Chapter 3 – AIBIKI Days

The sound of tickling and movement of the second hand of the clock could be loudly heard.


After finishing his dinner and bath, Kazuma secluded himself in his room and groaned.

The room’s bed and floor are scattered with clothes are pulled out from the drawers.

What should I wear for tonight’s late night sales? It has been nearly thirty minutes since he started worrying, still without a conclusion, Kazuma crossed his arms and continued to groaned.

He won’t be that troubled if he is just visiting Akihabara, but today there is a mission called buying eroge. If so, he can’t go there with very childish clothes. Although Yuna said there is no need to worry about being asked about his age, but better safe than sorry.

And more importantly──Honoka is coming along tonight.

All the more why he can’t go in an inappropriate clothing.

(Will this be……a date?)

Well it’s a date obviously.

That’s because he is going out with his girlfriend. Futhermore, they will be alone together late at night.

Even if their destination is Akihabara and their goal is to buy eroge. Regardless it’s still a date.

(My first date……with Misaki-san, first date)

Upon thinking and feeling uneasy, Kazuma aimlessly repeated his action of sitting and standing on the chair.

(For the time being, clothes…….! I need to decide what to wear……!)

Nonetheless, if Kazuma doesn’t have the knowledge of coordination, he doesn’t have the sense.

After much thought, he chose the clothes that Ruri forcefully made him buy when he previosuly went shopping with her.

At that time he complained and thought “Why must I buy such expensive clothing?”, but he never thought it would be of use in this way.

Leave it to the normie childhood friend. Should the opportunity arises, I will treat her something.

( What should I do next……?)

He tried looking up『Late night sale』and 『Date』, but there wasn’t any useful information that came up. Time passes as he was doing that and before long, the time to leave got closer and closer by the moment.

(Aaa crap, I’m going to be late……!)

In the end, Kazuma didn’t have any mental preparation while started to get dressed.




When he told Kazuha he was going to a late night sales, she unnecessarily push him with more work together with the cost.

Ask her to tell their parent ” I’m going to senpai’s house regarding club activites.”

Thus, he will be returning at ten o’clock. Kazuma left the enterance.

Even though he just left home, his heart is already racing.

He is worried that he can do his shopping safely and he is more anxious whether his date would end safely.

And when he was thinking about such a thing,


The phone in his pocket suddenly vibrated and he was startled for a brief moment.

(Phone call? Who is calling at this time…….)

He thought it might Misaki-san or the president, but the name displayed on the screen was surprising.

(It’s from Ruri?)

The house reflecting opposite──when he looked at Ruri’s house, the childhood friend was looking down from the window and their eyes met. Finishing her bath, Ruri was in her pajamas with towel on her wet head.


“Umm, hello. It’s Ruri calling.”

“Ah, yeah.”

With their phone in one hand, the both of them touched each other hands through the window.

“Err……so, what’s up? You need something?”

“It’s not that I need something. It’s just that I’m wondering where are you going so late at night. And if you are going to the convenience store, I was hoping you could buy sweets for me.”

“Sorry but I’m not going to the convenience store……I’m  droping  by Akiba.”

“Fueh!?     Akiba!?   Eee, you mean Akihabara right?   You’re going there now!?”




That question doesn’t have any ulterior motive, but Kazuma was loss for words.

However Ruri didn’t notice that. She was surprised──or rather, looked like in a panic and continued to rattle on.

“Eh, but it’s already ten o’clock! What are going there for at this timing!? The stores have already close!”

“There is a late night sales for games.”

When he explained about doing an errand for the president,  Ruri suddenly showed a state of anxiety.

“Err, but……I don’t really know this, but doesn’t Akiba have a lots of strange stores and places? Are you fine going alone?”

“What kind of prejudice do you have against Akiba!”

If Ruri said ” stange people” were referring to eroge gamers, then tonight many of them will be there. Including Kazuma.

“Anyways I’ll be fine. I think it will be done by the end of the last train.”

“Really?……Can I go with you?”


Wasn’t expecting  a proposal like that,  he was surprised and swelling with impatience at the same time.

If Ruri came along, she will know ──about the rendezvous with Honoka at this timing. Even though he didn’t tell her that the both of them are dating, that will be bad. Very bad.

“It’s fine! I’ll be fine alone, you be good and sleep! Once it’s finished, I’ll make sure to sent you a text!”

“Ah, wait, Kazuma──!”

Ignoring her screams again, he hang up.

When he looked at the time, he was way behind the scheduled departure time. Like this, he might not be able to make it to the appointed timing.

“Uwa, crap……!”

He frantically place his phone into his pocket and run towards the train station.

Behind him,

“──Hey! Be very careful! Even if you are buying games for someone else, don’t follow strangers you hear?”

“…….Hey!  Think about something called public nuisance!”

The voice of the childhood friend who stuck out her face from the window echoed throughout the residential area late at night.




He ran with ran with all his strength, but in the end, he was way past the time when he reached the meeting point, Akiba’s station. What a deja vu.

(Where is M-Misaki-san……!)

While adjusting his breath in disappointment, Kazuma surveyed the surroundings, looking for Honoka.

However, even before he could find Honoka, a voice came from the back.


“M-Misaki-san!? Sorry for being late──”

Even though he thought of apologising once they met, as soon as he turned back, Kazuma was lost for words.

Honoka was in casual clothing.

White knitted cardigan with a simple checkered skirt. From the upper knee length skirt, her slender legs are being stretched by her tights. Among the elegant ones, it was also cute. It was indeed Honoka’s sense of fashion. It might be because she heeded Kazuma’s advice of “Not looking like a highschool student” might be why she looked more matured than usual.

Unlike her normal unifrom, it’s the first time seeing her in that outfit. Even the familiar expressionless seems to be softer, led to Kazuma instictively starring at her.

Shortly after that, Honoka shrugged her shoulders a little as if to conceal her body, no knowing what to think of Kazuma’s gaze.

“……Something strange?”

” T-That’s not true! N-Not at all!”

He doesn’t know much about girl’s fashion, but he can tell that Honoka is the cutest girl right now.

“E-Err……it……it looks good on you……”

Since he doesn’t have the courage to say “cute” as expected, he somehow only said that to her.

Instantly, Honoka blushed.

“Thank you……happy to hear that.”


With that, Kazuma urged Honoka to follow as they remained silent.

Go against the wave of people going to the station, they headed to the place of destination, the eroge shop. When they finally reached in front of the store, there was a somewhat reasonably long queue. Receving the “last in line” card tag, both of them joined the row.

“……Look at how many people came. What a surprise.”

“But I think there will be more people later on. There is still time before sales after all. Ah, that reminds me, did you managed to persuade your family members?”

“That won’t be problem because Sasai-sempai called my home.”

For bringing Honoka along, Kazuma talked to Yuna about the situation, requested her to coperate in providing an alibi for Honoka.

