Chapter 1 – This game is fiction……eh?

(So sleepy……)

Dragging along his sleep-deprived and sluggish body, Kazuma barely managed to arrive at his classroom.

-1C. When he opened the door, the scenery of a completely familiar classroom for the last six months came to view.

As though it was crumbling in the middle, he sat down on his chair.

The summer hoildays are ending in one weeks time. However, Kazuma is still unable to adjust back to his usual rhythum due to his disintegrating lifestyle he had from the break.

After all, he had been playing eroge non-stop throughtout the night everyday during the summer hoildays. Even now as we speak, he is most likely to lose focus and doze off.

Nah, I might as well take a nap until homeroom starts. It’s not like I have any friends in the classroom to talk to anyways——.




“Tickle tickle tickle tickleー”

Due to a finger intensively poking his cheeks, Kazuma brusquely brushed it off.

He actually wanted to say “go away”, but alas, it seems like the other party did not received it well. In exhange for removing the finger, the shadow standing beside the desk readily moved forward.

“Geez, why are you ignoring me even though I’m greeting you!”

The length of her skirt was short and it was violating the school regulations, as if her outfit is claiming that ” I’m a high school girl”.

However,what attracted the eyes most was the two bulges pushing up the chest of her uniform.And speaking of size, the blouse’s button is about to burst soon.

Shinomiya Ruri. Currently has completely become a highschool girl (like that),  but regardless of that, she is more or less Kazuma’s childhood friend.

A normie with high communication skills, well-liked by both boys and girls and is recognize by everyone in the class as the center figure.

Despite of establishing such a unrivalled position, 『such a girl (childhood friend) 』still talk to a boring otaku like Kazuma in a relaxed manner, as usual.

“I didn’t say that. All you did was poking and squeaking.”

” Like I said, that’s my way of saying 『good morning 』to you.”

“What kind of language is that……”

“Hmm? My language? Just kidding.”

As if finding her own words interesting, Ruri finally laughed. Her bright smile would be much better if there is a flower to accompany it, with make-up perfectly dressed up her small face.

“More importantly, hey hey Kazuma, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

With her hair tied to the side, Ruri then peered at Kazuma while generously swaying her lavish bust.

While she came closer, Kazuma was startled and returned a dubious stare to his nonsensical and 「what’s she talking about」childhood friend.

“Something to said…… nothing really. If I have to say, it will be 「 I’m sleepy so please let me sleep quietly?」.

“I’m not referring to that! Come on, look closely! Do you notice anything?”

“Even if you told me that……”

He did as told and took a closer look, there in front of me was the usual figure of my childhood friend no matter how I looked. Her sly behaviour of tilting her head, bulging chest that would sway with each movement and hairstyle like some feather decoration is all the same——


He have noticed the place that was different .

” Shinomiya, you changed your hairstyle right?”

“Geez! You took so long to notice! Isn’t a change in hairstyle is something easily recognizable !?”

Even though he got the correct answer, Ruri wasn’t satisfied and angrily inflated her cheeks.

“What now…… Isn’t that enough? I did noticed it after all.”

“Not good! Rather, there should be more thing to say!”

“……nothing really.”

She whispered and murmured with teary eyes. It suddenly became awkward not because of misunderstanding the demand but rather the opposite.

However, Ruri didn’t let it slide. She went around and look into Kazuma’s face, expressing a elating smile.

“So? So? Don’t I look good with this hairstyle? I’m cute right?”

“Ah……well, yeah……”

“Cute Right?”

She posed with upturned eyes, emphasizing that area. Regarding whether his hands want a part of this, Kazuma displayed intentions of reluctance while averting his eyes.


“Hey, cute right?”




“Hey I’m talking to you?”

“Okay! Okay! It’s cute! You’re very cute! So don’t come any closer!”

He does not have the courage to say it, but because of her lightly dressed body is giving the appearance as if she was bending over, the cleavage of her chest can be seen clearly though the inside of her blouse.

“Hehe. Right? Thank you, Kazuma.”

Despite recklessly getting push aside, Ruri appeared to be very happy. Her face is a streaming hotcake melting on ice on top, bewitched in happiness.

(Really this girl, making such a cheerful face when praised.)

Since young, Ruri has been raised with lots of pampering from the people around her surroundings startling with her family. The word ‘cute’ (especially), have been said countless of time ever since she was born.

Nevertheless, Ruri wants to tell Kazuma that “I did it, hooray!” every opportunity she gets, showing a smile radiant enough to left him surprised.

If she is honestly delighted about it, I won’t even feel bad at all, although I unconsciously pampered her, well let’s just leave it there.

“Look, you are done here right? Go somewhere else. I’m busy too you know.”

“Ah, what’s with that! Treating people like a pest! Isn’t it fine, just a littleー”

“You’re may be fine with it, but I’m not!”

Between us, calling out to Ruri in the classroom makes me uneasy in various way.


“Hey! Ruri!”

A voice suddenly cuts in, making his collapsing body stiffened.

The one who came closer was a girl from a girl from the same class. With light brown hair, she have decorated her appearance with make-up and flashy accessories. Similar to Ruri, she seems to understand the “normies” at a quick glance.

“Ah, it’s Anri. Morning.”

“Morning. Ah! Ruri, you changed your hairstyle! It looks good! Super cute!”

“Right? Ainyan from the magazine changed it on TV last night, so I thought of doing the same too.”

The imadoki*girls then immediately started to chitter chatter right beside Kazuma’s desk.       (imadoki – 「イマドキ」 some sort of reality TV show)

And, the girl called Anri (whose full name i can’t remember) , suddenly send Kazuma a promising look. Kazuma’s eyes met with hers, causing his forehead to sweat.

“Ah, morning Odagiri-kun to you too. Today sure is hot.”

“Aー, err, uh……! Mornー

Kazuma became rigid while returning a greeting from her, but at that time, she was not looking at Kazuma anymore. She started to talk Ruri again as if nothing had happened.

“I say, Ruri and Odagiri-kun really get along well. Talking to each other early in the morning.”

“Er, that’s not true at all. Just in general, normally.”

