Chapter 2 – The reason she plays eroge

“──Sorry for the wait, Odagiri-kun. Let’s go.”

As promised in the morning, when the teacher left the classroom, Honoka was preparing to leave and called out to him.

At that moment, an earthquake shook through the noisy classroom.

Since HR had ended not long ago, the majority of the students still remained in the classroom. They stared at Kazuma and Honoka who are facing each other with shocking expression.

That’s a given because it is Misaki Honoka we are talking about after all, a cool beauty that everyone fears and respect. Since such a girl is seen talking to a plain guy like Kazuma so naturally everyone would be taken aback by it.


To be honest, it is difficult to stay on like this. Kazuma stuck close behind Honoka and left the classroom as if to escape their piercing gaze.

When they are walking in the halfway for a while with no people in the surroundings.


“What is it, Odagiri-kun?”

As he called out to her with courage, Honoka stopped and turned around.

“Err, about that a while ago……I really think that you should stop talking like that in the classroom.”


“W-why you ask……that’s because Misaki-san and I looked like we are on good term with each other, that alone will make us stand out of the crowd……and err, the class might find out that we are dating.”

Honoka was already a conspicuous being to begin with , if something like that continues to happen, there will be strange rumour spreading right away.

…….I don’t think it is a fact that we are dating and it will be great to say you don’t  have to worry about such things.

Nevertheless, Kazuma wanted Honoka to keep this a secret between themselves if that is possible. Besides, talking to people isn’t his forte and he wants to avoid attention from other people as much as he can.

However, Honoka strangely titled her head in response towards Kazuma’s dilemma.

“But we only talked for a while right? There are boys who also have a good relationship with girls in the class too, I don’t think they will suspect anything just by that.”

“Well that may be a normal thing but I dont usually talk to girls much……’

“How about Shinomiya-san?”


“Shinomiya-san and Odagiri-kun are always together in class. Everybody says that both of you get along very well.”

“That’s because she is my childhood friend and everyone in class thought “so that’s how it is”.


“Err, Misaki-san……?”

Since Honoka suddenly sank into silence, Kazuma succumbed to feelings of anxiety. Did he said something bad?

“E-err…….sorry did I said something infuriat──”

“Relax, It’s nothing like that……more importantly, let’s hurry and go.”

After saying that, Honoka hastened her pace while Kazuma surried and followed behind her in a panic.

The place they are heading for the “sub-study” clubroom which is on the third floor of the former culture department. The official name is sub-culture research society. This is the only club in the school that has otaku in it which Kazuma is affiliated with (Although it is  officially as a club for like-minded people).

In that clubroom, Kazuma had promised Honoka to play eroge together.




The sub-culture research society’s clubroom is at the end of the hallway, the furthest room on the third floor.

Compared to other culture department’s clubroom, the size of the room was somewhat small. The room has barely enough space for preparation, manga and light novels are lining up the rake as if they are filling up the wall. A new laptop was enshrined on top of the desk where the empty space was at the back.

“Wow……you have a laptop.”

“It’s is not a part of the furnitures though, it seems the president brought it on her own. However, by leaving it in the clubroom, it means that the members are free to use it.”

“……But is it really okay for us to do lewd things in the clubroom?”

“The way you phrase it will lead to misunderstandings so please stop!”

Putting that aside, as to the question whether is it okay to play eroge in the clubroom, there are no problems from the conclusion.

Of course, we would be reprimanded if the teacher finds out, but this classroom is locked from the inside and there is no windows here to peep at. If you are careful not to let the sound leak out the room, it is possoble to play eroge.

While advising Honoka to sit down, he turned on the laptop.

(……W-what should I do now?)

Even though the game hasn’t started, Kazuma is already feeling very nervous.

After all, it has been only two weeks since they have started dating. Although just being with Honoka is nerve-wrecking as it is, to think that they will be playing eroge of all things, there should be a limit to how shameful this play is.

(Well…… not that I hate it though.)

Or rather, it is not like I did not expect this a little. For example, being a lucky pervert or a promise in a light novel, these kinds of a boy’s romance.

(No, it’s not like I’m thinking of something weird! But……)

He shook his head as he abandon his worldly desires. Honoka, who is sitting besides him was staring blankly at him.

“……Err, they have an instructions manual just in case, do you want to read it? The basic keys are the normal ADV so the operations are not that hard to utilize……”


“Ah, you didn’t heard of it before? I’m talking about the game’s instructions manual. Besides the operations, there are the story’s summary and even simple introductions on the characters in it. Err, this is it.”

Kazuma took out the eroge that was concealed in his bag and pass the instuctions maual over to Honoka.

Today, Kazuma brought the previously mentioned 『The Last Molester Bus』.  It is a molesting simulation game that the professional molester, who is the protagonist needs to get a ticket to the “last molester bus” which is a dream to all the perverts out there……for the record, retaliation are not allowed.
Honoka is a non-geek after all, so Kazuma thought playing this game with rape elements in it would be a big hurdle for her , but in the end he decided to go with this one after all.

Thats because Honoka had told him yesterday, after that event in the park.
I……want to know……about you……about the things you like.


After hearing that, Kazuma thought to himself.

……He has never talked about this to anyone, but among the eroges, he especially has the tendency to prefer works that have sexual assult in it. Even when seeing a secondary erotic doujin, his eyes would be attracted to that instead of things like pure love.

2D rape moe is even not an unusual preference to begin with, I knew that there is a difference between friction and reality, but……as expected, there is a little drawback.

Thats why he thought of it.

If Honoka could take a liking to these kinds of eroge similiar to Kazuma,

Playing eroge together, saying that “it’s amazing”, “thats interesting”, having the same tension talking about moe,

That would defintely be a lot of fun.

Like a dream.
(Besides, I brought a simpler erotic material as insurance just in case, ah well, compared to tentacle play, molestation is more to the lighter side……probably)

Should I rethink this?

As Kazuma was questioning himself over and over again, Honoka was beside him sliently reading the user’s manual.

“So this is a story about guys molesting girls.”

“Ah, yeah. Thats how it is, but……….”

While answering her, Kazuma peered at Honoka’s face. He might be seeing things but he has a feeling that her expression was somehow a little gloomy.

“Err……if you are against it, shall we play another one?”

“It’s fine. That’s not the case.”

Honoka murmured as she turned the page again.

The next moment, that hand became perfectly still.

“…………Hey Odagiri-kun. The main stage in this game is inside the bus right?”

“That’s true, so what’s wrong about that?”

“……If you take off your clothes like that inside a public transport, I think the surrounding people will noticed it, no matter how you put it.”

What Honoka was starring at was the sample CG thats was posted in the instructions manual. It was an illustrations where the heroine is being molested by the protagonist in an immodest position. Naturally, since the situation was inside the bus, lots of mob were drawn into the background.

Using common sense to think about it, retorting would be too much of a spectacle.

“T-this protagonist has special abilites you see, he is able to generate a special force field that allows him to reject the surrouding peope from interfering. For example like 『Fu●』!”


“No really! It was really such kind of setting that was placed!”

Or rather that might be a problem because such settings really do exist.

“Which reminds me, Odagiri-kun”

“Eh? What’s wrong?”

“I have heard that male otakus called their favourite character 〝my wife〟right?”


It as if the crux of the question had been gouged out.

“Which character is your wife Odagiri-kun?”

“……T-those kind where highschool girls are doing gymnastics……”

“………………I see.”

There was clearly an meaningful pause by the time the reply 『I see』came back.

“……So Odagiri-kun likes girls who are well-endowed.”

“Please stop I’m dying over here!”

How great would it be if he can shout it out loud: “There are no guy who doesn’t love breast!” right here.

Although Kazuma was depressed and stricken with grief, but the next moment, Honoka threw an unexpected question.

“Then……how about mine?”


“Do you like……my breast?”

With a little embarrassed expression, Honoka took a peek at his face.

“N-no, such a thing……whether I like it…….”