Although he got teased many times and felt like she have grasp his weakness, but it seems all worth it.

“Erm, we should be able to go home before the last train leaves, but if it gets too late, you can go home earlier, Misaki-san.”

“It’s alright, I will stay to the end. I am the one who said that we should go together after all……besides, I have told my parents 『I am going to sleep at my sempai’s house if it gets too late』.”


I wonder. Did I somehow triggered a flag that I’m not supposed to?

Later, they were having a chat in order to kill time.

As he endured the gazes from the people that are queuing from both the front and back that are implying “Die normie”. Soon, there was an announcement about the commencement of the sales.

Immediately, the queue which didn’t move up till now began to move ahead one after another.


At this rate, we should be able to leave on time──or so I thought at the beginning.


(You’re kidding…..)


With the eroge he just brought held in hand, Kazuma stopped at the roadside.

Actually, today was also the day that a consumer’s epic game was released, but because  of the clerk’s pressing interaction, they went pass the time of the last train’s arrival when they were patiently waiting in line.


“I-It will be fine! Anyways, let’s find a place to rest. There is no way we are sleeping outdoors……there are shops that still operates late at night in that area, so let’s enter……”

He said that while surveying the surroundings.

If it just to kill time, they can put up with family restaurants and karaoke shops, but considering that Honoka with is together with him, he would like to find a place where she can properly lie down if possible.

At such a timing, if this were a eroge──

(No no no no that will be bad, really bad, really really bad)

Honoka strangly stared intently at Kazuma as he was vigourously turning his head left and right.

(But I can’t think of any other place that can sleep──ah)

His restless moving gaze suddenly caught that words.

The sixth floor of an old building.

On the slightly dirtied signboard, the words 『manga cafe』were written with flashy  coloured paint. 




“This is, a manga cafe?”

Right after opening the room’s door, Honoka interestingly widened her eyes.

The space inside was about 2 tatami mats, provided with a computer and television.

“It is my first time coming here……”

“I-I-I-I-I see.”

“That’s right. I just heard of the name only………but this is how it looks like.”

Taking off her shoes, Honoka timidly went up to the flat sheet. They didn’t have a normal chair like the one in a classroom, but instead the floor area is also a flat sheet so it is possible to lie down too.



He unexpectedly jumped upon his name being called.

As he looked at her, Honoka did the same with a strange look on her face.

“……Something wrong?”

“Nothing! I didn’t do anything!”

Not very upsetting, his wording is become Honorific.

He also took a seat while looking at Honoka’s increasingly mysterious gaze.

When he closed the door, the sound can be heard like footsteps and noise are being blocked off, the inside of the private room became completely silence.

(W-What to do……)

The fact that they came here together,  makes him intensly close to his chest.

The secret room is also the same place, from now, till morning, just the two of them. With the sudden rapid development which he didn’t anticipate, his thoughts and emotions still hasn’t caught up with him.

It wasn’t supposed to happen like that. After buying the game, boarding the train together, having a conversation such as “If you like, can I walk you home?”.  He thought it would only end like that.

While he was endlessly worrying, there was sound of rummaging in the back. It was from Honoka. Apprently, coming to a manga cafe for the first time was quite strange to her. Honoka was restlessly figeting the things in the relatively small room like turning on the television and playing with the cushion that was placed in the corner.

At that moment, the appearance of Honoka rushing around on the flat sheet came to his mind──


Let’s sleep. Let’s quickly hit the sack. If we stay awake, we won’t be doing anything  decent. 

The blanket rented was already borrowed. There no other room to loan to Honoka, but the room inside was not that cold and they will managed somehow if it’s just for one night.

“M-Misaki-san! It’s already very late, so shall we turn in for the night!? H-Here is the blanket I borrowed so……!”

When he brings out the blanket, Honoka who was looking at the food menu turned and faced him.

And then, she slowly tilted her head.

“……Are you sleepy already, Odagiri-kun?”


──What does that mean!?

Looking at Kazuma’s getting red all the way to his ears,  Honoka laid down and started to squirm restlessly as she was troubled.

“Erm……if Odagiri-kun is okay with it. Err…… I want you to stay awake for a little while longer.”

“What does that……”

Thump thump thump thump, his heart keep beating beating with tremendous momentum.

It was infuriating silence.

Eventually, Honoka raised her head as if she had decided,

“……The game that Odagiri-kun brought a while ago. If you don’t mind, can we play it now?”


“Eh……!? O-Odagiri-kun…….!?”

Looking at Kazuma helplessly crumbled down, Honoka opened her eyes wide.

“Sorry……if you that sleepy, you don’t have to force──”

“No it’s fine…….it’s not that I’m sleepy. I’m just a little relieved or rather missed the chance……”


Not knowing what Kazuma is saying, Honoka made a puzzling face. Since knowing the meaning of his words would be troubling for him, Kazuma changed the subject.

“Err……Aren’t you sleepy Misaki-san?”

“I am still fine.”

“I-I see……”

If Honoka is still staying awake, it might not be wise for him to be the one sleeping.

That case, playing games together would be unexpectedly not a bad idea. Since 『SixSis』does not specialise in erotic works, there should be a perfect scene until the route diverged.

(Actually it’s not mine but rather my sister though……oh well, she won’t be mad if we play a little……probably.)

“Well then, let’s install it for now. I will do the operations so Misaki-san, can you put in the disk?”


Taking out the newly purchased software from the bag, the computer was turned on.

The PC looks relatively new and the specs seemed to have no problems, but the troubling issue is what to do with the sound.

Although it seems that the sounds are more or less blocked off, but nevertheless, it would be awkward if that kind of voice from the eroge got leaked out. Fortunately, since the bag inside have an earphone that he always uses,  it was decided that they will use it to play this time.


They could hear it from the earphone, the theme song with a little signal in it.

While hearing that, Kazuma gulped and swallowed his spit.

(S-So close…..)

When two people use one earphone, it is obvious that their body would come into contact.

Sitting in front of the PC, Kazuma and Honoka were starring at the screen. Shoulders tightly stick together, bringing near their cheeks and thats how a lover should cuddle. That distance was even even closer compared to time when they were playing in their usual clubroom.

(Uwaa………h-her hair is so silky……! Even her cheeks are somewhat smooth!)

If he just slightly shifted his gaze, Honoka’s profile would immediately came into view. If he breathe deeply to calm himself down, he can closely feel her sweet scent.

However, what he strongly felt more was Honoka seem to be nervous about the closeness of each other.

While starring at the screen next to Kazuma, Honoka repeatedly stirred her body. Probably because she can’t sit still.

Then every time she moved like that,  his shoulders and arms would into contact with her delicate body.

By doing so,  Kazuma can’t help but being conscious that they are alone in a small space and felt dizzy due to the tension.

