Izure Shinwa Vol 1 Chpt 2 pt 1

Chapter 2 – Divergence from everyday


I brought back Brynhildr whom I’ve dominated earlier with my Evil Eye to my room at the dorm.

Just like when I left earlier, I use the windows of my room to get back inside.

I’m using wire but Brynhildr simply get up with a jump.

There is nobody inside. Following my order, it seems that Maria has already went back to her room.

After ordering Brynhildr to turn on the lock, I light up the room.

“Just take a seat over there…Now, tell me everything you know.”

While seating myself on the chair, I ordered Brynhildr who is currently on the floor.

It will be bad if she makes noises while we are inside the hostel neighborhood, that’s why earlier I commanded her to shut her mouth.

“Tch…I’ll kill you.”

Get past my dead body, Brynhildr said so.

That’s what I keep on hearing even before we reach here.

“No. There are plenty of thing that I would like to get from you first.”

『一一You are going for torture? Just leave it to me. I’m great with that stuff. 』

Bálor claimed joyously inside my head.

You owe me a great explanation too, Bálor.

I try to intimidate him, then

『一一Ooh? Do you want to torture me too? I’m residing inside your body, you know? Do you intent to torture your own body? What a masochist. By the way, you can’t get away from me for life. 』

He gave a laughter, which in turn makes me irritated on my own powerlessness.

Based on our previous conversation, I conclude that he is the type of God that I hated the most.

I’ll let him alone first, for now I’ll focus on Brynhildr.


Brynhildr sit quietly in front of me.


I also keep myself silent.

Earlier, I already commanded her to dematerialized her weapons.

Her knightly armor and swords disappeared into particles of light, and she is wearing her normal school uniform right now.

In front of me is a normal schoolgirl I can see everywhere, but I can’t afford to be careless.

Even though I already mention that she is now under my control, a single anxiety remains.

In the first place, does my Evil Eye has a complete domination?

At least for now she is following all my orders.

However, it might all be her acting, is there any way for me to confirm it?

Or maybe, she is not acting because she is unable to cancel off the Eye power?  

In the end, this ability is just something that I’ve borrowed. There’s no way I can put my full trust on it.

Bálor. Is there any possibility for Brynhildr to break free from the Evil Eye power?

『一一hah? 』

When I’m confirming with the owner of the ability, I was replied with a scorned.

『一一Although there are many conditions to use the  Demon of [Control] , once you’ve acquired it, it is the best ability among the most powerful. Any people under its control will be on absolute obedience. In conclusion, there’s no way anyone can break through from me. 』

…I see. Thanks for the info.

Since he’s so proud of himself, I’m sure he won’t lie about his ability.

『……wait, what is this, you bastard? If you have any complain, then… 』

Suddenly Bálor angry voice ceased, and then he continues,

『一一no, if you are going to say it like that, then I’ll prove to you; that the Devil Eye domination is perfect. 』

After fe

w seconds, he rephrased it in such manner.

Since there is only his voice, I can’t read him at all when he goes silent.

Perhaps it is the best if I don’t continue…

But, since he says that he will prove the power of the Magic Eye, it shows that he has his own desire on something.

Alright. Do it.

『一一ooh, leave it to me. 』

His answer was filled with joy and pleasure.

I have a bad feeling. As expected, I should not let him do it, but before I manage to stop him, he already…

My left eye which contains the Devil Eye is now throbbing…

『一一Under the name of Balor, the King of All Evil, I order you. Brynhildr, take off your clothes and expose yourself. Prove to us that you are not hiding anything. 』

What the!?

Even though his voice only reverberating in my brain, it is obviously a command directed to Brynhildr.

Moreover, his command is just over the top.

“I understood.”


Brynhildr stand up and start unbuttoning her uniform.

Contrary to her obedient attitude, her face is beet red with shame.

It is clear that the act of taking off clothes is against her will.

Hey, what do you think you are doing!?

『一一I just want to prove to you the absolute domination of the Demon Eyes. Just look at that shy attitude, irresistible, isn’t it? Wahahaha 』

Putting your joke aside, I thought this body belong to me. Why can you use the Demon Eye?

『一一it’s true that the body belongs to you, but in the first place, I’m the rightful owner of the Devil Eye. Like that it is not unreasonable that I’m capable of using it too, right? 』


Certainly, my left eye which was changed to Magic Eye might not be part of my body already now.

I regretted how I didn’t think about it thoroughly in advance then.

No, right now I should think how to handle about the situation in front of me first.

……Putting aside my frustration, Bálor command in and itself is a problem.

Taking off her clothes in front of her enemy, from the heavenly knight Brynhildr’s perspective, it must be an extreme humiliation.

But for her to do something this humiliating shows how much power the Demonic Control hold. This method is too easy.

Still…I’m sure that thing will be troublesome if I didn’t overturn Bálor command soon.

This is because I’ve plan to continue interrogating her after this. Although I’ve the Demonic Control, I want to keep the advantage in mental side as much as possible.

『Damn it. 』

A faint tongue clocking sound can be heard, and now I silently look at Brynhildr whose skirt fastener undone and now it’s lowered from her shirt.

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