“Er,err…..sorry, this is my first time doing this with a boy……!”

Like an extremely nervous tongue, a shrill high pitched voice emitted from the computer’s speakers. While hearing that, Odagiri Kazuma gulped and swallowed his spit.

What displayed on the desktop was a familiar eroge play screen. That is exactly when the event started and the CG drawing of the heroine was reflected on the screen.

A classroom dyed in the sunset. With a confident pair of red cheeks pouring into the evening sun, the heroine dressed in her uniform, starring intently at the protagonist.

Once again, Kazuma guttural sounded.

However, it wasn’t because of the figure of a heroine in the opposite side of the screen that made his heart throb.


A small yet refined voice can be clearly heard, calling Kazuma’s name. The voice wasn’t played from the computer but it is coming directly from the voice of a 3D person.

Over there was a girl,

No, a beautiful girl.

Lustrous black hair flowing down her back. Pale white complexion and slender figure. Given that her beauty was clear enough to be amazed by the eyes, she appears to sparkle as if the window is being struck by the sunset.

Her name is Misaki Honoka

Being a proud honour student of Midorizaka academy and a yearning to all the guys, she is someone that boys everywhere can’t start start a conversion with, a woman out of anyone league.

And now —— She is, Kazuma’s, first ever, “girlfriend’.

“Ere, err…..sorry, this is my first time doing this wih a boy……”

A classroom dyed in the sunset with her confident pair of red cheeks, Honoka is in her uniform starring intently at Kazuma.

It is as if the situation was adapted from the game, even her words is practically the same.

“Like I said, I…..I may not be good at it but…..I’ll try my best.”

After setting to the auto mode of the game, the sound started to flow out again.

At the same time, changes of the CG that had been displayed on the screen was made.

The heroine stood still behind the background of the setting sun. Her clothes exposing her chest, revealing the adorable design of her underwear.

In respond, Honoka place her hand on her uniform.

“Like I said……I , I may not be good at it but…..”

Honoka’s lips moved slightly, copying the lines of the heroine. Her voice was trembling with nervousness and shyness, she looked at Kazuma with her faintly moist eyes.

Then, with feelings of determination, Honoka applied force on her hand, tightly clutching her blouse,

“T……try my be──!”

She stuttered.


“…… Uhh, m, Misaki-san?”

For some reason, Honoka became terribly depressed and hung her head while timidly raising her voice.

“……Very sorry”

“Y, you don’t have to be so sad about it! I thought the repetition you made was geat halfway through.”


“Yeah, really really! So, erm, cheer up! Okay?”

While raising her head, Honoka glanced at Kazuma as though she was appealing. Nodding intensely in return, Kazuma was repeatedly attacked with exhaustion.

(What am I doing……)

He started dating her recently, and now both of them are together alone in the classroom after school. In reality, this would be an exhilarating situation, but I wonder why am I playing “make-believe eroge” with her.

Indeed this eroge belongs to Kazuma, and this game is a favourite among the many he had recently which is able to fit into his five fingers.

“……Thank you, Odagiri-kun”

“Y, you dont have to thank me. More importantly, we will stop around here for today ──”

“Wait. Before we go home, allow me to try it again……, just one more time.”

“No, err…… b, but, it is getting late, we can continue this the next time or even tomorrow……”

“We have enough time for just one more. Please let me. This time I’ll show you that I can do it all the way through the end.”

Because I’m Odagiri-kun’s girlfriend.

With both hands clasped together, Misaki looked at Kazuma with determination. She was so embarrassed a while ago, or rather was still in an embarrassed state, so where does her enthusiasm came from?

“Err……if Misaki-san say so……”

Being pressurized by Honoka’s momentum, Kazuma hesitantly nodded his head.

Why were both of them playing eroge? Why was Honoka trying to be heroine of an eroge?

Why was Honoka, a girl that is supposed to be out of everyone’s league, even dating a plain guy like Kazuma in the first place?

── It all started a few days ago.

It happened on a certain day in September, when the summer holidays were coming to an end.


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13 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. For once, somebody uploaded entire volume’s illustrations instead of uploading half or less with the stupid excuse of “spoilers” and then simply dropping the project entirely, to never upload the rest.


      1. Ganbatte! It is just that sometimes I find novels where translator uploads first few illustrations and says they will upload the rest as the translation progresses. But it never does, and we are stuck with first few illustrations. It is like half of a half finished work.


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