(Yeah, great……Just of the two of us alone……)

If Kazuma extends that hand by just a bit and touched Honoka’s shoulders, Kazuma would be able to embrace her as it is. There will be no one getting in his way. No, but if Honoka hates it or screams, it will be different of course.

But, he thought.

Even if Kazuma does that, Honoka wouldn’t hate it.

No, instead.

She probably would have shown him a dream-like reaction like the eroge.


That’s what he imagined.


Her cheeks faintly dyed, eyes wet. The appearance of Honoka entrusting herself to him while her body became stiff with nervousness.





While his shoulders were twitching since just now,  Kazuma was solely hesitating, wavering, in agony,


One night had passed, just like that.



Somewhere, the sound “beep beep” can be heard and he opened his eyelids.

While half-sleep, he fumbled the surroundings. The source of the noise──restlessly grabbing the vibrating cellphone,  quickly silence it.

(Err, what time…….is it? It’s still not even six o’clock…….)

I wonder why yesterday me had set the alarm at such a horrible timing. He turned over while being angry with himself.

The next moment.


For an instant, I could not understand what is relfected to my eyes.


There was Honoka.


Lying down, immediately came into view.


On top of the flat sheet. Wrapped in a blanket with Kazuma,  Honoka was quietly sleeping, breathing gently.


Futhermore, for some reason or another,  Kazuma’s arms was around Honoka’s waist, which looks as if he was hugging her.

(!?   Wha…….Wha……!?)

All of sudden, he did the kip-up in a panic. At the same time,  Honoka let out a “nn……” sound and turned. Her sleeping appearance was surprisingly defenseless, almost like a child.  (TL: kip-up is an action that uses your legs to kick your body back up when you are lying on the ground.)

That face with her eyes close were absolutely lovely, making Kazuma unable to look away.

Long eyelashes.  White soft cheeks. Lips that exhaled air. Each and everyone of them were robbed by the eyes.

When he was unable to blink and and remained stiff, the alarm which was snoozed, rang again.

Did she react to that? Or is it because of  the fact that Kazuma’s body jumped up? Faintly moving her body, Honoka opened her eyelids.

“……Odagiri, kun……?”

An awoken voice spoke softly, lisping slightly.

As soon as he heard that, Kazuma stood up as if to repel that.

“S-Sorry! I will going to the toilet for a while……!”

He didn’t clearly see Honoka’s face and left the booth after only saying that.

Running to the toilet in a last minute rush, by the time he could finally caught his breath, his face was hotter than he understood.

(T-That……scared, the hell out of me……)

Honoka’s sleeping face. He never thought the day would come for him to be able to see that.

At such a close proximity to add.

(M-More importantly, I slept, together with Misaki-san……!)

Thinking back after all this time, his heart throbbed with great momentum.

……Well he did somewhat fantaised about the both of them spend the night, there was a little feeling of expectation too.

However, to think that kind of situation really happened.

(I-It was warm all right……)

Besides it was soft. He was surprised to the extend that his head became blank, but the feeling was clearly remained in his arms.

(Wait, no, that’s why you will think of unnecessary things! Keep calm, be normal, like always……!)

Eh? But if I think about it, “the usual me” is somewhat like that.

When he was looking back on his normal conduct, a lightly knock was sounded.

“Ah, yes! Sorry, I will come out now! …….Wait, Misaki-san?!”

Even though he surely thought it was another guest who had came, standing in front of the door was none other than Honoka.

But, something feels strange. Her eyes were half-opened.




“Odagiri-kun, you told me that you came here.”

“Y-Yeah. I did said that……”

“There it was. Toilet.”


“…………..Good to hear.”

“Eh!?   H-Hold on!?”

Without any time to be surprised, Honoka collapse into his chest. That eyes were completely closed and upon hearing, there were also sound of her soundly breathing too. It’s hard to believe it, but she had just fallen asleep while standing up.

“M-Misaki-san, hey! P-Please wake up! It’s about time we have leave the store soon too, or rather you can’t sleep like this……hey Misaki-san!!”



Misaki Honoka is weak towards morning.

It’s a surprising new fact that he wouldn’t have thought from seeing her usual appearance in school.





With only enough to yawn with his remaining energy, Kazuma tirelessly left the ticketing gate.

He separated with Honoka at her designated station. Since it was early in morning and there wasn’t any traffic, he thought of sending her home, but she refuse his offer by saying “it will a problem if my family saw us”.

That’s true, Honoka was supposed to be with Yuna. That being said, if an unfamiliar guy send her all the way home,  it will make a fuss about it no doubt.

Anyhow, she stayed out the whole night and only came back in the morning.


(No, It’s not like we did anything funny at all……nothing at all.)

Maybe it’s the use of words, but he can’t help to have weird feelings.

in order to shake off the feeling, he quicken his pace.

Before long, he could see the familiar street on the opposite side of the road.

(Come to think of it, is Aneki still awake? ……Hope her manuscript is progessing well.)

It’s already very bright outside so her curtains would be drawn if she was awake.

Looking at the state, Kazuma looked up at the second floor from the road.

At that time, the house facing in the opposite direction──light was reflected off of Ruri’s room suddenly came into his field of vision.


He instinctively stopped walking.

The curtain covering the window seemed to have moved a bit.

(Ruri, has that girl already woken up?)

It is true that she had told him that she is recently busy with her club activites, but he feels that she doesn’t need to wake up that early even if she does have morning practice.

(Come to think of it, I forgotten to send her an email yesterday)

Don’t tell me she stayed up all night waiting all night for him to reply.

He was concerned by it so he stood there and stare at the window for a while, but there wasn’t indication of her drawing her curtains, her shadow nor her face peeping could be seen.

(Just my imagination, right?)

While scratching the back of his head, he opened the door of the enterance.




A few days has passed since the both of them went to Akihabara.


“Hey, Odagiri-kun.”

“Yes? Misaki-san.”

Same as usual, they were on the way home after playing eroge. Being called out by Honoka who was walking beside him, Kazuma turned and faced her.

There was a time where he was very nervous just by the fact that they will alone together at the beginning, but he had became accustomed to it and has become considerably more natural in nature. At least he won’t be flustered or stuttered every time when his name is being called.

(Well, compared to playing eroge, going home together is a walk in the park……)

However, the main reason is  probably because Kazuma is now more closer to Honoka than before.

To the extend of the sight of them walking side by side, doesn’t make him feel uncomfortable.

“Erm, hey……….Odagiri-kun, do you have any plans for next sunday?”

“Sunday?  Nothing really.”

“Then, erm……if you like Odagiri-kun.”


“Next sunday, erm……I want you, to come, my house.”



“Y-Your house……b-but, why……?’

When he asked again on reflex, Honoka blushed.

“T-That……I can’t tell you yet.”

“Can’t tell……”

“A-Anyhow, I want you to visit!”

Honoka said it as if she was yelling, making her turned red all the way to her ears. Being pressurised by that momentum, Kazuma nodded and said: “It’s fine with me……”




(Going to her house……)

Immediately after returning home, he was holding his head in his room.