Unexpectedly, he directed his gaze towards Honoka’s breast. Although it is relatively small compared to the girls in the class, but nevertheless, breast are still breast.

──Suddenly he recalled what happened yesterday. That incredibly soft feeling when he rubbed Honoka’s breast.

(No I didn’t rubbed it! I only touched a little that’s all!)

If the fingers didn’t moved, it should be considered safe……which was what I wanted to believe.

Besides Kazuma who is desperately devising an excuse, suddenly muttering can be heard.

“Like I thought, mine is a little small? But isn’t hers too big…… I think it is very rare to see a girl with that size though……”


In the meantime, the laptop had started up. When Kazuma finished logging in, “Last Molester Bus 3” was launched from the program menu.

“Err, then I’ll start without further ado……is everything okay? Do you have anything you would like to ask?”

“It is okay. I have memorised everything that was written in the instructions.”

The game began to run as she was saying so. Several usual instructions continued to show and before long, the pointless stylish opening movie began to pour out.

──Or so I thought but was immediately skipped over.

“Eh? You’re skipping the opening?”

As he reflexively raised his voice, Honoka looked surprised and turned this way.

“I should’nt have done that?”

“N-no not that you can’t……But, it’s your first time playing so it’s better if you watch it……B-besides, this game’s opening song is very cool! It makes you have a 「they gone all out for just a game about rape」sort of feeling!”

“……Is that so?”

He had no intention of saying the latter but surprisingly, Honoka has shown interest in it.

At that moment, Kazuma suddenly became ashamed for getting excited about talking to her about the topic at hand.

“Ah y-yeah……err-so……I would be happy if Misaki-san like it too……”

After somehow managing to brush it aside, it now feels somewhat embarrasing. ……wait, or is it digusting?

“……E-err, sorry……”

“……Why are you apologizing?”

“No because I said something weird……”

“That’s not true……Erm Odagiri-kun, once you skipped the opening, you can’t see it anymore?”

“Eh? No, if you don’t press anything and wait for a while it will be played again……”

“I see. Well then, shall we watch it again from the begining?”

“Eh, but……are you okay with it?”

“Yes……Because I want to listen it too.”


──The song that Odagiri-kun likes.


And Honoka’s voice was neither cute nor spoiled. It was the usual calm and cool voice.

However just by hearing that single word, Kazuma somehow driven to felt like running recklessly all over the place.

(I-I see……If I said I “like it”, Misaki-san will try and listen too.)

I wonder. This is somehow a bad feeling.

Even though I’m sure this not a big deal, I was happy as much as a little exggerated as I thought it would.

“What’s wrong Odagiri-kun?”

“N-no. Nothing at all.”

With a strange fluffy feeling, they listened the opening theme pouring out together. It can’t be helped that it is ticklish to be alone with Honoka.

(……But this is somehow feels good, this situation.)

I honestly don’t what to do when she said she wanted to play eroge together.


But, this kind of thing──is surprisingly might not be a bad thing.



……which there was a time when even I have thought of that!




The clubroom became completely slient.

Kazuma was lying face down in cold sweat and Honoka had her mouth closed and eyes were glued to the screen.

What unfolded in front of both of them remaining stagnant was the event that decorates the prologue of 『Last Molester Bus 3』.

In other words, it was a scene where the heroine was [voluntarily restrainted] by the group of men in the bus.

The screen were filled with CG of mosaics and skin. The polite voice of the actress of the eroge can be heard from the speakers with a beep. Occasionally, there are useless high quality sound effect like “guchuu” and “nuchuu” mixed in.   (ぐちゅ/ぬちゅ)

“……I want to disappear……”

As if he was losing to the weight of the situation, he deeply hung his head.

(That’s right!   It was decided to become like this!   Stupid me!   Why didn’t I choose a normal game about love……!)

Honoka’s silence was terrifying. At least if she disparaged it, He may be able to argue with “that’s not true”.

What is Honoka thinking right now? What kind of face is she making when she is looking at all these event scenes? I don’t want to know but I also could not bear to check.


Conflicted for a short while, eventually the feelings of confirmation has won over so Kazuma timidly took a glance at Honoka’s face.



Honoka’s expression were different from all those he had imagined.

No, it’s her expression itself has no noticeable changes.

How to put this, simply put──the atmosphere doesn’t seem to be positive.

“Misaki-san……erm are you okay?”


“No, it’s just that……you looked somewhat disgusted.”

“T-that is not true……I am fine.”

Although Honoka said so, her expression has clearly shown no strength.

(Like I thought, she hate these kinds of games……)

When Kazuma tried to suggest “should we stop playing?”,




An erotic voice and a very inappropriate sound can be heard across the club room.


In other words, it was the so-called sound from a belly.

(…………Err )

Currently, there are only two people in the club room. If Kazuma have no recollection, which means just now that sound,


“What are you talking about?”


“I didn’t hear anything. Odagiri-kun, you must be hearing things.”

Honoka spoke quickly while avoiding eye contact with Kazuma. However, that gaze was swimming unnaturally with sweat floating on her forehead.

……That means.

(……Is it better for me for me to remain silent at a time like this…….?)


“……Eh? It’s Ruri! What are you doing in a place like this?”


*Bang!* *Slam!* *Clatter!*

As soon as the corridor suddenly became noisy, Honoka and Kazuma stood up as if they were being repelled.

“Uwaa are you okay? I thought I heard something really loud.”

“I-I’m fine! I-I-It’s nothing! Really nothing at all!”

“Eh? Are you sure? You somehow just crashed your head into the wall with an amazing force.”

“I-It’s fine! My head is very tough! M-More importantly, over here! Come here!”

A very familiar could be heard on the other side of the door, and it is fading away.

(That was……)

He opened the door and tried to examine the situation but it was too late, there was nobody there. If there wasnt anybody, no sound could be heard as well.


“Sorry. Err I don’t really know but it probably nothing……?”

Honoka tilited her in response when she asked Kazuma did he heard anything.

In reality, Kazuma also have no clue of what happened.

Afterwards, Kazuma and Honoma carried on and played.『Last Molester Bus 3』. When it was time to go home, it had been decided that they will continue tomorrow.

“Sorry for the wait……err,well then, let’s go.”

“Got it.”

Packing their belongings, they then left the clubroom together.

They didn’t particularly have a conversation about “going togther”, but because the destination was the same, they naturally walk along side by side.

However, even changing shoes and leaving the campus, Honoka was able to stand next to Kazuma while continuing to maintain a reasonable distance without being separated was because of the school’s enterance.

(Can I assume this means ……”going home together” ?)

Unlike attending school, she didn’t said anything regarding after school, particulary about “going home together”. Since they are dating, it might be normal for them to leave together even if there wasn’t a promise made……

(But, that has yet to be decided……should I at least check with her? However, you might not need to ask about such things……)

The impact of “playing eroge together” was too strong that he had completely forgotten, in the first place, Kazuma has never dated anyone before. Just saying going home together was enough to make Kazuma nervous and his heart throbbed.

(W-What should I do? If I’m mistaken it will be very embarrassing. Perhaps would it be better if I went and make sure for myself……?)

As he was pondering while walking,



He stuttered.

“……Are you okay?”

“I-I’m fine! L-leaving that aside, what is it?”

When he tried to evade the question instead of replying back, Honoka showed a little sign of bashfulness. As if she was lost, her gaze slowly dropped to his feet.

“It’s no that……erm, I would like to walk around before we head home if that is okay with you……”

“Eh? E-Err……that means we will go home together right……?”

He said it while his heart was throbbing and for some reason, Honoka raised her head as if she was surprised and even her legs stopped perfectly.

“……You don’t want to?”


Not true.

As he frantically shook his head, Honoka breathe a sigh of relief.

“Really……that is good hear.  We will take a short detour then, is it okay with you?”

“Y-Yeah. Of course.”

It’s embarrassing to say this out loud, but even Kazuma wants to spend more time with Honoka.

No matter what you think, Honoka is clearly a very beautiful girl. Besides, she is also his first and ever 『girlfriend』.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t change that he still doesn’t know what to talk about, but it is certain that he is feeling nervous.

