Reaching out to lend a hand

Hi guys,

There are two things I want to address. Firstly, I will be getting my hands on hiota no kanojo vol 2 soon, so I’ll definitely continue to translate it. (Many thanks to  Darkdraig, you are a lifesaver!)  Second, I am helping workingneet to do the translation for Izure Shinwa no Ragnork. Due to reasons, he can’t post it on his site and I love that series so I agree to post further notice about the series on this site. For now, I just agreed to lend him a hand, we haven’t talk about how will this going to work. I’ll improve on the page later so for now, here is the prologue of vol 6 (one of the more eye-catching parts of the volume)


Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok Vol 6 – Prologue


Many thanks,


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