He was nervous before when they went to the late night sales, but this time it wasn’t in that kind of dimension.

That’s because it’s a house we are talking about. A home. What’s more, it isn’t a friend’s house but that one he is dating with, his girlfriend’s.

Besides, all her family members would be at home if he went on sunday, but before that, Kazuma would be introduced as Honoka’s 『boyfriend』.

(I-It’s…….an impossible game……)

For someone who up till now is a naturally lonely otaku, the hurdle is too tough.

However, what he needs to do now is to take measures. Kazuma opened up the browser in his phone and search the words “girlfriend”, “going to her house” and “first time”.

(Ah, oh yea, do I have to buy a present……Uhh, what about my clothes……eeeerrr, do I have to go to a hairdresser or something!? I don’t have the money to do that……!)

Although he did that in order to reduce the stress he had, but once he started looking, there are lots of things that he have to worry about. Rather than relieved, it made him even worse than before.

(B-But I need to do something….! I have to buy a present too……For now, I’ll try and get an advance for next week’s allowance……damm it,  if I knew this would happened, I would have saved the money I received at New Years……!)

I can’t pull out from here. If I make an imprudent move, there will be a situation…….where Honoka’s parents objects to  their relationship and  Honoka is being disillusioned while at it.

(B-But……what would I tell mum……)

If I tell her upfront that I will be going to my girlfriend’s house, I think she will probably forgive me, but I won’t be troubled if I am able to do that. That’s because it’s embarrassing, she will be prying into it and she won’t believe me in the first place.

Without coming up with a good idea, Kazuma quietly looked up the search results and was surprised, flustered and uneasy by the contents.


While he was doing that, the promised Sunday,  came in a blink of an eye.




As they discussed beforehand, the meeting place would be at the station near her home, which was in front of the ticketing gate. From there, he will meet up with Honoka and let her guide him to her house.

(F-Finally, today the day……)

Kazuma left the station while his whole body was tensed up.

It’s fine. No problem. Measures has been perfectly taken.

In the end, Kazuma finally decided to borrow money from his sister. Although he had to return it as soon as he got his next allowance, but thanks to that, he was able to visit the salon and brought a gift. Next is a smile. Smile.

He immediately left the ticketing gate and looked outside. Cars and people are going past the beautiful servicing road.

It’s by no means a desolated city, but rather one with a quiet atmosphere that seemed to be easy to live in. From what he heard from Honoka, apprently redevelopment has been progressing recently and it seems a large shopping mall was made nearby. The station was probably crowded because people are going to the mall.

(So this is where Misaki-san lives……)

When he was somehow immersed in that kind of emotional feeling,


Honoka, who lightly ran up to him, was wearing a cool coloured dress, different than the time when they went to Akiba. With ribbons arranged on the cuffs and collar, not only it shows the simplicity but also the cuteness of the dress.

“Sorry, did I keep you waiting?”

“Uuhh, n-no, not at all, I just reached here too so……!”

“I see……then, what a relief.”

Feeling relief, Honoka exhaled. Having to experience just her gesture was too radiant for Kazuma that he can’t even see her face.

“Well then, let’s go shall we? I will show you the way.”

“U-Um. P-Please do.”

While being urged to follow, Kazuma was rapidly losing composure.


This is safe right?

It won’t be like that kind of  development in an eroge where the moment he was getting along with the heroine (Honoka), a wasabi murderer came out of the mouth and attack us right? (TL: I need help with this, little weird.   {口からわさびを生やした殺人鬼が襲い掛かってくるなんて}   )




Upon first glance and realized it’s a new house, Honoka’s detached house have a fancy design.

“Please. Come in.”

“P-Pardon the intrusion……”

Keeping close to Honoka later on, nervously entered the house.

The inside of the house was dead silent.

As if there is no one here.

(……It’s not like this is eroge. I’m sure her family are just as quiet as her.)

“E-Errm, hey. Since I am here, can I greet your family?”

When he nervously suggested it, for some reason, Honoka suddenly started to fidget nervously. Her hung-down gaze was roaming around the floor.

“U-Uhh…….Sorry. No one, is at home, today……”


It took ten seconds to understand the meaning of that sentence.

This time, it was Kazuma’s turn to behave suspiciously.

“Eh, ah, I-I-I-I see…….! B-B-B-Being alone at home is s-s-s-such a trouble huh!”

While his sweat was trickling, he “ahahaha” and laughed with a dried voice. Honoka still had her head down without saying anything. However, he feels that her ears were somewhat slightly red.

“Ah, erm here! A little gift!”

He handed over the paper bag that he brought along in his hand.

“I-It’s a cake though, Misaki-san, are you okay with something sweet!?”

“It’s fine because I like cakes too.”

“I-I see! In that case, that’s a relief! T-That cake was brought at my neighbourhood so it’s pretty good!”

“……Is that so?”

After receiving it, Honoka gently took a peep at the contents of the bag.

For a moment, it feels like her eyes was twinkling as if it was emitting light.



Honoka’s shoulders slightly shook as if she just came back to reality.

“S-Sorry……it’s nothing. More importantly, come in. I will show you the living room.”

“Ah, okay. Then I take you up on your words.”

After listening to Honoka mentioning the words “living room”,  Kazuma was a little relief. Although it is certainly nervous to be in here, it was way comfortable than ” (A girl) Honoka’s room.”

(W-Well It’s a pity though… no! What am I thinking about!)

While he removes his worldly desires out of his head,  Honoka showed him the living room.

“Please have a sit. I’ll go and prepare tea now.”

“T-Thank you.”

Recommending the sofa to Kazuma, Honoka left the living room.

The living room he was guided to was carefully and clearly cleaned.  The low table and sofa placed in the centre, while the cabinet was elegantly placed along the wall. The exterior image does not disapoint, has a chic and refine design. The dinning room on the other side, as well as the kitchen looks stylish and easy to utilise──


When he looked closer, the living room, dining and kitchen are all connected.

So, where did Honoka went? If he recall, she was supposed to be going to pour a cup of tea for him──

“O……Odagiri, kun.”

“Eh? Ah, Misaki-san?”

He could hear a voice from behind the door, making him stood up instantly.

“S-Sorry……I-It took more time than I expected to change……!”

“It’s fine really. I didn’t wait that long──”


Just as he was surprised by her abrupt words, the door leading to the corridor was opened with a great force.

Honoka was standing over──


In a maid uniform, for some reason.


Obviously those are maid clothes,  but that’s not the classic ones. Her skirt was so short that her underwear could be seen anytime and her chest was quite revealing that if she jumped, it would fall off. It’s pointless to ask what’s that.

“W-Wha M-M-Misaki-sa……!”

“D-Didn’t we played this before? The game where the girl put herself as collateral and sold off to a malicious rich person’s house as a maid…..”