After they left the school gate and walked for a short while, They entered a side road due to Honoka’s guidance.

As they wandered away from the main street, a  quiet residential area filled the vicinity.

In other words, that means the silence was brought to the fore to that extent.

( C-Conversation……! I need to start a conversation……!! )

Despite desperately turning his head, nothing came to his mind about the things he should say.

It’s not that he have nothing to say. Like “I’m surprised you know this place” or “Do you normally walk around here?” or “By the way, how was the game?”.

It’s just that he doesn’t know when to speak. Like “I’m surprised you knew this place.” or “Do you normally walk around here?” or ” By the way, how was the game just now?”

“No, don’t be weak-minded…….!” It was a great feeling when we are in the club room. If I don’t set a flag now, when will I do it?!”

“M-Misaki-san──! Eh……?”

While he has troubles speaking, Kazuma noticed that Honoka, who was supposed to be walking beside him had disappeared before he knew it.


When he turned around, Honoka stopped in the middle of the street and stared intently at something.

(……『Tea house・Silver Grapevine』?)

From the name, apparently it’s a cafe. In front of the cafe, there was a black board  placed with the words  『This month’s extra large, special pancake』skillfully written.

Honoka’s eyes were staring at those characters as if she was devouring it.

Come to think of it……Honoka’s stomach was rumbling back in the club room earlier.

“Err…….if you’re that interested, do you want to drop by?”

Before he knew it, Kazuma had asked her.

Then immediately, after noticing what he said, his body stiffened.

(U-Uwaa, crap……! I didn’t mean to say to that……! This would look as if I want have tea with her……!)

If you think about, they are not strangers anymore. Even though they have only started dating recently, this is clearly a matter between couples.

If so, just inviting her out for tea, I don’t expect her expect to say “Ugh,gross”……right?

Restarting his motivation, Kazuma nervously waited for Honoka to answer.


“Err……but, is it really okay? It is not like I especially want to stop by.”

“………………I-Is that so……”

“……Besides, If I am eating, I can’t talk with Odagiri-kun.”


A complete turn from the bottom. Kazuma suddenly raised his head after unexpectedly hearing those words.

“To tell you the truth……Today I have a lot of questions to ask Odagiri-kun. That’s why I said I want to take a detour before we head home.”

“Ah, s-so that’s why! In that case, feel free to ask me anything that you want to know!”

What a relief. Honoka didn’t said anything about rejecting his offer to invite her for tea.

(I’m right after all. I’m dating Misaki-san in the first place……! It’s certain that she doesn’t hate me so I don’t have to be scared of her!)

As they started to walk a second time, Kazuma’s heart was pounding, cheerfully  waited for Honoka to ask her qestions.

(But, what will she asked? Maybe about my favourite food? Come to think of it, I have heard that Misaki-san’s home econ’s grade is good. Or perhaps she will make a bento for me……!)

“……This is rather sudden though.”

“Yeah! What is it?”

“Odagiri-kun likes girl with big breast right?”


The surprised attack hit him with great force, leaving him feeling like a floating paper waste getting blown away.

“In other words, you prefer lewd girls right?”

“N-N-N-N-No way, t-t-that’s not……!”

“Then…… do you also prefer skirts that are so short that you are able to see the underwear?”

“Y-Y-You’re wrong, I don’t particularly want to see them at all……”

“……But today, all the girls that appeared in the game have very short skirts.”


“Their underwear were visable too.”


Then, what came afterwards was a moment of silence.


Dying her cheeks a little red, Honoka lightly tapered her lips.

“Odagiri-kun……is a lewd person.”


With no more energy to goan any longer, Kazuma’s eyes had a distant view while seemingly look like he is going to collapse right there and then.

“But……it is fine. I will try my best.”


Kazuma didn’t understood the meaning of the words that he heard and tried to ask again, but Honoka didn’t answer.

Instead, there was a small voice muttering so soft that no one could hear.

“That because I am……Odagiri-kun’s 『girlfriend』.”

──By the way, Honoka’s inquiry persecution continued afterwards and in the end, Kazuma answered every one of her questions in full detail.

Honoka replied him by nodding with zeal each and every time──but what was she thinking then?

Kazuma got to know everything the next morning.





Immediately after leaving the train station, Kazuma stopped walking.

Following yesterday, Kazuma is to meet Honoka today and so that they can attend school together.

But it was strange. Even though yesterday she was here and waited for him, she was not here today.

(Okay great, Misaki-san is not here yet.)

Yesterday, he was feeling sorry for making here wait so he was relieved.

When he was waiting at a place where he can be easily noticeable, she showed up in less than 5 minutes. Apparently she was in the train behind the one Kazuma got on.

“Sorry for being late. Odagiri-kun.”

“You don’t have apologize for this, I also just arrived. Besides I made you wait for me yesterday so Misaki-san, you don’t have to worry about it.”

“……Is that so? If that is okay with you.”

She must be quite in a hurry, Honoka was lightly running out of breathe due to rushing over and meet up with him. First of all, there is still plently time before the meeting time so he thought that she didn’t need rush over. Is there some kind of trouble on the way here?

“Are you okay? We can rest over there if you want──”

“Thank you, but it is okay, I am fine…….More importantly.”

Then, Honoka suddenly started fidgeting. She intently looked at Kazuma trying to him……or rather asked him something.

“Erm……hey, did you noticed anything?”


What is she talking about? He looked around and there is nothing particular about her that has been changed.

“Err, sorry. I don’t really understand……”


Instantly, Honoka’s expression suddenly drooped.

“Eh?! Err, sorry! Did I said something strange?”

“……That’s not it. It’s fine. Forget it. I just didn’t tried my best, that’s all.”


At that moment, an idea ram through Kazuma’s mind.

Could this be that? The so-called normie event where even though the girlfriend changed her hairstyle, her lover doesn’t notice it at all and she often tends to be outrageously angry with him. Afterwards, the girlfriend deamand an apology and compensations until she is given a template.

(……wait, isn’t this bad!?)

He clearly checked Honoka’s appearance in a panic, but he has completely no idea what’s different about her.

As Honoka started to walk away, Kazuma lost the opportunity to ask her anymore.

Thanks to that, they walked sliently on the road to school without getting to hold hands.

Meanwhile, Honoka looked depressed as she hung her head.


“What should I do……it shouldn’t be……like I thought I must be……b-but Odagiri-kun wont be the only one looking……at least when we are alone then……”

With that feeling, she continued to mutter and talked to herself. Although her voice is very soft and only fragments of it could be heard, Kazuma can’t help to be interested in her conversation.

(This is clearly my fault……)

He can hear it. The sound of the flag breaking.

(Err her hairstyle, is the same as yesterday……her clothes is the school  uniform……so the next thing is……)

……Her underwear?

( No I don’t have to check that!!)

I don’t know what she wore yesterday in the first place.

(What’s next, next thing, perhaps her socks!?)

He desperately hoping that would be it and nimbly lowered his gaze.

Finallt he noticed a sight discomfort.


Somehow. Just somehow, is Honoka’s skirt different than her usual?

( But that’s the normal uniform skirt right……?)

Something, something feels wrong about it. But I don’t know what it is.

While he was thinking about it, they have arrived in school.

When they entered the building, Honoka wanted to stop by some place and was gone.

Since she asked him to go first, Kazuma head towards the classroom alone.

Just before eight o’clock, the school is surprisingly quiet. Although you can hear the sport clubs endeavouring in their morning training from the ground, there are barely any people in the classroom and passageways. I guess there are very few people who don’t have club activites will go to school at this time.

──As he thought about it, he happened to come across an acquaintance.


“Ah. It’s Kazuma. What are you doing here at this timing?”

A face abruptly protrude from the railing of the stairs, it was Ruri who was looking this way.

I forgot. Come to think of it, she also has club activities.

Yo, the choir sure is busy this early in the morning.”