“Even if you said that, but in reality you guys are dating right?”

“No no. We are really just childhood friends.”

The laughing and snickering of her pursing friends in one side, and Ruri evaded that question with a smile as expected over there.

After all, Ruri is a conspicuous being. When Kazuma and Ruri are together, this kind of disruption is what makes it a daily occurrence.


Although their words may sounds like teasing, the girl named Anri, also think that Ruri and Kazuma are really definitely dating.

「It’s because the normal childhood friend pity him, the abundantly popular Ruri will take care of it」ー Is how the majority of the class are interpreting their relationship.

In reality, there is no way of saying there was no such aspect of that. Kazuma, who is bad with socializing, can’t start a conversion unless someone starts it. Nevertheless, he somehow was managed to feel at ease in class without people isolating him was because she gave him that position called 「Shinomiya Ruri’s childhood friend」.

I am thankful and feel really appreciated about it.

It just that there are times where she gets on my nerves.

“Speaking of which, listen Ruri! About the previous job that you mentioned, it was the worst! Really nonsensical!”

“Eh, what? Did something happened again?”

Kazuma quietly sighed as he looked at both of the girls getting excited about it, when

Suddenly, the door opened.

Just by that sound, the noisy classroom became silent as if they were frozen because they thought it was a teacher had came in. Otherwise, it probably won’t be like this.

What attracted the people’s eyes first was the lustrous black hair that spread down to her hips.

Then she had a clear look which showed no emotion.

Misaki Honoka.

Ever since she enrolled with the most outstanding results which was  『 Full marks for all subjects 』, She is an extraordinary talented person who still continues to draw attention to herself.

Pretty with high morals. Reserve and expressionless. A completely flawless’ cool beauty that will make the surrounding atmosphere stiffens just by standing here.

And, to Kazuma, she is a classmate whose face he have met in the same classroom ever since April who is also someone that is out of anyone’s league.

That is her.

Honoka quietly walk towards her seat regardless of the gaze gathering from inside of the class.

Her seat—— in other words, was the desk in front of Kazuma.


Ruri and the group retreated left and right in a panic, whose body are blocking the route.

Besides it is not something — no, in the first place, even if the girls didn’t stand there, pretended as if they didn’t noticed her, Honoka would have remained her cool and lower herself to her seat anyways.

“Ah…… well then, I’ll leave now. Later Ruri.

Unable to withstand Honoka’s overwhelming pressence, Anri (temporarily) left in a hurry.

As if getting the signal, the stiffen classmates resumed their private conversations again. Immediately, Honoka who sits in front, joins in the noisy environment that Kazuma and Ruri are in.

As she got mixed into the ruckus, Ruri stealthily brought her face closer towards Kazuma’s.

“Hey hey Kazuma, you don’t have any club activities today right?”

“What?…… well that’s true, today is not much of an active day for me.”

“So if you’re fine, then do you want to go and eat donuts? I heard they have a new menu starting today! You’re going right? Okay it’s decided then!”

“Don’t decide by yourself! Even I’m busy with plans of my own……”

“Eh. Even if you say that you have plans Kazuma, wouldn’t you probably play games at home alone, watch anime alone or go to Akiba alone?”

“Stop keep adding 『 alone 』into everything you say! It’s not like I love to be alone!”

Like a non-geek normie will ever understand the pains of an otaku’s communications disorder that has no companion to talk with.

Kazuma genuinely looks like he is about to cry, but Ruri surprisingly showed a smile as if to dispel his grief.

” All the more reason why you should come with me , go and play somewhere together rather than playing alone. That would be more fun. So how about it?”


Despite listening to her outrageous remarks, Kazuma did not refute. To be honest, he knew that those words are not necessarily a mistake.

“That’s right it’s been a while, so let’s go karaoke! I know a shop that’s run by my friend’s brother and I have a coupon. It’s just around the corner so let’s stop by on the way home.

Kazuma remained quiet while Ruri decides on the schedule after school as she pleases.

Although there is a lot of considerations about her attitude, but in the end, he complained with a sigh of resignation since he hasn’t tried it before.

“But……even if want me to go, I can only sing the songs that are in eroge, plus i didn’t watch much anime recently……”

To the surrounding students, it’s a dialogue that should’nt be heard even if it was a mistake.

However, everyone of the students around are indulged in their own conversion, no one is bending over or whispering.

That’s why, the only person who heard it first was Ruri.


In an instant, Ruri’s face turned bright red as though it was being boiled.


Crap. Her apperance does have the habit of “messing around”, but Ruri is throughly bad about the topic at hand.

“I-Idiot, idiot, idiot! Kazuma, you pervert! Lewd! Looking at me with those lustful eyes again!”

“Why the hell did it turn out like that!? Aren’t you jumping the gun!?”

Although he only talked about the repertoire of karaoke, he was unexpectedly being accused of infamy for some reason.

“You……! Kazuma you pervert! Pervert pervert! Otaku!”

“Hold on, dont put those words together!”

While she was screaming and squealing—nevertheless, at least it was low enough that everyone didn’t hear—as if hiding her breast, Ruri used both hands to hug her body.

If I had done such a thing, my arms would just be squashed in between her breast and that would become an unnecessary serious problem. Does she even know that? That pure-hearted girl who has a bitch-like appearance.

“Fine, it’s my fault for saying something weird! I’ll aplogize so stop having weird prejudice about otakus. No please stop!”

“That’s, that was my fault……but, it’s a fact that Kazuma’s a pervert. You are in highschool and yet you have such a weird game……!”

“Please stop. I’m dying over here.”

“The other time too, I was eating dinne and decided to share with you. When I tried to peek into your room while at it, the bedsheet have a pictue of a naked girl–

“Stop! Didn’t I say I’m dying here! Beside I got that from someone that is making doujinshi with my sister in the first place. She laid it there on the bed without my permission. I’ve told you many times that has nothing to do with me. I beg of you please forget about it!”

“…….Then, after school let’s go karaoke.”

“I’ll go with you, please let me go, anywhere you want!”

“Okay. Then I’ll forgive you.”

While her cheeks are still stain with red, Ruri’s state of mind has completely healed and smiled sweetly.