“I-It’s true we did that…..”

As soon as the outline was shown, she asked “Isn’t that a human rights violation?” with a serious look was still fresh in his mind.

“……T-That’s why……”

That’s why I would like to be a maid, is what she would like to say.

The face of Honoka standing still was the same as when her underwear was seen that time or it was redder than ever before.

Involuntarily, his throat resounded.

At such timing, as her boyfriend, what should I say? Is it better to compliment her by saying: “It’s cute” or “You look good in it”? However if he poorly praised her, would it be like confessing to her, “I’m looking at you with erotic eyes”?

(No, I didn’t look! I didn’t look at all!!)

While saying that, his gaze would inevitably went to her chest or the helm of her skirt

Ah, I think just now I saw something white for a moment──.



Startled and sprung up at the same time, Honoka whose face is still red, gently took Kazuma’s  hands.


“……Have a sit.”

Lightly pulling his arms towards the sofa, Honoka urged him to sit down.

Looking back at the hardened Kazuma, Honoka head towards the kitchen and quickly brought out the black tea and cake and prepared it.

The appearance of her efficiently working, looks as if she is a real maid.

However……Anyways, I want to looking at unnecessary things because every time she moves, I can see something from her chest or skirt. It’s troubling, very troubling.

“Here you go, Odagiri-kun……no.”

Having all the preparation she needed, Honoka sat next to Kazuma.

Then, she looked at Kazuma with said it while looking embarrassed.

“[Kazuma………sama]. ”

A small and hesitant voice overlaps that of the eroge. It’s as  if I became the protagonist of my own eroge, as if [Heroine] Honoka is under his command, as if waking up from an illusion.

“M-Misaki-san…, you don’t have to change the way you talked, just act as usual will be fine……! Even the maid outfit is redundant……!”

“…….Is that so?”

Is he imaginging things, after hearing Kazuma’s words, Honoka somewhat looked disappointed.

However, she immediately pull her lips together with a “Muu” as if to get a hold of herself.

“Then, the cake……eat the cake. Sorry for the gift though……”

“Ah, u-um. Well, Misaki-san, you too should──”

Heading towards the flow of safely talking, Kazuma reached out for the cake while feeling a little relieved.

However, before his hand can even reached, Honoka picked it up.

“? Misaki-san?”

Before he thought “huh?”, Honoka stuck a fork before his eyes.


She gently presented the cake to him. On the other side, Honoka was starring at him with a serious look on her face while her cheeks redden.

And then and then, if you shift your gaze by just a little, you can take a peek at her moderately curved cleverage with her chest bending forward──


“I-It’s nothing! Nothing at all! I’m just suddenly worried about the ceiling.

While he bend his head backwards all the way till the limit, Kazuma came up with an excuse.

However that being said, it’s not like he can remain in such a strained position forever. While telling himself he can’t see it, he can’t see it nothing──but as well as expecting to see just a little──timidly lowered his gaze.

“……Is something wrong?”

“N-No, really there is nothing wrong……”



“But, you have been acting weird since a while ago……”

When Honoka was talking halfway, she had a face as if she noticed something and said “ha!”.

“I am sorry……I was mistaken.”


Ignoring Kazuma’s reply, put the plate down. Then, she took the fork with the cake in it and let it drop on her breast.

While holding her chest with both of her hands, she looked up with a face that was so red that made him wondered if she had a fever or not,


“────Sorry, toilet!!”

Anyhow, I need to leave the area. With a mind of leaving, he ran out of the living room without thinking of the consequences.

After leaving the living room, he didn’t know where is the toilet, but fortunately since there is a plate hanging on the door, the shameful sight of fleeing from the living room was somewhat over as soon as he returned from that humiliation.





It has been about five minutes since Kazuma have shut himself in the toilet. It’s rude to Honoka if he stayed for too long. It will be troubling she misunderstood into thinking that “I didn’t want to be with you so I ran to the toilet”.

No, being mistaken might not be the only problem. This misunderstanding is even more troublesome..

However…….in fact, that was a red line. I think.

(Never thought Misaki-san would go such a thing……)

A dangerous maid clothes with an “AAhh”. Especially the last part, it was so destructive compared to Kazuma’s tiny delusion. That was dangerous, really dangerous. Especially that fresh cream── let’s stop. Stay calm, be cool. Cool.

Finally, after taking a deep breath, he washed his hands and face and leave the toilet.

When he peeked out to the living room, Honoka was sitting slightly on the sofa while having the maid clothes on.

“S-Sorry for leaving all of a sudden……”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

Honoka slowly shook her head. That expression of her’s was a little gloomy.

“Um……about that a while ago. Did I do something wrong?”

“N-No it was rather……”

Speaking of being wrong, there was certainly various mistakes about it, but how should he respond to this?

When he was struggling to think of an answer, Honoka’s chest suddenly came into view. (It was only a coincidence and by no means feeling guilty.)

On her fair skin, there was still remains of the spilled cream from just now. Although she seems to have wiped it off, but if she left it as it is, it would probably be sticky and feels disgusting.

“A-Ah erm. Umm……you have cream on your body, why don’t you go and wash it off? And while you are at it, you can get changed──”


With a pondering face, Honoka repeated his words.

I don’t know why but somehow, I felt like I had just stepped on a land mine.

(……That reminds me in that game, the heroine dropped the cake on the employer’s body and as punishment, was ordered to take a bath together.)

……In other words?


“Eh? Bu……!?”

The moment he thought “Yes?”, something sweet was thrown at his face.


“Don’t worry. It has properly became sticky….amu.”

She lightly peck at Kazuma’s face that has full of fresh cream with her delicate fingertips……By the way,  whats with that “amu”?

“Well then, Odagiri-kun. Come here.”

“H-Hold on! I can’t really see what’s in front of me……!”

“Don’t worry. I will properly guide you there.”

Being pulled by Honoka’s hand, Kazuma was dragged off to somewhere without knowing anything.

He was guided to the hallway, walked for a little while and finally stopped where they entered some kind of room.

(W-Where are we?)

Wiping his face with his hands, he somehow secured his visibility. A washbasin and a large mirror were neatly placed in front of him. Apparently this looks like a washroom. It seems that the inside of the bathroom also serve as a dressing room as well as the door of the bathroom can be seen beside it.

(AAhh, so this means I can wash here?)

Before he was feeling anxious deep down of not knowing where he was led to, Kazuma felt relieved by smoothing his chest.

The next moment, a sound of a zipper lowering down can be heard from the bottom.

“What the-uwaaaaaa! Wha-What are you doing Misaki-san!?”

For some reason, Honoka was kneeling in front of Kazuma, trying to lower the zipper of his pants.

“B-Because……I can’t take it off unless I lowered the zipper…..”

“Why must you take it off in the first place!?”

“But if I don’t take it off, you can’t do that right……?”

“What are you talking about!?”

