“Ah~! You are awake, Kazu-chan~, what a sleepyhead you are.”

“Hm…..? A-Aneki?”

The morning of the end of holidays. As Kazuma goes down to the kitchen, what was very surprising was Kazuha using a frying pan and cooking.

“W-What’s wrong with you, Aneki!? You are cooking…..do you have a fever or something!?”

“Hey, even if I don’t normally cook, that doesn’t mean that onee-chan can’t cook.”

As she pouted, she was cooking something in the pan and places on a plate in front of Kazuma.

“Ta da~ Look Look isn’t it delicious~? Here is fried eggs, Onee-chan’s specialty.”

“………Well it’s considered as cooking.”

“Right~ Since there are some for Kazu-chan, it’s being a long time. so let’s have breakfast together~”

Looking at it, there was toast on the table. Besides there are milk as well. For someone like Kazuha to prepare breakfast, it’s pretty decent.

Of course, that means that [this] sister have tried her best, but not necessarily mean that the dish itself is wonderful.

(Well it’s fine by me. No difference to what I would make)

Since he was grate for not wasting an effort to make it, Kazuma took her offer and gladly sat down.

“……Then, Thanks for the meal.”

“Okay~. Go on~”

“Come to think of it, where are the rest?”

“Both of them came home late yesterday, so they are still sleeping. Since they have the whole day off for today as well, I think they are just going to kick back and relax.”

“I see…….oh yea they have told me before.”

As he was cutting and eating the bread, Kazuha [fufufu] chucking with a different smile.

“It’s fine it’s fine~. Onee-chan completely understand~It went well didn’t it~?”

“Nope. We broke up.”


“Thanks for the meal, then I’ll be going now.”

Kazuha stopped moving and left him alone, Kazuma cleared the dishes and left the kitchen.

He looked when he closed the door. but Kazuha remained seated on the chair with a shocked face.




As he was about to leave home and head for the station, the other end of door suddenly opened. Kazuma stopped it with his foot on reflex.

The one who appeared was his childhood friend wearing the same uniform as him.

” “Ah” ”

Their eyes perfectly met each other, jaw hanging and got stuck there.

“Ah, e-errr”

Ruri was making an awkward face and stared at Kazuma who is in a hurry.

Anyhow, he has never talk to Ruri ever since [that case]. He can’t help being conscious about it.

What did Ruri meant by saying that in the first place. Kazuma still have not ask her about it.

“H-Hey, Ru-Shinomiya. About what happened…….”

When he began to talk nervously, Ruri trembled with a twitch.

“……..Not telling you.”


“I’m not telling you, Kazuma.”

After saying that, Ruri turned around and ran off, while Kazuma called out to her in a panic at her back.

“Wai……Hey! Wait for me! What do you meant by that!”

“──Because Kazuma is a idiot. That’s why I’m not telling you until you understand that!”

Stopping her legs, Ruri turned around and stuck out her tongue like a child.

“That’s why……promise me! Until then we will always remained the same! Same as usual!”

──Then, the childhood friend ran away.

Leaving Kazuma with lots of confusion and turmoil in his chest.




As soon as he left home, he had encountered a ridiculous situation. However, he can’t afford to stand in the front door forever.


That’s because──there is a very important promise today.


There are no people at school in the morning. While listening to the yelling of the sports club from the sports ground, Kazuma got up the stairs and headed to his own classroom.

─1C. When he opened the door, the scenery of this half-year classroom came into  view.

Over there, was a girl.

No, a beautiful girl.

Elegant black hair flowing down her back. A delicate figure with white complexion. Her eyes are clearly beautiful enough to be surprised to those who see it, they look shining upon receiving the sun’s rays from the window.

When Kazuma entered the classroom, Honoka quietly got up from sitting.

“……Good morning, Odagiri-kun.”

“Yeah. Good morning, Misaki-san.”

After exchanging greeting, he walked towards Honoka.

Then, Kazuma realized that something was placed on her desk.

As he looked closer, that printout is a club entry form, under the column [club you wish to be in], she put [sub-culture research society].

“Eh? Misaki-san, you’re entering?”

“Yes. I thought of joining officially. E-Erm….Odagiri-kun”

Honoka’s eyes are slightly embarrassed, dyed in red.

“E-Err……I want try and play eroge.”


When Kazuma was surprised, Honoka looked more embarrassed and started to looked down bashfully.

“Erm, Odagiri-kun, didn’t you said that there are many wonderful things about eroge? That is why I thought that I would like to play [eroge] properly once more. Then, after much review, there was something I thought of when I brought it.”

“Really? S-So what eroge have you brought? What’s the title?”

“S-Sorry I did not look at the title……but I recall the illustration of taiyaki that looks very delicious though……”

“Ah, I see. But I’m happy! To think Misaki-san would be interested in eroge!”

He have always thought of it. Wanting to play eroge with someone──with Honoka. He wanted to share the interest and excitement with her.

That wish might finally come true.

Looking at the flustered Kazuma, Honoka showed a smile as if she was relieved.

However, the next moment, that soft expression took a serious color.

“…….Odagiri-kun, I……have something to tell you.”

That’s a totally [normal] response.

Instead of an evening glow, the morning sun is behind her. Honoka said it to Kazuma again.


“Please──make me your girlfriend.”