Although he was relieved to hear that, Kazuma has shed of dissatisfaction remained in his chest.

He wondered why just by holding an erogem he would received such a reaction.

……No of course, a highschool student in fact should not be playing eroge. But that’s why I understood what Ruri is trying to say……Or rather, it’s a fair enough argument that no sound can be made.


Just a little—forgive me just a little on this. I thought of acknowledging it. It’s true that this hobby is not something easily able to reveal in public, but eroge has many intriguing and wonderful products too.


Is there anyone out there, a girl similar to Kazuma, who loves eroge.


Playing eroge together, saying “It’s great” or “interesting”, having the same tension talking about moe. That person will be—







In an instant, the surrounding atmosphere froze.

Kazuma,as well as Ruri turned towards the voice as it was played.

Unware when she stood up, but Misaki Honoka stared intently Kazuma and Ruri.

“……After school.”


“Are you going karoke after school?”

With addition of the word “together” to her small voice, Honoka took a quick glance at Kazuma.

It should be just that. However, Kazuma shrugged his body on reflex. That’s because normally Honoka is the one completely expressionless and just by looking at her makes him feel strangely nervous.

“I’m sorry, I did not mean to eavesdrop on your conversion, but i overheard it.”


To point out Honoka, Ruri was obviously flustered.

That should be as well. Making a stop on the way home after school is ban by the school’s regulations after all.

In the past, private school have strict rules. By right, nobody needs to follow those regulations, but — if that person that person is Misaki Honoka, it’s a different story.

Afterall, she is the school’s honour student. What’s more she’s reserve and hard to appproach. It’s hard to image that she would turn a blind eye against someone who is violating the school rules, even if the opposing was her classmate.

In the middle of that immense silent enough to hurt the ears, Honka solemnly opened her mouth.

“…Erm, although it may be rude to say such things out of the blue, I——”

“Sorry! Misaki-san!”

With a light clap,the soft sound resounated throughtout the classroom.

” I know right, making a stop is forbidden after all, silly of me to forget such things!”

Ruri joined both her hands in front of her face while awkwardly closing one eye. The never changing good conduct, cherrful voices of the class’ atmosphere were relieved in no time.

“I’ll be more careful next time. Thanks for letting me know, Misaki-san.”

Honoka silently stared at Ruri for a while as she pleasantly showed a simple smile.

But before long,

“……No, it is fine. There is nothing to be thankful for.”

Honoka bluntly repiled and immediately sat down.

The attention recevied from the class’ gaze and the smile that Ruri showed seemingly didn’t change the situation at all.

In an instant, the apprehension among the class was immediately soothed.

Kazuma was released from tension and once again breathea sign of relief once again.

After all, Ruri and Honoka were facing each other, directly in front of Kazuma. In terms of position, Kazuma is exactly caught in between those two and to be honest, he felt like dying.

Although I think that this is much better compared to the Ruri who is more directly confrontational.

“Err……so Kazuma. I’ll be going too. Sorry for dragging you into this……”

“No, that’s fine. Err……cheer up will you?”

“I am not really depressed. Besides Misaki-san isn’t being mean by saying that.”

As stated, Ruri cheerfully left while lightly waving her hands.

She returned to her seat while the group of girls, who are always together headed towards her.

“Tough break.” Those sort of conversions can be faintly heard in the classroom.

With Ruri gone, Kazuma’s surroundings have suddenly became quiet.

At the same time, the conversations of the students around him have reached his ears.

“Uwaa, that was scary. Shinomiya was so pitful.”

“Well it can’t be helped. That’s because it’s Misaki-san we are talking about here. Remember back in April? Lesson had only just started and she already had critised the teacher’s questions which made him cry?”

“I’ve also heard that she silenced a molester on the train with just one glare.”

“From the looks of it, she is actually a master at Karate seemingly. It’s rumoured that she put a very persistenet guy who was stalking into the hospital for one month or something like that.”

Such conversations flowed around from ear to ear.

Although the gossips that are being told varies, there is one thing which is common to them, which is Misaki Honoka is an “unattainable goal”—— a distant being.

And that has never change for Kazuma.

He can still remember vividly the figure of the first-year representative Honoka standing on the stage from half a year ago in April.

Afterward, it was a coincidence that happens to be in the same class as Honoka. With the first rearrangement of the class in the second term, he was fortunate to be seated behind her.

Perhaps,it might be some sort of excuse to be intimate with her—— such kind of delusion did not escaleted just by looking though.

(Well, reality is like that after all)

I didn’t think that such delusion would be become a reality.


Soon there will be a change of seats and class. Then if the distance drifted further apart, I won’t have to dream any longer.

That’s because reality is different from 2D (ficition).


Nevertheless, I’m tired anyways. Although it’s almost time for HR, I should sleep for a little while longer. It’s much better than sleeping in class, plus the teacher won’t tolerate——



A slender finger lightly tapped his shoulder.

As soon as he raises his head while taken aback by the voice, Kazuma held his breath.

It was Honoka.

The girl whose back is the only thing he had seen for these past six months, turned behind and faced this way.

Looking intently at Kazuma.

“Uh, erm……, uh……”

His lazy body, all the way to his hair became nervous in an instant.

After all, this is his first time speaking directly to that (・・) Misaki Honoka. Futhermore, she is a beautiful girl who seldom looks people in the eye, making Kazuma who is immune to the opposite sex flustered in panic.

“Uh, erm……, do you need something……?”

Honoka was starring at Kazuma who is acting suspiciously without an expression as always.

And she looked so intently at him to the extend that he thought whether his face had an opened hole.

(Eeeehhhh……? Did I do something?)

From within his anxiety and nervousness, Kazuma desperately reflected on his words and conduct when,

“……Is Odagiri-kun”


“Is Odagiri-kun……erm, dating Shinomiya-san……right now?”


Due to his outburst, his classmates are wondering what had happened and looked this way. Kazuma cleared his throat once as though he was trying to deceive them.

After that, he carefully lowered his voice and whispered this time.

“No way……! Ruri and I—— ah, no! There is no way I’m dating Sinomiya, that will never happen!”