While saying that, Honoka was grabbing his zipper, trying to lower it.

What she is doing is just makes a pervert, but since Honoka’s eyes was serious, Kazuma’s face and ears were red.

Because he couldn’t submissively let her take it off obviously, Kazuma was trying desperately to resist.

“Then Then……do you prefer going in like this Odagiri-kun? If you prefer that, I don’t mind though……but, once you get wet, wouldn’t you have trouble going home……?”

“So what are you──uwaaa wait wait stop bringing your face closer from such a place!!”

Her breath! Her somewhat mild and wet breathe!

“But I think it would be better to wash my clothes after all. Fresh cream had been spilled more than I thought……If I use the washing machine, it will not take up much time even if it includes drying. I think it will be done while Odagiri-kun is taking a shower.”

“A……Ahh oh. So that’s……”

It’s true that both his shirt and trousers are sticky. Besides, there is cream on his hair so it would be great if she could let him shower here.

“I-It’s fine. I am the one who spilled it after all. I will take full responsibility and properly clean every nook and cranny──”

“No I can do it alone!! You can just go back to living room and be at ease, Misaki-san!!”

He pushed the enthusiatic Honoka out of the bathroom without question.

(A-Anyhow, let’s get this over and done with……!)

For now, Kazuma gave up on washing his clothes and quickly headed into the bathroom naked.

Like the rest of the rooms, the bathroom looks clean and brand new. The cream-coloured theme room is calming and I think you will able to relax if you soak in the bathtub.

(Misaki-san also uses this bathtub everyday──wait no no no!! What am I thinking about! That’s too lewd even for me……!)

Let’s hurry. Staying here for too long is dangerous in many ways.

Besides, just being naked with just the both of them at Honoka’s house is somewhat unsettling.

After quickly washing himself, Kazuma immediately turned over his heel.

However, when he tried to reach for the doorknob, the closed door was vigorously thrown opened with a “Bam!”.


Honoka was standing on the opposite side of the door with a red face


Covering her delicate body with only a bath towel,

Slender limbs freely exposed,

Her pale white skin was dyed red in a minute,


And that’s what Kazuma’s 『girlfriend 』looks like right now.


“O-Odagiri-kun……! Like I thought, I should h-h-h-help you after all……! I-It’s my fault that you are stained, s-s-so I need to take responsibility for my actions!”

With her whole face so red that steam is coming out of it, Honoka spoke halfway as if she was shouting. If this was a manga, both of her eyes would most likely be swirling around like a whirlpool. Seeing something like that had already passed his limits.

“P-Please take a sit……! I-I-I will try and clean you……!”

While the current situation didn’t articulated, Honoka put a step forth into the bathroom with determination.

And there, Kazuma finally returned to reality.

“Wai…….!? Wait, Misaki-san! Please wait!!”

He tried to stop Honoka in a panic who is steadily approaching close, but realizing her appearance, his protruding hand hardened.

That’s because she is now barely naked. If he poorly moved his hands, it would come into contact with the wrong places. In that instant, something can happen like the concealed bath towel would be slipped off for example.

Upon thinking whether that situation is pleasant or dreadful, Kazuma was unable to move.

He tried to distance away from her, but there is a limit to the spacing.

When he noticed, there was practically none between the both of them.


The distance where they are able to feel each other’s temperature. Since their body are able to touch one another with few movement, Kazuma felt giddy to excessive palpitation.

Taking a bath together. A heroine washing his back. In return he will wash her’s the next time, allowing their bodies to touch inadvertently or something like that.

He did saw that kind of dream before, but that situation where he thought would have never became a reality, was in front of him.

(S-S-Such a……no, I’m happy about it though, I’m very happy about it! B-But as expected this is a little too much, or rather is my heart prepared for this!?)

“M-Misaki-san! L-Let’s calm down for now! T-T-This kind of thing is still too early!!”

“It’s okay! It’s my first time too, but I will make sure it doesn’t hurt……!”

“Like I said, that’s not it……!!”

Since it will be troubling if this keeps up, Kazuma is somehow using means to escape from the bathroom. In order to prevent that, Honoka stood in front of Kazuma with her arms spreads out.


The white bath towel gently swooped down to the floor with elegance.

What appeared from underneath was something that is beyond the whiteness of the towel and dazzling enough to hurt it’s eyes, 『White』.


Her delicate constricted waist looks like it will break if you strongly held it.

A line from her legs ran through her delicate curvy hips.

Her smooth supple butt indeed seems to be very soft.

And then, there’s modestly, laudable, swelled and somewhat small-sized『that』.

Within that transparency, a pink coloured lighted point on the summit was dazzling to the eyes.


It’s the first time seeing it.

Not a two dimensional figure nor a delusion, a real girl’s body.


Being overwhelmed by the impact of both his body and mind, Kazuma looked at the spectacle in front him in silence.


There was nothing he can do, for someone who saw the opposite sex naked for the first time.




Asking “her” who is red from her ears and neck all the way to her whole body to calm down, is impossible.




It’s already too late when she regained consciousness. Honoka, who can’t bear the shame, screamed and fainted.


What’s left was himself wearing only a bath towel and a stark naked Honoka who collapsed.


For Kazuma, an unprecedented trial is about the come.






The suffocating and unbearable atmosphere was dominating the room.

Kazuma have finished changing and was sitting on the sofa of the living room. On the same sofa, Honoka also sat down with her clothes on.

The distance between them was  able to fit one person. They were silently sitting there and trying to avert from each other’s eyes for around thirty minutes.

(I-It’s useless if this keeps up……! I need……I need to somehow find the opportunity to talk about something……!)

Anyways, let’s apologize. With that thought, Kazuma spoke out with courage, but


His word’s were firmly overlapped  with Honoka’s, causing him to be a lost for words.

“S-Sorry! What is it, Misaki-san!?”

“I-It is fine! Odagiri-kun, be my guest……!”

“It’s no a big deal, so you can go ahead, Misaki-san──”

“No no, Odagiri-kun should──”

After hastily repeating unproductive compromises, the two became silent again.

Ultimately, it was Honoka who was the one to speak.

“Erm, sorry……erm for bothering to carry me……”

“N-No it’s not a big deal…….”

After that, Kazuma carried the collapsed Honoka and somehow made it to the living room.

Thinking back, it was a long and painful process. This was the first time his heart had such a bad time.

Even now, the appearance of her he saw just now and the sensation of her when he was carrying Honoka were stuck on his mind and arms.

It was soft, smooth, warm and smell good──

“A-Ah……about what happened……”

“Aaaa, d-don’t worry! I didn’t anything! Not that I seen everything everything……but I have forgotten everything!”

“If……If you do that……I would be happy too……”

Honoka’s face was the same as when she collapsed earlier, it was even redder.

But immediately, she seem to realized something and raised her head in a panic.

