Hiota no Kanojo V2 Chpt 2 pt 1&2

Hi guys,

Here is two parts of the second together. The second one was rather short so I will putting it here together. The next part has about 28 pages so that will take some time, bear with me.

(When I was done with the first part, I totally forgot to make a post about it and at that time, I was about halfway done with the second so I though might as well finish it and place them here.)

Chapter 2 – The reason she plays eroge ~After Ruri~ pt 1

Chapter 2 – The reason she plays eroge ~After Ruri~ pt 2

Many thanks,


6 thoughts on “Hiota no Kanojo V2 Chpt 2 pt 1&2

  1. Thanks for the chapter. On another note, what is the progress of the translation of Hitori de Ikiru Mon? After all, there was no mention of its translation’s progress in your recent updates.


      1. Thanks for the response. By the way, while your translations for Hiota no Kanojo are decent, I think you might want to consider using a word processor like Microsoft Word or LibreOffice to check for spelling and grammer errors in your translations to improve on the quality of your translations. This is because that while there are no major errors like serious sentence structuring problems in your translations, there are some grammer and spelling errors in your translations which could be easily corrected. Lastly, thanks for translating Hiota no Kanojo and I hope to see more of your translations for that series in the future.


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