“No no. Today wasn’t morning practise but self practise. I can’t seem to record the set piece. Here, this one.”

Ruri came down the stairs while flipping her printout (most probably a score).

However, Kazuma was looking up from the lower floor and found himself having a red face.

“Hold……! Wai-idiot! Your skirt!”


In an instant, after looking down in puzzlement, Ruri turned red and held down her skirt.


“I-It’s not my fault! This is your fault for having your skirt too short!”

“I-It’s not short! This is normal! There are many other girls that are shorter than mine! B-Besides, those girls are basically showing off their underwear!”

“What are you expect me to do by telling me that!?”

While screaming at her, Kazuma took big steps and climb the stairs. At the same time, Ruri retreated to the corner and protected her body as if to defend herself from a suspicious person while holding down her skirt.

And said with a blushing face.

“……Did you saw it……?”

“……I didn’t looked.”

“There was a pause just now! You averted your eyes! You saw it didn’t you!?”

“L-Like I said I didn’t see it!”

I really didn’t see her strawberry-pattern. I didn’t thought that “you are in high school and you wear that?” There is nothing to say.

“Uuu……! Even though, today’s underwear is not cute……”

(……So it’s okay if it was cute?)

He almost said it, but soon changed his mind. If he said that, she will defintely turned red and be furious. He already said he didn’t saw it too.

“If you don’t like it then don’t shorten your skirt. Or you can wear something underneath it. I don’t really know it well enough but don’t they have a variety of those?”

“No way! That’s not cute at all!”

“……Is that how it is?”

That being said, shortening the skirt is  prohibited by the school’s regulations. Most of the girls doesn’t abide by the rules and there is a feeling that the school has given up halfway. However, there are still very strict teachers who will occasionally looked out for the girls. Perhaps Ruri had been pointed out once or twice no doubt.

(If it was Misaki-san, she wouldn’t have done such a thing.)

In reality, she attended school with a skirt length that was well within the school’s regulations. Nevertheless, she doesn’t look uncouth was probably because her appearance was outstanding.

(……She is on par with Misaki-san on that area, I don’t think she have to be so particular about it.)

Well Ruri is a normie with lots of friends unlike Kazuma, might have normie-ish kind of troubles like adapting with the group.

“…….I’m going to class, how about you?”

Because he don’t want to be left in silence, he called out to her for the time being.

He thought she would snapped, but Ruri was unexpectedly obedient,

“…….Fine, I’ll go with you.”

“Un. Okay.”

As soon as he nodded and tried to walk,



The voice calling Ruri belongs to Honoka. Looks like she has finish her errand and caught up with them.

Ruri, whose name being called and Kazuma who heard it, turned their face almost the same time towards her direction,


Immediately afterwards, both of them starred blankly at her.

Since admission, she have gotten only full marks for all her test, a prodigy among prodigies.

She is an stoic that perfectly abideby the strict rules of the school with integrity compared to other school.
Such a honour student who is well know within the school, Misaki Honoka’s skirt have changed drastically.

Ever now her micro mini skirt looks like you can barely see something underneath.



“……Err. That’s why Oda Nobunaga defeated his enemy, Imagawa Yoshimoto and raised his name to the world……”

A drowsy inducing slow voice could be heard in the quiet classroom.

The fourth period was a lesson on japan’s history. The teacher in charge is an grandpa that is soon retiring, he is not a bad person, it’s just that he speaks really slow.

Inevitably, during history lesson, the students will start to doze off one by one regardless of gender.

However, only today, none of them felt like sleeping at all as tension was wrapped around the class.

“Err, this battle is also know as the 『The Battle of  Okehazama』…….”

All the student who were sitting had their back straightened, not a slight movement was made. The situation was strange as well as the teacher,  standing at the podium and drenched with sweat.

The classroom was like this ever since Honoka came into the classroom with her short skirt.

It was not unreasonable. To the students and teacher, Misaki Honoka was a surprisingly 『perfect』 honour student until now.

If she suddenly change that area and appear like a girl, everyone would be in turmoil. Furthermore, she acts as usual by saying “I don’t think I have changed though”. After coming thus far, crossing over the trembling feeling was more scary.

“Ehh……does anyone have any questions so far……?”

The teacher slowly looked around almost as if he was frightened by something. After amking sure that no one raised their hands, he seemed blatantly relief and returned his eyes to the textbook──

“──Sensei, I have one question.”

At that moment, everyone in the classroom were paralysed all at once.      (* this action is similiar to a jerk of the body when someone spotted you doing something suspicious.* )

“A-Ahh……Misaki-san? Err what is it……?”

Being urged to make a statement, Honoka gently stood up from her seat.

“Sensei, regarding 『The battle of Okehazama』, it has already been taught in the first semester.  

“Eh……? Ah, err…….I-Is that so……?”

“Yes. Today is from page 96, 『The demise of Sakkou  ~The Perry expedition and The movement of the late edo period~』.”

“I-I see……sorry , I was too careless. I guess my age is cataching up with me……hahaha……”

“Not at all. I think it is sometimes good to occasionally revisied the content before lesson.”

“Ah…….Err Misaki, wait for a moment.”

The teacher nervously held back Misaki who just sat down, as if handling an explosive item.

“Yes, what do you want of me?”

“Ah, yeah, erm……I-It’s fine if you don’t have to answer……”


“Erm……Misaki. What happened to your uniform……?”

–He said it. At that moment, everyone in the class also have the same thought.

“……I don’t know what are you talking about. I am the same as usual.”


“I am the same as usual.”

Honoka answered it with the same motionless expression.

However, only her eyes were blantly swimming. Since her face itself is completely expressionless, it gives the viewers unspeakable fear and the sense of intimidation.

“…………Ahh, yeah. you are right. It’s my fault……”

The teacher hurriedly escaped, or rather chose to evacute.

Honoka sat down and the lesson resumed as if nothing had happened.

However, the tension of the atmosphere is obviously increasing.

“Sorry M-Misaki-san! Can I have a little of your time?”

Lunchtime. Kazuma chased after Honoka who left the classroom and called out to her when there is no one in the surroundings.

“Erm……err it’s about your skirt…….”

When he casually began to talk to her, Honoka’s cheeks were flushed.

“It doesn’t suit me?”

“N-No, that’s not it.”

“……Then, what is it?”

Honoka restlessly shook her her body as if expecting  something from him. Due to the fluttering of her shortened skirt, Kazuma was troubled as to where to look.

“What do you mean……I’m just asking why does it suddenly……”

“……Because if it is shorter, Odagiri-kun would be happy right?”

“Besides, you are happier with bigger breast and underwear be clearly visible—-”

“Please stop, I’m dying here!!”

No joke.

(But that means……)

Wonder if Honoka shortened her skirt for Kazuma’s sake. In order to suit his preference. Even now, in order to be liked by Kazuma—-

“B-But……how about Misaki-san? Aren’t you embrassed wearing such a short skirt?”

“T-That is……”

Honoka’s face was dyed red with a [kaaa]. Anyone word is better than an eloquent reply.

But she tightly squeezed her skirt.

“It’s embrassing for other people to see it……but if it is Odagiri-kun……”

While she bashfully said that faced down, Kazuma was the one whose cheek got hotter.

What to do?

Misaki-san is very cute.

It wasn’t a delusion. To think there will come a day where a real girl would say that, just recently even in my dreams—no although I saw it in my dreams, but I never thought that this would really be a reality.

“Erm, but if Odagiri-kun prefer the original one–”

She was taken aback after saying it on reflex. If that’s the case, this is completely filled with ulterior motive.

“E-Err it’s not that the shorter was not good……it’s just that, erm casually shortening it is a little……besides there are other people seeing too……”

Putting aside whether himself wants to see Honoka in a mini skirt or not, there will be an opposition if someone else saw it, to be honest.

That’s because……she is his girlfriend after all.

“So, erm….. I think that your skirt don’t have to be that short for the time being.”

Honoka has no idea what does Kazuma’s words meant.


“……Then, how about when we are both alone……?”