“Ah, erm! Don’t misunderstand……It is not like I didn’t like it.”


“It was embarrassing, although it is troubling if you asked for it again…….but I was revolted being seen by Odagiri-kun.”

“Eh, ah……errr……!”

What should I do? What should I reply at a time like this?

In the end, no words came into his mind and Kazuma just sat there with his red face faced down.

(But……oh I see. If it was me, Misaki-san would be fine for me to see……)

Maybe it’s because we are dating, so that had to be special to a certain extend.

However, Kazuma’s heart was somehow felt numb. It’s hard to explain, but it was somehow very strong and something hot was welling up.

On the other hand, a question suddenly came into his mind.

“………….Erm, Misaki-san, there was something I wanted to ask you for a long time though.”

“……What is it?”


He thought what would happened to the flow of event upon hearing it, but rather, he would not have heard it if it was for this flow after thinking back.

That’s because……hearing such things is embarrassing after all.

“Misaki-san, why did you thought of going out with me?”

After thinking, it was strange from the beginning. Why would Honoka would want to date someone like me?

Because we have never actually had a conversation before at all.

However Honoka sulked after listening to Kazuma’s words.

“………Like I thought, you don’t remember it.”


With her eyes starring intently at him caused Kazuma to sweat profusely.

Could it be that Kazuma is the only one who thought that they have not talk much and something actually happened? Or simply put, Kazuma just forgotten about it?

(B-But if something happened with a cute girl like Honoka, I’ll would have definitely remembered it……!)

While desperately holding his head searching within his mind, but nothing came up.


“……Then, if we talked about it, will you remember?”


A small sigh can be heard beside him. Kazuma had no choice but to solely feel obliged.

“It was exactly last year, about this time. I……encountered a molester on the train.”


According to Honoka, it seems that he touched a little.


However, she was a junior high student at that time and was too scared to call for help.

Just when she didn’t knew what would happen to her, it was someone’s voice who was on the same train as her that saved her.

That 『somebody』 noticed Honoka and shouted “molester!”.

As a result, the criminal was pinned down by the passengers and was handed over to the police at the next station.

Although she was in a hurry, she was unable to express gratitude to that 『somebody』, but Honoka said she had always remembered that person’s voice.


“……When I looked at Odagiri-kun, I immediately realized it was that person from that time.”

Actually she wanted to thank him right away. However, Kazuma is the one who doesn’t look like he remember her, so she was unable to say it until now.

But she got curious,while she was starring at him and before she knew it──.

Yes, she personally expressed her own feelings.

Perhaps for Honoka, that was probably the second time she confessed.

But Kazuma didn’t accept that “confession”, just like the first time.

That incredibly strong feeling, stronger than inspiration, stronger than bliss, dominated Kazuma’s heart.

(I thought there was a molester…….)

Come to think it, when they were playing eroge together,  upon looking at the『Last Molester Bus 3』’s event scene, Honoka’s face turned pale.

Although she remained hazy at that time, but could it be that Honoka remembered what she experienced in the past? So is that why she show such a painful expression?

In other words, that means I have been forcing a girl who is suffering with a bad experience with molester to play a game about molesting……?

“How about Odagiri-kun?”


When he raised his face, Honoka was starring intently at him.

“Odagiri-kun……why did you go out with me?”

Before he knew it, Honoka’s cheeks were dyed red as if she was expecting something out of him.

However, Kazuma couldn’t look directly at her and averts away.



That’s obvious. It’s because she is so cute, although they have never talked to each other , but if they were to get along well, he would be able to like her. That’s the kind of delusion he had.

If a girl like her confessed, anybody would have accept──.


…………That’s it?



Suddenly, his spine became cold and his heart is badly beating like crazy.

At that time, a loud sound suddenly reverberated in the quiet living room.

“Ah……sorry, I will answer the phone. Please wait.”

*Ring Ring*. Honoka went and pick up the phone.

“──Yes……Mom? Coming home……right now?”

A short interaction could be heard. Soon, Honoka finished the call and clearly looked at Kazuma in a panic.

“W-We got a problem…..! My mother finished her business early and she is coming home now……!”



After much fuss and finish cleaning up, Kazuma left Misaki’s house as if he is running away. Honoka was together with him because she said she would walk him to the station.

“Sorry, you even came all the way here……”

“N-No, it’s not your fault, Misaki-san…….I don’t mind it at all……”

“……Then, will you come back again?”

With her cheeks faintly dyed, Honoka took a peek at Kazuma’s face.

Her perfect cute eyes looks as if it was spoiled, just by looking it will hurt his eyes.

However, Kazuma didn’t answer that. As always, a black vortex is swirling inside his heart due to the doubt that arise just now.

The doubt of whether did he forced it on her──and  the anxiety.

Honoka didn’t urged for an answer. As they walked silently, both of them reached the station.

“……Well, I will stop here.”

“Ah,un……err, thank you for having me today.”


He can’t afford it to be awkward, but this conversation was somewhat stiff.

“……Ah, erm, hey.”

There is no basis of this. However, he felt like he can’t not stop the conversation like this, so Kazuma continued.






The owner of the voice was someone that Kazuma is familiar with, but was not someone who should be here.

It could not possible have been her, but he didn’t misheard it nor it was his imagination.


She was located 3 meters away from them. With a handful of shopping bags on both hands, Ruri was standing stock still. In the crowded people going back and forth, she had an unreliable expression as if she is a child left behind.

At that moment, Kazuma was driven by his own embarrassing thoughts, as if a mischief had been found out.

He remembered. Previously, when Ruri asked him about his relationship with Honoka, he dodged the question without telling her the truth.

Although he honestly regretted telling her the truth the first time, but it was too late.

“Eh……Eh? Wow, how surprising. What a coincidence! Never thought would see you at a place like this.”

Ruri had a puzzled face at the beginning, but she immediately returned back to her usual smile and came closer towards the both of them.

“Wow, Misaki-san looks so cute in casual clothing! I know this brand! You brought it in the mall right? Did you also brought it from there?”


“Say, why are you together with Misaki-san? Perhaps are you going on a date?”


“What’s with you, keeping quiet? Aren’t you a guy? Say it clearly! Don’t worry, I won’t tell the people in the class.”

Ruri was cheerful as ever, keeping rattling on with tension that is too high-spirited. While having a sense of discomfort, remembering their difference levels of communication, Kazuma was left speechless.

“Please? Are you guys……dating?”


When he looked at Honoka’s face, she slightly nodded, probably means “just as Odagiri-kun thought”.

“Y-Yea……Actually,  we have been dating since that time.”

“……I see.”

Ruri’s response was surprisingly gentle.

“I see. Kazuma, so you have made a girlfriend. Good for you. Congratulations.”

“Ah……erm, thank you.”

It was his dream to show off that “I got a girlfriend!” like a normie.

Despite that, he somehow can’t feel a bittersweet sense of superiority.

