes a fatal time.

I cannot save her from the guard attack.

If that’s the case,

“All of you, turn into my slave!”

I activate my Devil Eye.

All the six assailants are affected.


They stopped attacking and now standing silently.


I sighed a sigh of relief, and while I checked the condition of my knee, I approached towards Brünnhilde.




Even Brynhildr acknowledge that. That’s why she is not making a remark and keep silent while having an unsatisfied face.

Let’s forget that for now.

This was an unexpected raid, but we’ve survived it so far.


I narrowed my eyes and take a look outside the store.

The sun has already sunk, and the scarlet residual dyed streets of Minami-ku has also disappeared.

The twilight ends.

The night is coming.

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