“……But, both of you are always together. Even just now, you were getting along with her.”

“That’s because she is my childhood friend……! F-first of all, why would Misaki-san be——”

Although he tried to change the subject in desperation, Kazuma also wondered for the first time.She has never talked to him up till now, so why did Honoka came to ask him out of the blue?

While he thought that was strange, Kazuma looked back at Honka’s face.

He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something against Honoka but——

“Hey, everyone be seated! HR is going to start soon. Morning Duty, your orders!”

The door suddenly opened and the person who entered was the male teacher in charge. Being urged by him to move forward to the teacher’s desk, each and every students that were talking returned to their seats.

“……Sorry. The teacher has come so I will excuse myself.”





After school.

When Kazuma left the reference room, the window outside is beginning to get dark.

(Wow……where has the time gone……)

To ne honest, he isn’t supposed to be this late, but he was stopped by his HR teacher to help out with the printout needed for the lessons.

Naturally, Kazuma don’t have enough communications skills to avoid him. He did as told by being pushed with chores and before he realised it, he was stuck in this mess.

(To think I can go home and play eroge……)

It’s not late to quickly take my bag from the classroom and hurry home.

However,  upon opening the door of his classroom, he saw someone got startled and receded back within the corner of his eyes.


Because clearly, he thought everyone would hhave left the school by now, so Kazuma looked out for the remaining shadow which contradict that expectations.

And yet.

Then inside the empty classroom stood one person that everyone knows as the prettiest girl in the class, Misaki Honoka.

As though being shocked by Kazuma’s sudden appeareance, Honoka stopped moving while continued to look this way.


To be honest, this is pretty awkward because of what happened this morning, all the more reason why.

If possible, he would like to take his bag and leave the area as quick as he can but Honoka is standing at her own seat——in other words, in front of Kazuma’s desk. In order to take his belonging, why should he be the one to head towards her?

“S-sorry. Looks like I’m disturbing……I-I’ll leave as soon as I take my bag……”

While expressing a weak cordial smile, Kazuma hurriedly head towards his seat. In order not to provoke her, he stubbornly play close attention in a casual manner.

However, just as he is about to take his bag and leave.

“……Odagiri-kun ”


For some reason, he was stopped by Honoka.

(….Did I do something……?)

While he felting shocking and broke in a cold sweat, Kazuma looked back awkwardly.

As the evening sun descends into the background, Honoka stared at Kazuma for a brief period of time.

Her hand which turned from behind was eventually brought forward.

“……Erm, here. ”

“Eh? ”

“Just now, a third-year senpai came into the classroom and wanted me to hand it to Odagiri-kun.”

After saying that, Honoka presented to him a ordinary paper bag.

(Senpai……most probably the club president. Why her again?)

There is only one person that he know in the third-year so there is no doubt that is her. However, what on earth did she brought along? It’s not like it’s his birthday today and Kazuma didn’t have any reason for accepting it.

“T-thank you for waiting for me.”

Kazuma thanked Honoka for the time being and looked inside the bag.


He almost started screaming unintentionally.

Inside the paper bag was the game that Kazuma brought previously to the clubroom—— which is an eroge titled the 『 The Last Molester Bus 3 』, was being thrust into the bag as though it was exposed.

(Ahhhhh! Th……That person really, what is she thinking!!)

i’m grateful that she found it but of all of the things, such as dangerous item was being seen by an non geek……plus entrusting it to a girl has already surpassed harassment and is now an act of terrorism. What on earth is she trying to do?

” ……Odagiri-kun? ”

” Eh!? ”

From the looks of it, Honoka was staring at Kazuma with a strange face. Well, it’s understandable that she would think that this is weird when the other party starts panicking all of a sudden after asking for the entrusted item to be handed over.

” ……is something wrong?”

“N-n-no! Nothing at all! Well then, I’ll leave about now……!”

Anyways, it’s not a good idea to stay for long. Kazuma wanted to hurriedly grab his bag and retrace his steps,

But at that moment, there is an ominous sound of ripping where the part of the paperbag being held, were ripped apart.


The impact of the fallen paper bag cause the goods inside to plummet beneath Honoka’s feet.

She moved very naturally, bent over and picked that up.


Immediately after that, every moment had come to a standstill.


“………………Uh, erm, Misaki-san……”

Kazuma answered in a trembling voice as Honoka quietly picked up the dropped item.

“…………『 The Last Moelster Bus  』”

She sliped a murmur under her breathe, just like a death sentence.

While listening to the BGM used for execution resounding in his hand, Kazuma became depressed and dropped to his knees.

(Ahh……it’s over……my life……)

We are talking about the honour student Honoka who is knew for her seriousness. If she knew that a fellow classroom have this kind of material, she will defintely notify the school adminstrations about it. And then the rumours will spread within the school in the blink if an eye and everyone will avoid him while sending Kazuma off his school life as a pervert who loves eroge——

A bad picture of his expectations for the future just ran through is mind. Even worst, a quiet voice descend from above.

“……Odagiri-kun. I……have something to tell you.”

Ah, how I was this a light novel. Because if that case, the conversation will be like “Actually I am also interesting in eroge……” And then there will be an opening act for a romantic comedy where I’m dazzled by the heroine.

Natutally reality is not 2D, such a good story would never——


“Please make me your——slave (girlfriend)”


( ……Hm? )


I feel like I just heard a line that clearly doesn’t match the current situation.

“…………Uh Misaki-san……? ”


” Erm……what do you mean……”

“……Is 「Sow」better? ”

” That’s not the problem here! ”

After she heard Kazuma retoring with all his energy, Honoka finally realised that the mood around the area was strange. She remained pretty, as sweat started to form on her forehead drop by drop.

“…..M-Misaki-san? ”

When he called out to her, Honoka became startled and cramped up while still showing no expression. Then, dhe retreated back to the teacher’s platform.

“…………Err ”

“W-wait. I will start over again.”

While only saying that without changing her expression, Honoka quickly drawn back into the teacher’s desk.

Before long, whispering and murmur can be heard from the teacher’s desk.