“Misaki-san, please look after Kazuma-kun. Although he is a pervert and a lewd person, he has good quality too. If Kazuma said anything crude, please tell me. I’ll scold him on your behalf!”

“Thank you, Shinomiya-san…..But, that won’t be necessary. I know…….what kind of person Odagiri-kun is. ”

“Eh~! So Misaki-san is the type of person who clearly put these in perspective. Unexpected! Cute! I might like Misaki-san a lot! Hey hey, can I call you「Hono-chan」 ? You can call me 「Ruri」 !”

“I don’t mind it though.”

“Yeah! Thank you Hono-chan! Ah,but 「Hono-chan」is too common. Should I try 「noka-chan」?”

Leaving Kazuma completely in the lurch,  Honoka and Ruri were deepening their relationship.

Kazuma was unable to get in between the conversation that his “girlfriend” and “childhood friend” had and kept starring.




After splitting  with Honoka, Kazuma and Ruri got on the same train and went back home.

“But that’s a surprise! To think Kazuma would be dating Misaki-san. What’s with that “just lending her a game” kind of deception?”

“I’m not bluffing or anything like that…….”

“Come to think of it, Misaki-san is unexpectedly rather easy to talk to than I thought.  she  could talk to me like a normal person would. I mean, look at me. Because she always look so serious, I thought to myself 『Could it be she hates me?』. What a relief! Looks I misunderstood that.”

Even while on and getting off the train, Ruri didn’t stop talking. Because of that, Kazuma has a habit of changing the subject whenever he wants to talk as if he was gauging the time.

……If she said that he is imagining things, it might be just that. However, he somehow had a feeling that something was wrong.

“Hey, what’s the matter? You have been acting strange since just now.”

“Eh? No I’m not. It’s nothing, I’m acting normal.”

“Like I thought, are you angry that I didn’t tell you about Misaki-san? Well I feel bad about it too……”

“Ok Ok! M-More importantly, I want to hear more about both of your love story.”

As if washing away a slight discomfort, Ruri pressed on with her questions, like “How long have you guys been dating?”, and “How is the one who confessed?”.

Kazuma brushed off her tension by answering her questions one by one, but──

“Then here is the last question. Hey…….Kazuma, what do you like about Misaki-san?”


As soon as he heard that, he stopped walking.


Ruri also stopped and called out to him anxiously but Kazuma didn’t reply.

(About her…….)

There is nothing to consider. That’s because she is cute, noble, looks cool but is a shy person, always working for Kazuma’s sake──

Why? Even though he could think of many things to say, Kazuma remained speechless for some reason. No words came out of his mouth as if his throat was frozen.

“……W-Why are keeping quiet? Aren’t you going out with her? Shouldn’t you have something to say? Like she’s cute for example.”

“Would you shut up……it’s fine not saying such things──”

“Wha…….!? How is that fine?! It’s not okay at all! Aren’t you dating her?! Aren’t you her boyfriend?!”

Boyfriend──Upon hearing Ruri’s words, Kazuma’s heart felt like it has been pierce by an arrow.

That’s right. I’m dating Misaki-san. So why am I having trouble answering such an easy question?

That bad feeling I had when I was at Misaki-san’s house was coming back to me. When she asked “Why are you going out with me?”, I couldn’t answer too.

As if she was speaking out about his doubts, Ruri spoke with a more reserved tone.

“………Kazuma , didn’t you said before that you were playing games together with Misaki-san?”

“W-What about that…….”

“I told you before that it was wrong but…….is that the lewd kind?”

Kazuma hold in his breath.  After that, it seems that Ruri happens to know everything. From his point of view, Ruri’s expression became stiff.

“Hey……Kazuma, did you like Misaki-san because she would play this kind of games with you?”

“T-That’s not……!”

“──Then, what about me?”

For a moment, Kazuma didn’t understand what he heard and looked dumbfounded when he turned back at Ruri.

The childhood friend who was starring intently at him was making a face he had never seen before. Like she was angry yet frightened.

“If I told you that I would play these kind of games with you before Misaki-san did……, would you be dating me?”


His head blanked out.


The feeling on his legs was gone and his body felt like it had been thrown away.


He couldn’t think of anything to say.


“……What are you saying……”

The words that he spoke unconsciously, were  shamefully trembling to an extend.

Those words that Ruri said, were stabbing Kazuma where it hurts.

That’s because Kazuma had thought of it.


──That it might be a possibility.



Suddenly the sound of a beep rang and his phone was vibrating.

It was a call.

From Misaki-san.

“……Is it from Misaki-san?”


“……Ah, I’ll be leaving now. Sorry for saying such things. Just forget about it.”

He didn’t had time to stop her. Quickly turning his heels, Ruri’s figure had disappeared beyond the road before he knew it.

Kazuma was left behind and stood there for a while, in a daze.

However immediately, he answered the call.

“Ah……….Odagiri-kun? I am Misaki calling.”

“Y-Yeah…….Err what’s wrong? We just separated not long ago…..”

“…….Sorry, am I bothering you?”

“N-No you are not.”

Is it because of what happened just then? Hearing Honoka’s voice made him feel very unsettling.

If he talked carelessly, he had a feeling that she would be able to see through his trembling inner thoughts, even making an interjection was frightening.

“Erm…..It’s that I called you for something. It just that I thought Odagiri-kun would be home by now……”

“I-I see……”

“……A-Ah. Can you hold on for a bit longer?”

“S-Sure…….what is it?”

“Erm……the holidays are approaching right? It is the silver week……….Do you have any plans, Odagiri-kun?”

Honoka’s voice was somewhat a little nervous. A delightful tension. In contrast, Kazuma’s expression was stiff and rigid.

“E-Erm, i-if you have plans, it is fine. It just that…….during the school break, we couldn’t see other at school. I thought it would be good if we can meet each other, if Odagiri-kun is okay with it……”

The way she talked was moderate, but each of her words were overflowing with “I want to be with you, even if it’s just a little” kind of emotions.

The 『girl』 whom he is dating, said she wanted to see him. She wants to be with him, even if it is just for a while. Furthermore, that girl who is been called as the most beautiful girl in the school, even her personality is admirable and cute.

It is unlikely that such a happy thing would happen. Right now, Kazuma is an unbeatable normie in the world.──That’s why.

“……Sorry, I have many things to do during the break.”

“…………I see.”

“I’m really sorry. You even went out of your way to invite me.”

“It’s fine. You don’t have to apologize. It can’t be helped if you have plans. Besides……wanting to see you is just my willfulness.”

That’s not true. That’s what he thought but was unable to say it. Saying such thing after turning down her invitation was a very heartless hypocrisy.

“Well then. Sorry for holding up so late. Good night, Odagiri-kun.”

“Un…..good night, Misaki-san.”

Finishing the call, Kazuma removed the phone from his ears.

Even after that, Kazuma was still unable to move from that spot.