That’s right, as he looked at her, Kazuma awkwardly avoided eye contact.

“Eh, err……s-short is also nice……maybe……”

“……If so, it will do so.”

Because his back is facing Honoka, he have no clue what kind of face Honoka was making.

But he is sure it will be the same as before, a very cute face.

That’s what he thought.




Misaki-san’s [determination] didn’t end there—-



For example, when you play eroge, the protagonist enxountered an blue-collar heroine and gotten married (and eventually the wife is cuckolding).


On the way home, As soon as the public favor subsided, Honoka suddenly asked Kazuma,


“So what kind of eroge are we playing, [D-Darling]……?”


And called him that (because it was tremendously embarrassingly and would like for her to stop).


Furthermore, on another morning. When he thought of play an eroge about confinement training, as soon as they met up at the meeting place,
“Good morning, MIsaki-sa—-……erm what’s that on your neck……?”

“A choker.”


“……It is a choker?”

“No, I heard it the first time.”


Again, another day. When he showed an event about coercive pet play by brainwashing, he entered the club room and saw,




“What’s wrong Odagiri-kun……nya?”

“……It will be great I’m hallucinating……Misaki-san, what’s with that ears?”

“No worries nya. The tail is properly attached too……nya.”

“Ah, it wasn’t a hallucination after all……”

“……A-As a matter of face, my underwear is also cat—-”

“Stop! Stop! You don’t have to say that out loud!!”




Lunch break. Sitting on the bench without any people around in the corner of the schoolyard, Kazuma sighed.

The cause if it was his  admiration and current girlfriend—Honoka.

(I never knew……that Misaki-san have such an aggressive personality……)

Well Honoka is his girlfriend after all, Kazuma also thought of wanting to “flirt with her even more”.

However, Honoka’s approach were can’t be helped, erratic and the stimulation is too strong. Since his mental preparations is not ready yet and suddenly jumping in to that area, he did not know what to do before feeling happy about it.

(Well it’s not like I’m not happy……or rather I’m pretty happy about it though.)

Anyways, Honoka is a competitor for the most beutiful girl in the school. If such a cute girl, doing something pervertic in front of him, I think that any boy will be happy.

……That’s right, any guy would be happy. It is defintely not because Kazuma is a pervert.

(T-That right. I’m not a pervert, not a pervert……That’s because I didn’t not force her to do it……It’s the same as when the wind was blowing and happened to see a girl’s underwear and averting eye contact while thinking to myself [Lucky me!]……)


“Uwa!? Eh Misaki-san? W-When did you……!”

“…….I have being calling your name since just now though.”

“Eh? Ah, s-sorry……!”

Apprently he is in too deep in though that he wasn’t aware of Honoka’s voice.

“E-Err so Misaki-san, what’s wrong? Ah, maybe you want to eat lunch together?”

“That is not it……There is a place I want you to come.”

“A place you want me to come along? It’s fine with me……ah wait a sec.”

After his refusal, he put away his lunch. The leftover can be eaten after school.

As he thought that, he suddenly felt someone’s gaze.

The source is obviously, 


When he called out to her, Honoka, who was looking at his hand gently raised her head.

“Y-You are wrong……it is not like that.”


“It is just that, erm……I think it looks delicious.”

“Really? It’s just a normal onigiri though. I’m also the one who made it.”

“You did?”

Kazuma’s is always a boxed lunch. It’s not like he is a guy who can’t filled his lunch box, thought mostly he made those onigiris on his own. These kind of small savings are needed to buy eroge using a high school student’s allowance.

“Would you like one?”

Since Honoka was starring at it a lot, so he pointed out the ones that he have not touched yet and asked.

Although she showed signs of hesitation for a while, in the end, she hesitantly received the onigiri that was  presented before her.

“Well……..let’s eat.”

Kazuma sat down beside Honoka as she ate the onigiri.

The next moment, Honoka cheerfully opened her eyes wide.


“You’re exaggerating.”

“Not at all. It is really delicious. Odagiri-kun’s……”

“Cutting down your words right there is dangerous so stop!?”

Honoka was eagerly eating her onigiri regardless whether she heard Kazuma’s retort or not.

Her profile of chewing was deliciously smiling as dipicted, although it is a normal onigiri with nothing in it.

“Thanks for the meal……by the way Odagiri-kun.”


“……What ingredients are in those onigiris?


After enjoying her Odagairi-kun, Honoka who was satisfacted asked her original purpose.

“So where is this place you want me to go?”

“……Oh right.”

Apparently she seemed to have forgotten.

“Over here, follow me.”

As he did what was told and followed behind Honoka, deja vu suddenly ran through his mind.

Could this be the same pattern as before?

(E-Err if I recall yesterday the game we played was…….!)

While he was frantically remembering, Honoka stopped. They were at the corner of the campus, behind the old warehouse, a place where teachers and students rarely come.

“……Odagiri-kun. Erm, did you remember the game we played yesterday?”

“Ah, e-err”

He remembered? Yesterday when they were in the middle of their game, the talk about underwear preference came up for some reason. Then he was to choose which CG he thought was good from the game that he used to play and showed it to Honoka.

If he refuses, Honoka will say [I want to see it]. It is defintely not because Kazuma wasn’t happy to flaunt.

However, he had this feeling of expectation—-“What action would Honoka take if I showed this?”. It was an undeniable fact.

(B-But there is no way, really……?)

Without knowing, he swallowed his own spit.

“……Odagiri-kun. Erm, hey”

“……Today I am wearing it too……”

(……Wearing what!?)

He was curious but can’t clearly hear her.

“………………Do you want to see it?”

“Fweeh!? Ahhhh, errr, that’s, erm……!”

Even when Kazuma was loss for words, Honoka continued to stare intently while expecting an reaction like [Do you like this kind?]. Somehow it looks like a dog waiting for it’s master order……no, don’t mean in a weird way.

However, it seems thaat she was unable to wait any longer,



Honoka firmly grab hold of Kazuma’s hand, overpowering him.

Then, she guided that hand towards her skirt—

“Eh? Eh!? W-Wait, what are you doing Misaki-san!”

“Don’t worry……it is a mutral agreement.”

” Did I agree to this!?”

“Ah……but it is embarrassing to show everything……so, if you can, just look a little or maybe touch a little……!”

“What do you mean by touching?”

He tried to shake off his hand in a panic, but the strength hold his hand was unexpectedly strong that he was finding trouble letting go.

And then, if you look at such composition from the beginning, it seem like Kazuma was impossible to oppose Honoka and was forcibly approached.

(Crap……..! If someone saw this, there will be a strange misunderstanding…….!!)

──and it was a bad timing.

“──Wh-Wha-What……! What are you doing──!?”

Suddenly, a familiar voice reverberated at the back of the warehouse.

The one who rushed in at the last minute with her huge breast swaying and flapping was sure enough, Ruri.

“You–……!? W-W-Why are you here?”

“Idiot idiot idiot! Kazuma, you sick pervert! What are you trying to do to a girl?”

“You got it all wrong──this is not what it looks like……!”

“I don’t care, stupid stupid stupid!! IDIOT!!”

Was that messed up? Ruri started crying while being angry.

As Kazuma tried to calm her and Honoka opened her mouth to solve the misunderstanding,

Strong winds were suddenly blowing at the side. It was so strong, that they have to closed their eyes.

With a light scream, Ruri held down her skirt.

However, it seems that Honoka who normally don’t wear her skirt that short couldn’t comprehend the atmosphere.


By chance,

The frill elegantly shook and the skirt was lifted by the wind.


It was a g-string.

With black lace.

At the same time it was a little transparent.

Misaki Honoka’s image is as being reversed, but, that’s why, this was something that couldn’t be forgotten after seeing it once.

──The wind only blew for a moment. Her upturned skirt returned to back to normal. After that, three people were left stunned.


Five seconds later, Honoka’s scream resonanted across.




” *sigh*……”

A deep and long sigh was inhaled to the bed as he thrown himself into it.