“……Calm down, I have to calm……don’t panic. It is going to be alright……I have pratice it regularly……if I have calm down and remained cool, then surely……”


Would it be better to wait for her?

However, even after five minutes have passed, Honoka still have not come out of the desk. While waiting, the sun starts to incline and the neighbourhood is getting darker and darker,


If he continued to wait, he got a feeling that the day will only get darker, so Kazuma timidly tried to peek behind the desk.

At that instant,


Honoka jumped and hit the top of her head while at it. She held down the part that collided and squatted without making a noise.

“A-are you okay?”

“I-I am completely……fine, this is nothing……I am fine……!”

While holding down her head, Honoka crawl out of the desk in a pani, her tone does sound dignified but her face is completely covered in tears, she is not okay after all.

“E-err are you really okay? Should I bring you to the infirmary……?”

“Infirmary……as I thought, is that kind of place better?”

“Wait what are you talking about!?”

“B-becuase 「slave」and 「sow」were both useless, so I thought this place was a mistake……”

“L-Like I said, I want to be conquered by Odagiri-kun. Like the girls from these game.”

Tightly joining her lips, Honoka took up at Kazuma’s face with a red face. In her hand, was the eroge (perverted thing) that Kazuma dropped eariler.

Kazuma was taken aback by her embarrassed expression rather than the content of her words and breathe in heavily.




Honoka just said 『 I want to be your girlfriend 』.


In other words,


That means——


“Does that mean…………? ”

While he unconsciously thought to himself no way that’s possible, a question was asked at that moment.

“O-Odagiri Kazuma-kun! ”

“Y-Yes!? ”

“I have a favour to ask of you………! W-would chu—— ”

“「Chu」? ”

“No, that is not it…… that was a mistake…… ”

Apprently she seems to have stuttered.

In order to calm herself down, Honoka interuppted her speech and began taking in deep breaths, first, second, third——ah, she choked.

And then,

” Odagiri-kun——please go out with me. ”

Her black hair swmoothly fluttered around as Honoka deeply lowered her head.

” Eh……? G-go-go out……ehhhhh!? ”

Before his head can comprehend the situation, his body had reacted. His heart was beating vigourously and his cheeks are getting red.

( No, but, such a thing, are you kidding me!? Because it’s that Misaki-san that we are talking about. Well yeah we are in the same class, but we didn’t talk to each other at all! )

It’s a dream, maybe a delusion or he thought. However no matter how long it took, there was no sign of him waking up. Honoka raised her face and looked as though she said ” Honestly speaking, are you shocked to hear that?”

(R-really……? Misaki-san, do you really……?)

Unbelieveable, at least not right away.

” B-but, Misaki-san……err, I’m otaku and I have those kind od games, aren’t you going to be creep out about that……? ”

He asked Honoka while pointing to the eroge in her hand.

No matter how you look at it, Honoka is a non-geek and above all, a girl. That’s why he had a feeling that the game in her hand would have been rejected, but Honoka’s answer was entirely opposite of that.

” I would not creep out by such a thing. Odagiri-kun is a boy after all, I think that it is inevitable that you are an lewd person……Besides, I already knew Odagiri-kun loved these kind of games.”

” Eh!?”

How did she know that? Could it be that when Kazuma was unaware,it had became a well-know fact that he is an eroge otaku……?

With a bad imagination making Kazuma’s face turned pale, Honoka bashfully continued to speak in embrassment.

“……Um, so, Odagiri-kun. Can I…….hear your reply……? ”


Honoka continued to stare at Kazuma who can’t speak at the moment while having a bright red face.

This wasn’t the evening sun’s fault. By pulling her lips tightly together, she let her big pupils moistened. The apperance of her tightly grasping both of her hands, shows that she is a girl who can endure shyness and able to muster all her courage no matter where you look.

Kazuma was startled by that lovely expression.

No way, to think that “Misaki Honoka” could make a such a face.

“Ah,e, err……! M-Misaki-san!”

I have to say something. With that thought perstering him, he moved forward and speak forth. Honoka blinked slowly as if making a response.

“If you’re fine with me……”

An answer was squeezed out of his mouth while his heart was frantically thumping like crazy.

However, upon hearing that, Honoka suddenly stop moving.

Before he knew it, She had sunk to the floor.

“Eh? Wa, Mi Misaki-san!?”



“Are  you really going to go out with me?”

While she still sat on the floor, Honoka stared at Kazuma. With her cheeks as red as ever, she has an expression that somehow looks like seeing a dream.

…..In this case, the position should be reversed. Instead, Kazuma should be the one askng that and the one who feels like this is a dream.

“Y-yeah……I always thought that Misaki-san is a very cute girl……”

When he said that while holding in his embrassment, Honoka’s face was in deep red as if it was added with fire. Because he didn’t think that his words would cause her to be like that, Kazuma’s heart was pounding needlessly.

“Ah,e, err, sorry……”

“IT, it is okay……Erm, well then, Odagiri-kun……”


——I hope we get along well from now on.


As she said that, Honoka lightly held out Kazuma’s little finger.




——That night.


(It’s really a dream but it wasn’t a dream……)

After finishing dinner, Kazuma was alone in his room, eagerly starring at his handphone. What displayed on the screen was the contact address of “Misaki Honoka” which he had just registered.

(Uwa……uwa……! This isn’t dream right? If I dial this, it’ll connect to Misaki-san right?)

Having seen Honoka’s phone and directly entered her number so this was neither a dream nor a mistake. To think that he knows another girl’s contact address other than Ruri’s, it was the greatest achievement since Kazuma’s life started.

(I’m……going out with Misaki-san.)

With his heart beating eagerly, his cheeks are getting hotter by itself. No mater what, he got nervous, Kazuma have his phone in his hand and is walking back and forth inside in his room.

Is it really true?

Is this a dream?

To think that Misaki Honoka is going to be my “girlfriend”.

Futhermore, she was the one who confessed to me.

In other wordsm this mean that Honoka have always liked Kazuma.

Even though he has never talk to her before, it means that she is always looking at Kazuma.

(Looks as though it’s like a lie……)

But it’s not. This is not a dream became I tried pinching my cheeks, and it did hurt.

