Hi guys, as the title suggested I’m having some troubles right now to post the entire chapter 3 as of now so I might have to postpone it. (Continue reading below to know more.) So I’m just going to do the same as what I did for the last chapter, posting parts of it one by one. Sorry for hold up.


Hiota V1 Chpt 3 pt 1


Before I finish, I want to know something about the wordpress app from whoever is using because it has pissed me off. I sometimes use it to translate the story when I’m commuting from home to school and vice versa. However, when I used it on my desktop at home the previous night, I would used the app on my phone to check where I had left off and to see there is nothing new. I would usually see that the page didn’t update went I look into it and said it had error loading so I went back to the main site and go in again. Here is the problem: whenever you press the back button, it will automatically save it for you ( without the new parts that I translate) , upload it to the internet and my whole thing was lost.

That’s basically what happened to both chapter 3&4 so I now have redo it all over again…..@#$%!

If anyone knows how to solve this problem, please tell me.  >_<

Many thanks,



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