(How to put it……what a day it has been. Anyways)

Ever since Honoka confessed, there wasn’t a day where nothing happened. Today especially was great.

After that, he can only sighed just thinking about it.

Fortunately, Ruri’s misunderstanding was solved immediately. The problem now is with Honoka.

After all, it was a thong. With black lace. Honoka who turned red, was totally scared stiff. It was a situation where even if  Kazuma lowered his head or kneeling down, he was unable to respond.

Well, her underwear was being seen after all,  I think it is not unreasonable for her to be upset……

(But……Why would Misaki-san go so far to do all that?)

It’s understandable that Honoka is making an effort. Up till now, Kazuma has never  being well-liked by girls, so he was very delighted like he was going to heaven.

However, he thought that she is trying too hard no matter how you see it.

It will be another issue if it was an unrequited love, but they are dating.

In fact, Kazuma have thought that Honoka is [cute] a long time ago──

Then as he was wringing his neck while deep in thoughts,


“Uwaaaa!? A-Aneki……? You scared the hell out of me…….wait didn’t I told you many times to knock before you come in!?”

“More importantly, listen to me……my manuscript has yet to be done……”

Ignoring Kazuma’s complaint, Kazuha forcefully dived into his bed. Kazuma, who failed to push her away, had his face exactly squashed by her rich bossom.

“Wait, h-hey──”

“I had it, I don’t want to write anymore…….even though the deadline is next week…….”

Her sister Kazuha’s job was write erotic novels that are aimed at geeks. Because of that, she will be swept by the tension and ridiculous thing will happen it the middle of writing her manuscript.

“Okay, I understand so please move!”

Her breast are heavy……

“Then go to the convenience store and buy me supper…… two jumbo steamed bun and Red Bull.”     (TL: I’m assuming that is Red Bull although I have no idea since there was a blank in the middle of the word.       レッド●ル   )

“Are you telling me that on purpose!?”


“Will you wake up!? Isn’t your manuscript not done yet!? It’s over if you continue sleeping!! Not you but for the person-in-charge!!”


Afterwards, Kazuma somehow managed to wake her up and went to the convenience store and buy the supper that she requested.






He visited the convenience store nearest to his house. When he went to the cash register with the food, he happened to meet his childhood friend.

In her hand, there were the Mitarashi dango that she just brought ( One pack has five ).  [ TL: Mitarashi dango—- skewered rice dumplings in a sweet soy glaze​]

“……You are going to fat.”

“I used quite a lot of energy today so it’s fine.”

Kazuma’s poor teasing were nothing special. With a calm and composed smile, Ruri stuffed her face with her dangos.

While at it, they somehow left the store together. And somehow walked all the way to their home side by side.

There wasn’t any special meaning in doing so.

It’s just that Ruri’s house was directly across Kazuma’s, so that’s way their way home was same.

In short, that’s the only story.

“Come to think of it, you are wearing your uniform, perhaps you just left school?”

“That’s right. I have club activites today. I have been practising the whole time since lessons were over.”

“But don’t you have practise in the morning as well? Aren’t you pushing yourself too hard?”

“Yeah, it’s not as if this is easy but there is a contest coming soon. I have to practise even more.”

“Well you are not wrong.”

This was nothing more than idle talk. Althought he was overawed by the normie aura that Ruri was releasing in the classroom, but when they met in other places, it’s strange that he can talk to her just like back in the old days.

“Aa Ruri──ah”

He unintentionally called her like he did before and stumbled in a panic.

After looking at Kazuma in this state, Ruri started to giggle as if she saw something strange.

“It’s fine really. You don’t have to change after all this time. Since elementary school, you have been calling me 「Ruri-chan」.”

“How long back were you were referring! We are already in highschool! Even you won’t want me to call you 「Ruri-chan」 in front of everyone in class right!”

Ruri passes over her gaze, as if looking for something and making sure.

“……..What is it?”

“No. Nothing at all…….See you.”

I might be imaging things but Ruri’s tone have changed.

“……Kazuma. Recently you have been getting along with Misaki-san right?”

“For the record, what happened during lunch break was really nothing!!”

Just by looking at the result, it’s hard to say nothing happened, but that was an unexpected accident. It’s nothing like that. No way.

“Please understand! It’s really not that!”

After swinging with both of his hands with a red face, Ruri was hesitant to say.

“It’s just that……a bit surprising. Because Kazuma rarely talks to any other girls other than me. You are like 『My friends are manga characters only』.”

“Hey. Don’t talk to me like I’m some person who need your pity.”

The part where he can’t deny is where this is even harder.

“No, how to put this, erm……it looks like Misaki-san was a little interested in the game that I have.

“Fweeh!? That’s, you mean, the lewd kinds?”

“T-T-T-T-T-That’s not true!”

However, Ruri didn’t thought that Misaki-san would play eroge.

“Y-You’re right! We are talking about Misaki-san! S-Sorry for saying something strange……!”

He continously nodded his head as if to dodge the question. After he unskillfully ended the investigation, Kazuma soothed his chest.

“Err…….then, are you lending that game to her?”

“Well, that’s how it is.”

“Hmmm……that’s it?”

“What do you mean by that…….are you saying there are more to that?”

“Unn. It’s just want to ask.”

After muttering, Ruri ate her dangos once again.

……It’s not really a lie. It’s true that Honoka was interested in the “game” that he has and wants to play it.

But, the bad feeling of guilty conscience didn’t disappeared as expected.

(……Should I at least tell her that I’m dating Misaki-san?)

He stole a peek at her. Ruri, who had finished eating her dangos was regretfully licking the sauce off her fingers as if she hadn’t had enough.

I always thought to myself why she has no immunity to erotic material, but sometimes showed gestures and expression that are considered erotic.

When he point out that habit, he will be disparaged with “lewd” or “pervert”. What an unreasonable story.

If she this keep this up, I think that the guy who dates her will have troubles──no doubt.

(Come to think of it, does she have a boyfriend?)

At least Kazuma himself have never of such story so far. He didn’t didn’t heard anything from herself though, just in the form of rumours surrounding her.

However, Ruri’s cuteness is what her childhood friend Kazuma recognized (Her complacency  is  obvious but he defintely didn’t tell her that). On the contrary nothing affects her personality or rather she is friendly and sociable.

Is it possible for a normie representative like Ruri to not go out with anyone?

(……Well, I’m the only one that knows it if you think about it)

Anyhow, Kazuma has very few friends. Doesn’t even have communications skill. While his classroom were in the middle of getting excited talking about other people’s romance, he was alone before he knew it……it’s quite a common thing.

(That’s because she is somehow cute one way or another…….and sexy)

Somehow his view of looking at her face from the side, had somehow slipped downwards. When he looked from the side, it was once again in incredible volume.

As he thought of that, he was immediately hit on the head.

“Ow! W-What are you doing!?”

“That’s my line! You……just looked at my breast right!?”

“!? N-N-No  I didn’t!”

Only just a little.

However, that kind of excuse won’t work on a fastidious childhood friend that is undegoing puberty. Ruri’s whole face was beet red, hugging her body with both of her hand. Like I said, doing that kind pose will only have an opposite effect.

“Kazuma, you pervert pervert pervert pervert! It’s because you keep thinking about lewd things is why you don’t have a girlfriend!”

“M-Mind your own business!”

I already have a girlfriend first of all. So I won’t be affected by that.

…………won’t be affected.

“F-First of all! I have thinking a while back, isn’t that a bit of an exaggeration? Well yeah touching it is a crime, but looking at breast or the helm of the skirt is what all guys do! It’s normal! I’m not wrong!”

“T-That’s not true! No way! Kazuma is just a pervert and a useless human being who doesn’t understand girl’s feelings at all!”

“You have to say all that!?”

Before they know it,  both of them came to a halt and a war of words broke out in the middle of the road. The surrounding was already aware of them (or rather it’s the acquainted neighbours) and the noise pollution was also extreme.