I too have finally, got a genuine (real) girlfriend who is neither 2D nor a delusion!


Before  I know it, a smile has appearance. Even I think that it’s digusting but I can’t stop my face from smiling.

But what should I do specifically? Kazuma has already Honoka’s girlfriend already so should he wear clothes like a normie or find a topic to talk about like a normie?

In the first place, what kind of conversion should he have with “that” Misaki Honoka from now on? Not to mention girls, he did not talk that much with boys either, so does this standard of communication skills really going to hold……?

When he had cold sweat from imaging Honoka’s cold stare, the phone but the sender of that message is just from a childhood friehd.

(What now……)

He was somehow relieved and diappointed at the same time.

For now, he checked the content of the message. Because there wasn’t any conversation in it, he replied back without giving much though.

(If she is the sender, lets just hope I don’t think about anything important about it.)

However, it’s is impossible to place a childhood friend whom he had known since kindergarten, with his first ever girlfriend on the same level.

While he was staring at Honoka’s contact address, he lost in deep thoughts.

And all of a sudden, the door of his opened.

It was his sister, Kazuha who abruptly peek into his room.

Despite being cute for her age, she has somewhat of a childish appearance. Together with that expression, she is someone who leaves an impression of a small kid.

However, looking like one is just above her neck. If you look directly below, her outstanding proportions came into view. What’s especially incredible is her amazingly H cup-sized breasts.

“Kazu-chan~, Onee-chan just got out of the bath,so go ahead~”

“Ah, thank——what the!? Aneki! Wait, what’s with that appearance!?”

“Hmm~? Apperance~?”

While using a towel to dry her hair, Kazuha blinked and stared in puzzlement.

Plus she happened to be in her undergarment of all things.

Which is also called panties.

Her flushed skin after taking a bath, her tight waist and her dreamy romantic H-cup, were freely exposed before his eyes.

No, I didn’t see it throughly and I’ve properly averted my eyes.

“Don’t~ want to~. Kazu-chan getting embrassed about it~ Didn’t we used to bathed together a lot in the past~?”

“How long back are you refering to!? Just hurry and go back to your room and get changed!”

“Eh~……but it’s humid putting on clothes right aftr a bath~……

He has somehow tried to drive away, but Kazuha still nonchalantly entered the room regardless.

“More・importantly.  What’s the matter~? Holding the phone with her face looking so cheerful~. Tell me too~”

“Ah, wai……!”

She appears to be leaning over his shoulders, trying to peek at his hand while leavig an extraordinary yet soft feeling on his arm.

No it was already touching, or rather it was buried inside his arm, instead it was interposed between it more or less.

“Like I said, at least try to cover it!!!”

Using all of his strength, he pushed that soft object aside and threw the fallen t-shirt at her.


In the end, the reason why Kazuha obediently left the room was because Kazuma later would tell her everything that happened today.

At the same time, she didn’t wear her clothes till the end.


(Geez, that Aneki……)

Feeling completely exhausted, he sank into the bed.

(……time to bathe)

Just as he was about to get up, his phone shook for a second time.

When he inadvertently looked at the screen, thinking it might be Ruri again,

(Oh it’s just Misaki-san……wait what!?)

It’s the first ever phone call from『her』.

(What to do,what to do, what to do…….!?)

While he was in a state panic, Kazuma was holding on to his handphone, didn’t know what to do.

Wait, all I have to do is just answer the phone as per normal, but first I need to mentally prepared myself.

However, if I hang up halfway in the middle of the conversion, by then I really would not know what to do afterwards.

(Here goes nothing……!)

With his resolve settled, he brought his trembling hand that is holding the handphone close to his ears.


『——Odagiri-kun? Can you hear me?』

His heart was thumping wildly even though it was just his name that was being called.

(It’s really from Misaki-san……)

『……Odagiri-kun? Can you hear me?』

“Ah,y-yeah, I’m fine! I can hear you loud and clear! E-err so what’s the matter for calling me at a time like this?”

No, it is still nine o’clock so isn’t it not too late to say “at a time like this”? Up till now, he has never talk to girl (excluding the childhood friend) through the phone, so he doesn’t know how to give her a favourable reply.

However, in contrast to Kazuma who is getting agitated, Honoka on the other hand was calm and collected as always……at least that’s what she sounds

『 It’s not really an errand or anything like that but……erm, Odagiri-kun. Do you have plans for tomorrow morning?』

“Morning? Nothing really……I just go to school as usual.”

『 If that’s the case, would you like to go together?』

“Eh? Together……? Wth Misaki-san?”

『……You can’t? 』

“T-that not it! There is no way I wouldn’t want that! It’s just that I’m surprised to hear that……!”

However, if I think about it, if we are dating, it should be normal for us to meet and then go toschool together.

Instead, it as Kazum’s fault for not thinking about it, or maybe because he was unpopular from standing out, or rather because he was a loner……let’s stop, it’s sad just thinking about it.

『 Well then, can we meet in front of the station, tomorrow morning at seven o’clock?』

“S-sure. Err, is it possible to wait in front of the ticket gate?”

『Okay. I will also be in a place that you can easily find.』

Oh, this looks very much a conversion that lovers have.

『Alright then, good night.』

“Ah, e-err, good night to you too, Misaki-san……!”

In the end, he remanined nervous until the call ended.


While still holding his phone, he sat on his bed as thoughhe had collapsed.

(That was nerve-racking……!)

Even though this is the first time Honoka gave him a call, in the end, all he did was stammered a few words out and nothing more.

Was that okay? Will she think that “what’s wrong with that guy”? If I unconsciously said something strange, what should I do?

(No, let’s stop stressing about it……! Tomorrow! I’ll just have to recover from it by tomorrow!)

Honoka had expressly invited him to go school together. In honour of their first day as a couple, he need to choose the right choices and raise his likeability now.

In order to do that, he need to quickly take a bath and sleep early. Overslept is not an option.

(Alright, I’ll do it……! I’m doing it ! I”ll have to steadily trigger events, numerously increasing Misaki-san’s likeability, going on dates, kiss, we might kiss……! Like the protagonist in eroge and light novel, I’ll become the best normie that everyone envies!!)

