Nice to meet you everyone. My name is Kashida Leo.

I wrote the afterword at a room in my parents’ home, but since the cat which turned seventeen some time ago started to pee on the cardboard box, I wiped it with a dust cloth in a panic.

Recently it seems the bottom has become loose and it’s troubling, maybe it’s because of it’s age I guess (I’m referring to the cat, not me). But it’s cute so all is forgiven.

Since I love cats to an ignorant degree, I would like to write a novel cats some day.

So far I have worked on game scenarios several times, but this is my first time publishing a novel. I was absolutely elated when I heard the story but when I started writing, it had became a strenuous delivery

Neverthless, I create the idea of 『What if words had a human shape?』and somehow managed to make a book from it. Do you like it?

Due to the paper’s width, the afterword will end around here.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the editorial staff, the illustration site, those involved in publishing and distribution, and all the people who picked up and read this book.

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