………As a result, Kazuma unexpectedly met the next-door auntie on the next day, who said it in a teasing tone with a big smile: “Kazuma-kun and Ruri-chan sure get along well”, but that’s a story for another time.

“Anyway! I defintely didn’t say anything weird! If you think I’m lying, just ask your boyfriend! There are no boys who dating a erotic and cute girl such as you won’t think of erotic thing! I’ll bet on it!”

In order to protect not his but all of the guy’s human rights in the world, Kazuma vigourously raised his voice.

However, Ruri showed a completely different reaction than what Kazuma anticipated.


With a shock, as if receving an electric shock, Ruri’s body trembled tremendously.

“W-What’s wrong with you?”

“B-Be-Because you suddenly said  strange things……! E……Erotic and cute……”

Even though she was that angry with him just now, Ruri suddenly became meek. Holding her skirt with both of her hands, she muttered with head down.

“A-Ah, that was just a quip, a figure of speech, I didn’t mean to say it in a weird way.”

As a result, where has all the brickering has gone? The two of them gathered together with their face red, blushed and became quiet with awkward feelings.



“About that conversation just now……what do you mean by boyfriend?”

“N-No there is no deeper meaning……it’s just that you stand out in school and you are popular, so I thought you should have a boyfriend at least……”

“……way……have one……”


“Like I said, I don’t have one.”

While dragging along the awkwardness, Ruri only said that in a whisper.

“Wait, you don’t have? Why?”

Surprised by her reply that he never thought of, Kazuma had forgotten about that awkward mood and asked again.

That’s because we are talking about “Shinomiya Ruri” here. She has a cute face without question, even her personality, there are various parts that are interesting, no objections to the fundamentals. There is no way that such a girl doesn’t have one.

Towards Kazuma’s question, Ruri intially replied him with silence.

Somehow that expression was overlapped with Honoka’s face.

“……Because I have someone I liked.”


Lost for words. That’s exactly the word that was used.

“Eh? S-Someone you liked……who is he? Is it someone I know?”

Before he knew it, he unintentionally asked. Without any reason, his heart was throbbing rapidly. Is it because he knew a secret that he never knew his childhood friend would have? Or is it……

Kazuma was palpitating beyond control and Ruri was starring at him for a short period of time with anxiety.

However before long, Ruri sighed as she was relieved and disappointed.

“If you don’t get it, then it’s fine.”

As she spoke as if she was muttering, she quickly walked away from the dumbfounded Kazuma.

“Ah……! W-Wait! What’s that suppossed to mean!”

He of course chased after her, but after that, no matter how many times he tried to asked her, Ruri became silent with a sulky face and didn’t answered him at all.





Immediately after separating from Ruri and returning home, the phone in his pocket rang. After looking at it, there was a phone call from Honoka.

At that moment, remembering what happened during noon, his heart was throbbing rapidly.



Her voice over the phone was clearly hesitant and seemed bashful. Having the image of Honoka’s red came to mind, Kazuma somehow became nervous.

“Erm, yeah……Ah, err, erm, sorry about what happened at noon……! What a strange wind that was……..!”

“I-It’s fine…… I don’t mind it……I also need to apologise for taking a strange attutide as well……”

“You don’t have to do that! It’s not your fault at all, Misaki-san……! M-More importantly……erm can I ask something weird……?”


“Erm…….why is Misaki-san doing so much for me……”


Honoka looks like she is hesitant to say something. Thinking it was something he shouldn’t heard, Kazuma apologized in a panic.

“Ah, s-sorry! You don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to……!”

“You are wrong. It is not that……”

Even after saying that, Honoka still remained silent for a while.

But eventually, her seemingly shy voice started the conversation.

“Erm, hey……Odagiri-kun is really friendly towards Shinomiya-san……right?”

“Eh…….? Well that’s because she is my childhood friend and we are on bad terms or anything……but why are you asking such a─”

“…………You won’t laugh?”

“I-I won’t!”

While his heart was throbbing rapidly, he thought to himself “what happened if I laughed?” as he said that, waiting for Honoka’s reply.

“Erm……I-I envy Shinomiya-san……”


As he reflexively repeated her words, Honoka was easily panicked.

“It is not that I doubt the both of you, that is not it……! I-It is just that……I-I always thought I could get along with Odagiri-kun, just like Shinomiya-san……So I thought of studying about eroge and become Odagiri-kun’s 『Ideal girl』.”

In other words, Honoka was always jealous of Ruri, is it something like that?

So she has been trying her best in order to get more closer to Kazuma?

“I……want to be Odagiri-kun’s 『no.1』.”

With that, Honoka became silent.

However, after listening to the silence over the receiver, he felt like Honoka’s hung down red face came into his mind.

On the other hand, Kazuma was having mixed feelings and couldn’t say anything.

“Ah, err……!”

Because he was happy. His heart was throbbing rapidly.

At this timing, what would a harem-type protagonist would say?

“M-My number 1 is……”

It’s true that Ruri and Kazuma know each other very long. To Kazuma, Ruri is a person closest to him other than his family members.

However──that being said, “No.1” is another story all together.

He being nervous and his heart throbbing was because she is “special”.

That’s why Kazuma said this to Honoka.

Over the phone waiting for his words, to his cherished “girlfriend”.

“My number one is Misaki-san, you know…….?”

However, at the moment when he said those words, his face was entirely red. Even though it was said on impulse, what an embarrassing thing for me to say.

(Uwaaaa! I-I want to disappear…….!)

But, Honoka wasn’t laughing nor disgusted by it.


Although she only said one word, but just receiving that word, Kazuma was immediately filled with happiness.



I wonder, does Honoka have the same feeling?


If so, he thought that would be great.




After school.

Today as well, Kazuma is going to the sub-culture research department.  Since Honoka is on cleaning duty, he was supposed to meet up with her later.


He noticed something as he tried to enter as usual. Somehow sound is coming from the inside.

(That’s weird. Did someone came to visit?)

Anyhow, this club has many ghost members. Although it’s thanks to the former president making an effort in recruitment the club has a reasonably fair number of people, but actually there is only one person other than Kazuma who have came to the club room.Even though it’s surprising that this club can still be running, but there could be various reasons and conditions that Kazuma just doesn’t know, probably.

If that’s the case, then the one inside is most likely her──

“Pardon the intrusi──uwa!?”

“Yo, I was waiting for you, my cute Kazuma-kun.”

In addition to fluttering, she shook her delicate toes as if she is waving her hands.

Inside the room. Sitting on a chair lying on her back with her legs outstretched was her as expected. It was a girl in uniform, small enough to be thought as an elementary school student.

Having slant eyes that make people think that she is a cat and mouth that smiles with mischief.

Although her appearance itself is similar to a child, her attitude towards greeting Kazuma were overflowing with confidence and placidity, which makes her appear more mature than she looks.

Sasai Yuna. Even with such an appearance, she is still a respectable high school student, furthermore a third year no less, and the president of this club. To Kazuma, she is the only senior who knows his name.

“H-Hold on, what’s with your appearance, president!?”

“What do you mean, I’m just relaxing in my own clubroom. Also to add on, as the president, I was thinking of consoling you, my cute junior.”

“I don’t need that kind of concern!”

With Kazuma hurriedly closed the door behind him and glanced back, Yuna was laughing with a board grin on her face, clearly teasing him.

Her unifrom, the one she is wearing right now, belongs to a heroine who worn it in a certain eroge──in other words she is cosplaying.

Since the original design emphasize on huge breast, when yuna with a child physique wears it, the girth of her bust will become hollow though──that was rather bold for her as it exposed her chest, which was unusually outrageous.

Futhermore, upon a closer look, she didn’t wear a bra. If one is careless you can see her nipple──ah.

“Hmm? What’s wrong Kazuma-kun? You keep looking at my chest. Did you saw something nice?”

“No I didn’t…….!  Just please hurry up and get changed! What happens if someone saw this!”

“Hmm? When you say someone, are you referring to that cute girl from your class who you recently secretly brought into the clubroom?”