With determination in his chest, Kazuma took a great first step towards a glorious future.




And then, the next morning came.

The curtains for Kazuma’s brillant norime life has finally opened.

Kazuma didn’t see any losing factor in himself, has the morning filled with hopes of the promised victory,

” Uwaaaaaaaaa!?”

Had overslept.

(Why didn’t I set the alarm clock, stupid meeee!?)

It just so happens that ithas off my mind!

He got too work up that the accumulated tension had an opposite effect on him. Besides he had a hard time falling asleep last night was because he was having a nervous because even if he were to set the alarm, it still uncertain whether he can wake up or not.

Of course, knowing such a thing is different from an excuse, Kazuma rushed out of the house while wishing to die for making such a blunder.

(Please make it in time!)

He quickly ran while praying to every single god in this world.

But in the end, there was enough time for Kazuma to reach the meeting point which was at the ticket gate of the station before the appointed time.

(M-Misaki-san!? Where is Misaki-san……!?)

He frantically observed the surroundings, trying to find Honoka.

Could it be that she was angry at Kazuma for calling late? Such a thing is——

(!  There she is!)

There is a bench that was installed alongside the wall. Sitting on it was Honoka, no doubt about it.

“Misaki-san! Sorry for coming——!”

While apologising, Kazuma ran up to her in a hurry,

And immediately after that, he suddenly stopped.

At that moment what he saw on her hand was——

(……steamed meat bun?)

No, she might be just surprised.


Finding hard to approach her, Kazuma stopped while softly calling out Honoka’s name.


“……Good morning, Odagiri-kun.”

Honoka looked back as if nothing had happened and briskly walked towards Kazuma. Since the situation was too natural, Kazuma thought to himself for a moment, “was that an illusion?”.

“G-good morning……Misaki-san. Erm, sorry for being late…….”

“It is fine. I didn’t wait that long.”

Suddenly, something soft touched his cheek. A white cloth with an embraidery——a handkerchief.

“Eh……? M-Misaki-san?”

“Because, knowing Odagiri-kun, you probably ran all the way here light? Running as fast as you could while perspiring so much.”

True, running all the way here directly from home, Kazuma have been drenched with sweat. Because he doesn’t excersize regularly , it was unneccesary to him.

Honoka said that politely while wiping off his sweat.

“So it is fine.”

Then, Honoka showed a little smile.

Due to her expression which coloured her pale eyes seemed happy, ended up with nothing more to say.

Under the morning sunlight, Honoka appeared to be more pretty and shiny. Gentle and fluttering long black hair. Fair- porcelain-like skin with perfectly clear eyes. Upon looking again, he can’t be help by being overwhelmed by the manner of this perfect beautiful girl.

Such a cute girl, is Kazuma’s「Girlfriend」.

That made his heart skipped a beat.

No idea what made him did that. Perhaps it was her straight concentrated gaze or the fact that Honoka’s hands are touching him.

“……Should be fine around here.”

“Ah……! Sorry for dirtying your handkercheif……! I’ll wash it and returned back to you!”

“It’s fine because I liked it.”

Readily decline Kazuma’s request, Honoka put away her handkercheif.

And at the same time, a soft feeling touched his hand.


Kazuma looked down at the palm of his hand and thought it was a hallucination for a moment.

However, there wasn’t any mistake.

Honoka’s hands were gently holding Kazuma’s.


With his body instantly becoming hot all the way to his ear, Kazuma opened and closed his mouth in a fluster, whereas Honoka looked at him as though she was taking a peek.

“……Can’t I?”

“N-no not that you can’t, but……!”

That’s right, it’s not that that she can’t. Although she could, this is a bit, how to put it, bad.

Because it is very soft and warm. Her fingers are very slender, even the sensators of her skin feels smooth. If feels like you want to keep touching it.

So this is how a little late, it was still early for them to be attending school.

Therefore, there were hardly any studenton their way to school.

Kazuma and Honoka awkwardly tried to close in the subtle distance between them as they started walked down the quiet path in the morning.

No, specifically speaking, Kazuma was the only one who was walking awkwardly. Even if there was a gap between the two, or simply didn’t know how close he could approach her. Kazuma was just closing in and distancing away all by himself over and over again.

(Something……I need to find something to talk about……!)

It’s not out of the question, but if this keeps up, the gap between them won’t last till they reach school.

“Ah, hey!”


“E-err…………M-Misaki-san, do you always go to school around this timing?”

“Usually it will be different. But today, I get to be with Odagiri-kun.”

“I-I see……oh………It’s a fine weather, by the way!”

“That’s true.”

“……………………That reminds me, have you done your homework!?”

“Isn’t homework something you do normally?”

“I-I know right………”

No good. No matter how much he struggles, the internal doesn’t hold on. Even though he perpared for today by looking up various dating sites on the internet at home.

After all that happened, wonder if Honoka is bored at all. Worried about her, Kazuma quietly walked next to her and took a peek at her face.

However, such worrying was redundant.


Although her way of speaking was calm as usual, Honoka was smiling a little. Her pale eyes coloured her expression, looking happy and blessed.

Finding it too embrassing to look directly into her eyes, Kazuma averted his gaze in a panic.

Then, he thought to himself. While checking the soft feeling in his hand.

(I’m……being a normie……! For real……!)

It was blissful. It was fulfilling. Right now he can be kind to everyone in the world right now——it feels like that.


“Huh?! Ah, eh, err, yes? What’s wrong, Misaki-san?”

“Can I have a moment of your time?” There is a place I want to stop before we go to school.”

“Eh? I-It’s fine with me but……where is that?”

“……Follow me.”

After saying that much, Honoka turned into a corner and went to an ally. Being drawn by her hand, Kazuma also followed her.

However, where are we going? I thought the only place we can go at this timing is the convenience store.

They continued to walk down the ally and Honoka stopped before long in front of a small park. Because it was early in the morning, there was obviously no people here.

What does Honoka want in a place like this?

“Here. Come.”

