Hiota no kanojo Vol 1 Chapter 1

If possible, can you guys check my english for me? Much obliged.

Oh and also, do you guys prefer I break it into parts or release the whole chapter? ( The book itself doesn’t have that. )

Sorry for the wait. Without further ado, here is the next chapter



22 thoughts on “Hiota no kanojo Vol 1 Chapter 1

  1. Sorry to ask but are you going to translate Izure Shinwa no Ragnarok from v5 to latest volume or are you going to work with workingneet from vol 2. I Think it’s best to work with workingneet for steady releases. Please translate it as well.


    1. I have every volume on my phone till vol 6 so now it is just whether it do the whole volume and sent it to him when i’m done or do parts of it then sent.


      1. Well I think he is going to translate it but I ask the question because you said that you want to do vol 6 if possible. There is no other meaning behind it.


      2. I do mind that if you will not help in translation while if you can but even if you start from later volumes it will not help because without the middle volumes, there is no meaning in reading later volumes. It will be good if you can translate in colloboration with neet from vol 2 h but it depends on you. I can only request to you.


      3. Yes, you can consider your yourself as a last shred of hope or more likely you are the last shred of hope. If you consider picking a project, consider translating it or help neet. Sorry for making this long but thanks. The last decision is upto you as a translator. What I want doesn’t matter. The question is do you like this series or not. Will you ever consider translating it or not. This answer all for both of us. Don’t you think.


      4. Yeah. Thanks for pointing out but I don’t think he has any problem (but its my opinion). Also the translators often ask the other translator that they can collaborate on the following project or can work on a certain project. Isn’t it quick to ask yourself . I will ask him but if he give permission, then what? Are you going to work.


    1. I am still new at making this website so i am not quite sure where is the progess bar. But my plans right now is to try and to post one chapter per month ( timeline may differ due to other reasons. Eg: examination etc etc. )


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