While narrowing her gaze, Yuna sidled up to him completely like a hunter who have found his prey.

“Ahh how sad. Even though I would do stuff like this and that for you. When the moment, you readily push the older girl aside and ran towards the younger one. Ahh how shocking this is, what a feeling of betrayal.”

“What are talking about!? Or rather, don’t come too close to me……!”

“Hmmmmm? I can’t hear you. If you want me to stop, you have to properly tell me what and how is it wrong with it.”

While sticking on to him, Yuna still tries to go closer. He poorly tries to push her aside to no avail──carelessly touching him feels like it gives her the chance to take advantage of that gap──slowly corner him to the wall.

“W-Wait, please stop joking, really!”

It’s always the usual that this sempai sexually harrassed him, but today he can’t let do as she please no matter what. If Honoka saw this scene, she would defintely think that  “you are a pervert person I see” again─

Just as he thinking about it, the door of the clubroom opened.

“Uwaaa!? M-Misaki-san……!”


With her hand still on the doorknob, Honoka looked at Kazuma, looked at Yuna, and looked at Kazuma again. That expression, that gaze, normally has nothing in it but circles.

“I-It’s not like that Misaki-san! This person is the president of this clubroom, just a sempai, these is particularly nothing strange about her appearance, it’s all just to make fun of me……!”

“Oh please Kazuma-kun. Saying “just teasing” is upsetting you know. Did you really think that I would do such a thing as “just teasing” to my junior?”

“President, stop making make it as complicated as it is!”

Flaunting off the flap and causing her chest to shake, he thought it was rather flat and unconsciously stole a glance.


Honoka’s voice humbly cuts in.

At the same time, something soft and warm was wrapping around Kazuma’s arm.

“Eh? E-Err Misaki-san!?”

He was embraced by Honoka.

She squeezed and pushed against him, although it’s not big in size, it has a limply and soft feeling. He tries shake her off in a panic but instead of letting go, Honoka increasingly embraced him more and more.


In addition to completely ignoring Kazuma who is flustered and started talking to Yuna.

“It’s been a while, Sasai sempai.”

“Eh? Oh it’s you from that time………yeah it has been a while. How are you?”

“Eh……? Did you know the president, Misaki-san?”

“I won’t say I know her……but we met a while ago.”

“Ah actually, she recently visited the clubroom for an inspection.”

Instead of Honoka who is hesitant to speak, Yuna answered. Having known for the first time, Kazuma stared in wonder.

“Eh? Is that so?”

“Yes yes…….Well it looks like she came to the clubroom not to know more about the activites but rather a certain someone who is in the clubroom instead.”


As he reflexively looked at Honoka, she suddenly turned her head away as if she is escaping. Her expression can’t be seen, but he could see her cheeks slightly flushed.

……Come to think of it, Honoka previously said she knew that Kazuma loves eroge. Perhpas when she came to the clubroom that time, she heard something from the president?

“Now you understand the reason why I entrusted your eroge with her? I never thought of troubling you by handling the eroge to her. I did it because I thought this child would be fine with it.”

“Please tell me more about it later, president.”

When he looked at her with eyes of resentment, Yuna cutely sticks her tongue out. Since she is actually cute, he is angry at himself that there is a part of him that wants to forgive her at that moment.

By the way,


Wonder why Misaki-san looks frustrated gritting her teeth.

“E-Erm Misaki-san?”

“I-I won’t lose……”

He could hear voices of mumbling, but it was too soft that it can’t be heard properly.

As he thought so, Honoka’s attitude was somehow strange too. She firmly braced her legs, pressing her lips together as if a small animal was making itself look bigger for intimidation.

…….Although Yuna’s physique is pratically overwhlemingly smaller than her’s,

“What do you just said, Kazuma-kun? Hey what you said? Said it again? I won’t be mad at you.”

“I didn’t say anything so stop saying stop touching in weird places!”

Even though, he said there is really nothing, she was a person who displays the insights of an average esper when the subject about her height came up as usual.

“Fu…….it can’t be helped. I am be busy today, so I will let you go. Besides I have teased Kazuma-kun enough.”

After separating from Kazuma’s body, Yuna looked at him.

“Kazuma-kun, can you  help me with an errand?”


“That’s right. I want to go to Akiba for me tonight. There is late night sales on 『Six Sis』.”

“You mean the 『Six Sis』?  That new production by black tea software? Are you going to buy it, President?”

“The three sisters setting really hit me hard to the core. I got to have that.”

『Six X Sister』, 『Six Sis』for short. It’s still an eroge with a very clingy setting where the protagonist is sent to live a normal life when suddenly 『Six Sisters』appeared and they have to live together.

“Well I do know about your preference…….but why do I have to go? Can’t you go there yourself?”

“I can’t. Tonight is my great grandmother’s hundred and eleven birthday you see. There is a party where all my relatives are attending. The compulsory merrymaking is scheduled until morning so I can’t leave. It’s been a while since I visited her too.” (TL: The last sentence has the word 孝行 which means filial piety but that’s a noun and I don’t know the verb of that word)

“…….Didn’t you said before when you asked me to clean the club room that she was a hundred years old?”

That was my paternal grandmother, today celebrating her birthday is my maternal grandmother. I have lots of relative you see.”

Yuna said it like it was very naturally. It’s suspicious whether that’s true or not, but it’s scary because it might be unexpectedly true when you look at her usual behavior.

“Then you can ask someone else──”

“I’m not proud it, but I don’t have any friends! Even today, It’s been a while since I get to speak with someone other than my family!”

“Please stop self-deprecating and be proud of what you said!”

As her accomplice, he was caught in it and took damage.

“What’s with that, you don’t have to be that reluctant right? Aren’t we on  good term?”

“That’s why can you stop saying such remarks that can cause misunderstandings……”

I might be imaging things, be I got a feeling that Misaki’s gaze had been strangely cold since just now.

No, rather than cold, it was hot. Or perhaps painful?

“……But I don’t want to. Didn’t you said before that you only buy eroge online?”

There was always objection in buying eroge from the store since the past. If you think are caught as a highschool student, it will be inevitable.

However, Yuna knew about that area of concern and trying to win Kazuma over saying “Don’t worry Don’t worry”.

“The store I want you to go today usually doesn’t check your age. Especially today, there are other various new product other than “SixSis”, the cash register will be crowded with people so they won’t take much of your time.”

“Even if you said that…….”

“Please do me this favour. If you go, I will do anything you asked!   Really? Anything?  Anything. Hey hey hey, feeling motivated now right?”

“Like I said, why are you swaying your chest!?”

With Kazuma making a sullen face, Yuna readily lean forward and said a few words.

“If you go, I will show you your favourite 『Murasame』first version booklet if you want?”



──In the end, Kazuma gave in to his desires.


“Well then, I will be going home now. Both of you can use the clubroom if you like. Don’t forget to lock the door before you go!”

After getting Kazuma’s consent, Yuna left the clubroom in a good mood……In the end, she left while still wearing that cosplay outfit. Wonder if she is planning to go home.

The people left were Kazuma who wearily loosened his shoulders and Honoka who was left quietly waiting without complains while being treated as an outsider the whole time.

“Sorry Misaki-san. The president is, how to put this, a unique person……”



Wonder what’s wrong. Something feels strange.

Honoka’s face was silent. Her expression was always the same, but clearly, it looked different than usual.



Even though it was just his name that was being called, his back was straightened on reflex for some reason

──He thought to himself, she finally spoke after all this time.  While Kazuma was talking to Yuna, Honoka didn’t opened her mouth even once.

However, is she really just quietly waiting?

“……..If I am not wrong, 『Akiba』is referring to Akihabara right? Odagiri-kun, are you going there tonight?”

“Well, after president said all that……”

“………Then, can I come along?”


“I have always thought of going there. Erm I am interested in the shop that are selling eroge.”

He thought what kind of joke is this, but Honoka would never say a joke in the first place. The eyes that starring at Kazuma were cool and flat as usual.


In other words, she was dead serious.


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