──『Please receive my confession once again.』

That was the 『promise』that Honoka brought forth towards Kazuma’s announcement of the break up.

It is true that their relationship started from a confession in that classroom after school. That’s why if they wanted to 『start from the beginning』in the true meaning, then they should probably return back to that moment.

But I think that it’s too much of a douche for someone who suggested the break up to wish for that.  He thought he should have noticed that in order for Honoka not to dote on him anymore, he needs to reset her time as classmate and start from zero.

Who would thought──Honoka was still going to confess to him again after he had said all that. That was unexpected.

Saying the words of [promise] (confession), Honoka stared intently at Kazuma, waiting for his answer. Cheeks dyed in red, eyebrows faintly dim while being exposed to nervousness and anxiety.

Her word-for-word were just like before, no change. Her expression was no different.

However, Kazuma’s heart which is looking back was different from the last time.

“……..Un. Thank you, Misaki-san.”

Honoka suddenly held her breath a little. Starring at those eyes, Kazuma spoke plainly.

“When Honoka first confessed to me, I agreed on reflex. And yet, I was only in high spirits, I didn’t have the resolution or seriousness. Even though…….it’s not as simple to be [dating]…..and being a [lover].”

…….Thinking back, the first mistake was there.

His feelings for Honoka is still incomplete──if he had told her that before, Kazuma would have been more straightforward towards Honoka.

In regards to Kazuma who was to one suggested the one-sided break up, Honoka wished to be [lovers] once again with the same feelings.

He was really grateful for Honoka’s feelings.

That’s why, in order not to be fawn on by that kind of feelings the second time, Kazuma strengthening his resolution once more.

So──let’s start over. He had that determination in his chest.

Once more, from here onward.

“But this time……I’ll love Misaki-san more seriously this time. As Misaki-san’s boyfriend,  I’ll promise to be a more suitable man. So……I too……!”

He suddenly grasped the trembling hand. Kazuma bowed deeply.

“Misaki Honoka-san! Please be my girlfriend!”

The time to wait for her reply felt long.

However, no matter how long he wait, Honoka did not say anything. As one expects, Kazuma couldn’t bear the tension and raised his face before long.

The next moment, Kazuma hardened.


Standing in front of Kazuma, Honoka’s body was trembling all over.

Covering her mouth with both her hands, Honoka’s face was red, all the way to her eyes.

Her tearing eyes were spread open while staring at Kazuma.


When he called out to her with caution,  Honoka twitched. Her face gradually turned red and readily retreated to the teacher’s platform.

And then, she hid behind the teacher’s desk.


“……………O-Once more”

Slowly and quietly, Honoka sightly came out from the shadows.

“Erm, perhaps I might have misheard you……so can you say it one more time…..?”


Since he never imagined he needs to say it twice, his face turned red in an instant.

However, Kazuma immediately prepared his resolve. While calming his thumping heart which is about to jump out of his mouth anytime soon, looked straight at Honoka’s face (though half hidden).

“M-Misaki-san, please go out with me once more!”

After trembling slightly, Honoka’s half hidden face retreated once again.

“W-Wait…….! C-Calm down……I need to clam down……! “Go out” might not even mean that……that’s right, it might mean “accompany” for example…..!”

“W-Wait, Misaki-san!”

That error was bad for so many reason.

“That’s not it! [Go out] in other words, meant that [please be my girlfriend]!”

Since it somehow feels like falling into a bog, Kazuma decided to come around and go behind the desk. Honoka who was crouching, let out a strange shriek upon seeing Kazuma.

“Ah, s-sorry…….for scaring you…..”

“Y-You are wrong, that is not it…….! I-I-I was really anxious to tell you the truth, because I don’t know whether Odagiri-kun would accept or not…..that is why I am very extremely happy…..I don’t know what to do……!”

The flustered Honoka went beyond frightened and is completely tempered. It’s been a while seeing this side of her, ever since they were both in Honoka’s house before the holidays.
(TL: I need help with the first sentence, cant understand.  “完全にテンパっていた” )

“R-Really……? Are you really going to go out with me again……?”

“Y-Yeah. Of course, if Misaki-san don’t mind……”


“Eh……? Huh……!?”

The moment he heard that, Honoka vigorously embraced him.

A delicate arm tightly surrounded his back. The smell of her hair. Her soft body tightly glued through his uniform and the warmth is making his head dizzy.

“M-Misaki-san…….! Wha-!?”

Unable to react to the course of event, Kazuma retreated a few steps,slamming his back towards the blackboard and fell on the floor.

However, Honoka still did not let go of him regardless. While her face was buried in Kazuma’s chest, quietly spoke.

It feels like her voice was a little blurred.

“Of course not……..no way I could disagree…..thank you, Odagiri-kun……!”

Honoka slowly raised her face. Looking at her wet eyes up close made Kazuma heart throbbed painfully.

“I will also do my best. This time, I will face you properly, in order to be Odagiri-kun’s number one. So, so………..”

And then, Honoka brought out his little finger.

With a smiling face filled with happiness from the bottom of her heart.

“Please treat me well……again.”


Then, it starts again. A new relationship between Honoka and I.

I don’t want to make another mistake in the route that I chose anymore.

This time for sure, let’s face the girl called Misaki Honoka with complete devotion.

In order for the both of them to head towards the best ending.


Because today’s event (confession) is still the prologue.

Our story has just begun.