Not aware of Kazuma’s question, Honoka entered the park. Then, she immediately went into the middle of the thicket.


While thinking of what’s happening, Kazuma also followed her pushing this way through the brushwood. When he got pass the luxurious foilage, there was a surprisingly open space in the back.

Due to the plantation having a certain height, it has the purpose of thriving without any damage, making it impossible to see what’s on the other side. Even if someone happened to pass by, they won’t be able to notice the both of them there.

The space which was surrounded by the foilage was dim, as well as being cramped, it was suggesting about something being cramped, it was suggesting about something being suspicious. Nah, simply put, Kazuma might just have an eroge mind.

However, that was because that this situation was 「 too much alike」*. (それっぽ過ぎる)

Honestly, what kind of business does Honoka have with this place?

When he was looking at Honoka in bewilderment, he suddenly heard the sound of a bag falling.

“……? Misaki-san?

All of a sudden, Honoka’s bag dropped to the ground.

Her face dyes red all tghe way up to her ears before he knew it.


“Hey, Odagiri-kun……”


“It’s my first time doing something like that……with a boy.”

After saying that, she quietly used her free hand to personally opened her collar.”

“But, don’t worry……because I have been studying it.”


Not understanding what she just said, Kazuma was flabbergasted and left his mouth hanging afterwards.

The rustling of clothes can be heard and Honoka was loosening her uniform’s ribbon.

Then, she immediately started to remove the button of her blouse.


While he was shocked by her actions, Honoka didn’t stop her hands and her white skin became exposed in a blink of an eye.

“Stop, stop stop !? W-wait! What are you doing Misaki-san!?”

Kazuma finally came to his senses and franticallty tried to stop Honoka from unbuttoning her clothes but,


——It was too late.


“Please……please go ahead!”

Closing both of her eyes, Honoka plainly exposed herself in the open.

The next moment, her radiant white skin came into Kazuma’s eyes.

While it is somewhat small on average, the bulge of her chest feels very soft-like concealed in that light-pink bra.

With both of his hands sticking out , Kazuma silently looked on.

“Ah!? S-sorry!! I-I didn’t see anything!!”

“D-don’t worry……! You can look if you want since the one I am wearing now is a new pair……!

“No, that’s not the problem——wait, what?”

………”You can look if you want”?

“Ah, erm, Misaki-sa……”

—— *Grope*

“Wait a minute wait a minute hold up!”

Suddenly touching his palm has no intimacy but there will be a memory stored of that feeling. Turning to the averting face in front of her, Honoka held Kazuma’s hand and pressed it against her own chest with a red face.

(U-uwaaaaa……! It’s very soft event though it looks small but it surprised nice to ru——screw that!!)

While he was screaming in his mind, he peels his willful hands off her with all his strength.


“As I thought, would it be better if I remove my underwear too?”

“No, that’s not it! Hurry up and cover up the front! Wear your clothes!! Please, I beg of you!!”


Before the police come and arrest me.
Once he started to prostrating and plea, Honoka unexpectedly wore her clothes.

“B-but, Misaki-san……erm, w-why did you do that……”

Well yeah, it’s true that they have just started dating. But the develpoment between yesterday and today might be jumping too far ahead. This is not even an eroge.

However, in response to Kazuma’s obvious (supposed) question, Honoka tilited her head in a mysterious way.

“That’s because……I thought that Odagiri-kun wanted to do something like that.”







“T-t-t-t-t-that’s not true, It’s a misunderstanding!”


“What’s with that 「Eh」 !?”

Why would she have a “that’s a lie!” kind of reaction?

“But……Odagiri-kun, do you not like these kind of lewd games?”

It will be troublesome if she misunderstood that. It’s true that Kazuma frequently play eroge, but that’s by no means a purpose for eroticism because the game system and story has an element somewhere in the game that “seems interesting”; he would buy and play it. After all, the CG complications are so much cheaper to complete his erotic objectives.

Honoka have told Kazuma: “It’s fine that you are lewd” and “It’s fine that you like erotic games”. Knowing that Kazuma loves eroge, she still confessed to him nevertheless.

And that made Kazuma very happy as if it was a dream come true.

That’s why she want to know why Kazuma loves eroge too.

“Please listen, Misaki-san! Eroge is not as indecent as everyone thought! In order to allow the potential for the freedom of conception without being tied by CERO or common sense, the manufactures need the user’s qualities!” ( CERO: Computer Entertainment Rating Organization)

Take that famous brand games about worms for example. With themes like tentacle play, impregnanting the heroine with another creates and being born with cross-species loving parent, I don’t think the media can illustrate that, except for eroge.

“As proof, no matter how popularity the industry are getting for their hard work tthere will be many stubborn consumer that still refuse to implant a long-established brand! Although there are pros and cons to this, at least I’m against the tendency of treating “all age edition released” with the same condition as a popular work! Using eroge as a medium is why there are countless display of great quality works of arts out there!”

Clenching his fist tigthly, he emphasized with great passion.


……Then came back to his senses.

“Ah!? N-no……! That was only just was a general view, it’s not like that was how I thought about it……!!”

This bad. I unconsiously got too heated up about the topic. Even though I have no intention to go that far.

Normally having a habit of a poor talker, doesn’t know when to stop once he gain the momentum——which is common among people with communications disorder.

(Crap Crap Crap……! Even though Misaki-san is a non-geek, but she would defintely be attracted to it if she get that worked up about eroge……!)

Even if the opposing a serious geek, there is a possiblity that she might be during away from him without question.

(A-anyway, I need to quickly change the subject……!)

He was desperately trying to think of an excuse, even though he was too flustered that his head couldn’t function well.

However, Honoka’s reaction was different from Kazuma’s expectations.

“……If that’s the case, teach me more, Odagiri-kun.”


“I would like to get along more with Odagiri-kun. So, teach me more about the things that Odagiri-kun teasures.”

“I-it’s not really an exaggeration to that extend……”

When he resorted humbly, Honoka stepped forward and shorten their distance between them.

And then she said that while looking up at Kazuma with her disheveled uniform still not fixed.


“Can you……train me?”



What kind of eroge is this?

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